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Thursday, July 10, 2003

I went to Neal's house today and I got stopped at the light going onto 20 for 4 lights. The line to turn left was going PAST the light before this one. It was insane. Amica's on valium pills to calm her down. It works in 80% of dogs, and after a month most forget their bad behavior and can stop the pill. When I got home Amica was INCREDIBLY happy to see me, and she kept smiling at me and wanting me to pet her and she kept hopping around. I hope that's a good sign. She's also taking an antibiotic in case she has a bladder infection. When we gave her the pills she was supicious (we put them in grapes) until she came to her metabolism pill (which she likes taking... side story, once we accidentely gave her Laura's allergy pill which looks the same and she was smart enough not to take it) then she ate the other pills.

I listened to sounds online to see if I hear a skunk or a raccoon. The sounds are both similiar but now I'm positive it was a skunk.

So I took off my hypo-allergenic electrods because they were itching and I couldn't get them off without some help of rubbing alcohol. Even after a day I still got welts, and this is hypo-allergenic! I don't understand why I'm so sensitive!


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