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Friday, August 23, 2002

I went to dinner today and David sat with me. He was in my orientation group and is going to be an electrical engineer. Anyway, we were talking and he asked me if I was doing anything tonight. Now, I wasn't sure if he was thinking in a friendly way or not, but I said no. Anyway, he started talking about dvd and all that and so we decided we're going to watch a movie tonight if he hasn't planned anything with his friends already. I think it's going to be a group thing with his roommate and all, but not sure. Anyway, it sounded like it was also a date-kinda thing, so I when he asked what kinds of dvds I had I told him mine and then mentioned Neal's and we started talking about my boyfriend and how we happened to be going to the same school and all. His reaction made me think that it was a kinda-date. He thought we were going to do a long-distance thing, so I corrected him. Anyway, he's nice most of the time. During our team meetings he wasn't, but that's just the way he was- being cynical and everything. A lot of our group didn't like him, but I can stand him so I don't mind talking to him. I was glad he saved me from sitting by myself. It's good to be getting a friend, since Neal is taking up my time and I can't meet anyone. I don't have any female friends that I talk to except Erinn, so I was getting worried that I wouldn't have many friends. David told me to stop by his room anytime whenever I'm bored, so that's cool. Finally something to do but internet and Neal. I think Neal needs to be making some friends, since he complains that no one on his floor stops by. Maybe if he kept his door open instead of closing it all the time, he'd meet some people. I'm glad he did the field games thing, and went to play volleyball because I don't want to be his only friend. It seems like he's becoming attached to me, but maybe it's because he's shy and is afraid to make friends. I'll forgive him for that. I hope I'll be able to make friends, because otherwise it's going to suck. So far I talk to Adam, Mike, Greg, Chris, David, Neal, Chantelle, Erinn, and Jon so it's not like I'm friendless. They're all in the same dorm as I, which makes it easier. I don't know anyone's room except Neal and David. Jon's on the ground floor and Chantelle is 2nd floor, I believe. Chris has stopped by a couple times, and Mike has stopped by once, so I'm not friendless. I just have no means to talk to people. I haven't been able to see Neal, but he's supposedly playing volleyball. If he is, he must not be playing at the court in front of my window, or maybe it's hard to find him. There are soooo many guys here that look like Neal from behind, so I have to look for his right ear. It's too far away to tell right now, though, and he changed shirts so I don't know what he's wearing. In half an hour there's going to be a 500 foot long Ice Cream Sundae that should be really yummy but I don't know if Neal wants me to wait for him. Grrr, crazy Neal leaving me hanging.


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