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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Ugh, today sucked. My calc lab is using a program named Mathematica which I've never used before, and it's confusing and I'm really slow at it since it's on a Sunray and that's a freaky operating system like linux. My partner is a 40ish guy who has absolutely no computer skills and so it's not cool. Because we have never used the program before, we have to do extra labs to get us acquainted with it. We have to work on it today out of class because it's due next Tuesday and you only have 1 class period to do it in which really sucks. Uh, hung out with Neal again. I kept waking up last night and everytime I thought I was in his room. It was weird. I emailed Mr. Saiz and thanked him for doing the robots since it changed my life. Um, so now I have to do homework.

Song of the day ~ Butterfly Pikachu Remix by ? I don't know who it's by.


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