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Sunday, June 15, 2003

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday I forgot to tell a work story. There was this one guy who called and placed an order. Afterwards he said he wanted to take $10 off an order he made 2 weeks ago that he already received and payed for on his credit card. See, we have catalogues that have special codes on them, like one for free handling, one for $10 off, etc. We ask for the catalogue code upon ordering. Why would this guy expect us to suddenly take $10 off a past order? He could take $10 off the order he made yesterday and he would have payed the same amount in the end. I think he was being stupid. It's as if someone had called into Ye's and told us they had a coupon for $5 off and they wanted to use it on some food they ordered a few days ago. We would do that, and no place would. Well, this guy said we were bullshit and that he wouldn't order from us anymore so in an attempt to keep a customer I told him he could ask customer care and see if they'd allow it. I bet they didn't.

Yesterday I had 4 flowers in bloom. Today I have 6!!!!


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