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Thursday, July 24, 2003

I really think Neal's mom doesn't like me. My family was going to see Pirates of the Caribbean and my mom mentioned 5 minutes before we were leaving that Neal could come. If he wanted to, then we'd go to a later movie. Since we were leaving soon, I had to call right away. I call him up and get his mom, who didn't want me to talk to him because he was busy fixing his car. She wanted me to call back or leave a message, and I told her I couldn't because I needed to talk to him now. She very reluctantly got him, and then he said he wouldn't go because he has to get up early tomorrow. Sure, fine, I agree with that. I don't understand why his mom doesn't like me though and hardly lets me talk to him. She doesn't let him call me either, unless he uses his calling card. I'm extremely tempted to call her up and talk to her, asking why she doesn't seem to like me. I can't live with this. I think about it every day and I can't be happy knowing that Neal's parents don't like me. It makes me want to give up on the whole thing because I can't handle this. His parents are breaking us apart and I hate it.


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