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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

yesterday was a bad day. Neal's car was going crazy so I had to go pick him up. A car stalled right in the left turn lane onto 20 but no one knew that and thought that there were just a lot of people. I sat there for about 10 minutes before the people in front of me figured it out and i followed suit. Then I was just angry because we were supposed to order my bowling ball yesterday but picking up Neal basically ruined that. We go there early anyway and find out that even though the hours clearly said the shop would be open, he wasn't. We had to sit around for half an hour and do nothing.

Today I come home and the screen door was locked so I couldn't get in. Laura had to let me in and I find that there's food sitting out that I had to put away (not mine) and garbage around the house I have to throw away (not mine) and then go to my room and see that the shades are closed and my fan is on making my room extremely cold and I didn't want it that way (which is why I didn't turn the fan on and everything) so now I'm cold.


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