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Sunday, September 08, 2002

Ok, so I woke up today feeling fine and took my temperature and it was 99.9. It's been getting higher and I was surprised that I still had a fever since I feel fine. However, I am very hungry. I took tylenol and I made up a nice song to the tune of 99 Bottles of Pop (or whatever) on the Wall. I think that I might be sick due to excessive blood loss. Man, it's so hot here. Supposedly they only get 1 hot week a year and I came to visit during that week, but it's been hot forever now and I didn't bring appropriate clothes. Yesterday I was getting food from the campus cafe and the guy who was making my sandwich started talking to me and asking me questions about K-day and where I was from and stuff. I was surprised because I didn't know the guy and normally guys don't talk to me when I purchase stuff so I thought it must be It again. I was reading Alli's blog and she swore on it and that makes me mad because if I did that I'd get yelled at but when she swears no one cares. It's not fair. Besides, where is she learning all this language and what makes her think that it's ok to use it? I don't like her friends at all. They are a bad influence. Steve and Chris are ok, but everyone else... baaaaaad. My favorite necklace broke today, and it made me sad because it's Neal's favorite one too. There's no way to fix it, too.

Song of the day ~ XO by Elliott Smith


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