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Thursday, July 10, 2003


First off, does anybody want Amica? Seccondly, if I was a dog and someone was petting me and I didn't want to move and I didn't want them to pet me, the only logical thing to do is bite. Barking wouldn't do anything. If someone kept touching me the human I'd either yell or slap them. It's really not an unreasonable reaction if you think about it. If I slapped someone my family wouldn't disown me. How is it fair then to disown Amica? Logic is in her favor and I have at least 4 more arguments in her defence. I'm writing this with hope that when I come home from work she's still here.

I forgot to say that yesterday coming home from Liz's house I had to pee so badly that it hurt and I was going to burst and I ended up going through a yellow light I could have clearly stopped for, just because I couldn't wait and I had stopped at EVERY SINGLE LIGHT before that one. Oh, the irony.

Now this is weird. Last night I was sleeping and I was having a dream. In the middle of the dream there was a really odd noise and at first it was part of my dream but then I realized I never hear sounds in my dream so it had to be real. I woke up (isn't it great how I can wake up at any time?) and I heard the sound. I looked outside and saw a creature on our driveway. Amica was barkinga t it and it kept sqealing. It looked white which made me think it was a opossum (how do you spell that? I know there's an o) but then it moved and I saw it was about the size of Amica. I never got a good look at it because the tree was blocking most of the body, but I saw the tail was black with a white tip. I figured that even though it didn't match the description of a racoon, it must have been one. When I was telling my dad the story he asked if it was a skunk, and I hadn't even told him what it looked like yet! I suppose it's possible... The sound was so weird though. It was like the motorized tonka cars that kids can drive and ride in, only it was natural and higher pitched. Each sqeal was about 2 seconds long and went from hight to low. The creature squealed for about 5 minutes.


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