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Monday, August 26, 2002

Ahh, so yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day with Neal. I saw Dave twice but he didn't really say anything to me, probably because I was with Neal and it would pose a potential problem (ahh, stats!). Anyway, today I had my first classes starting at 9. Intro to Philosophy, then Calc II, then Chem. The first 2 were basically all upperclassmen but in my chem I sat with Mike, Chris, Greg, and some guy I didn't know. We paid attention to like half of it because it was all boring and stuff about the wonderful WebCT system that we can use for the class. The teacher likes progressive music and was playing it before class which rocked. It was also awesome that he had a British accent. I told Neal that and he laughed at me. I have sooooo many things to do homework-wise but I haven't had time to do it yet. I have about 15 minutes right now before my next class. Anyway, after those 3 classes I had lunch with Neal and then he went to his classes (which start at 1, that bum!). He has 4 in a row though, which sucks for him. I sat for 10 minutes before I went up the huge hill to my social dance class. I passed Chantelle on the way. I wonder what class she had. Anyway, it was hard work and I was all sweaty. We talked most of the period about stuff, and then we had 10 minutes left which we used to learn a basic swing dance. The guy:girl ratio is about 50:50, with only 3 girls left over which isn't bad at all. Mondays the guy picks the girl, and Wednesday the girl picks the guy. One girl got confused and asked me, which confused me because I wasn't sure if she just got confused or if she thought I was a guy. I sorta ignored her and she realized her mistake and ran away. I was one of the last ones picked. A guy named Craig from someplace in Michigan picked me. He's a geology major and he used to swing dance back at home, but not with rules so he wasn't too good. His rhythm was off, but I wasn't too hot either. Finally I got the hang of it and it was fun, but bouncy. He complained about his muscles, but mine were fine. I didn't know anyone in the class, and they're all mostly upperclassmen again so I'm not looking like I'm going to have many freshman friends which sucks, but oh well. That brings me to now, where I have to leave for my next class soon- Engineering.

Song of the day ~ Only in Dreams by Weezer. I'm always hearing the blue album played when I'm in Neal's room, and it's always that song. I'm not complaining. Oh, and that reminds me how Chris and I were discussing preogressive/techno-like music and then Weezer since I'm wearing one of my many Weezer shirts and have the Weezer keychain.


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