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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Just had my engineering class and it was way fun. I learned how to use a Sun, and how to use Pine and lots of fun things like searching for people anywhere, and logging into someone else's computer (ha ha ha). However, in doing my homework I accidentely printed out something to a random computer and I don't know where it's going so that will be interesting. Ugh, no time to read philosophy! Sucky! I have to meet with Dave, my calc lab partner at 6 to hopefully finish the homework we have. Oh, and I met Dave (the other one, the one that wants to ask me out) on the way to class and we talked for a bit and before we parted he patted me on the arm. Friendly I'm sure, but it's weird cuz it's not like we're that close. He's calling me Steph already, which is odd since like no one does that right away. However, it was nice talking to him cuz it's someone I know! Woo! That's about up to date. Yeah.

Yesterday I heard a commercial that asked, "Have you ever wondered what it's like to slide down an intestine?" Oh, and I woke up several times from my dreams last night and thought I was in Neal's room and got very confused when I wasn't.


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