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Saturday, September 06, 2003

i forget

So last night after we all went to the cafe I found that my back hurt, right above my tailbone. It felt like a bruise. I asked everyone about it and they said there was a red triangle there. I have no idea what it's from. I woke up this morning and the mark is gone but it still hurts really bad. I can't lay on my back. Now my butt hurts too, like on the bone, as if I've been sitting all day but I haven't because it started after I woke up and I was on my side all night.

the girl who borrowed my music to make a copy... she gave ME the copy. I had all my notes on the original and now I don't ahve those any more. I can't believe she did that. It's incredibly rude and as Marie said, "What a BITCH!"


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