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Thursday, July 10, 2003

I went to work and the list was up for people who earned bonuses but my name wasn't on it. I've worked 8 consecutive days and was never late so I asked about it and Karla spent over an hour trying to figure out why. It turns out that the one day they told me not to come in they didn't record it so they thought I just didn't come and so considered it "late" so they fixed it and now I get $100 bonus! I also had a guy hit on me on the phone... There was something else that happened but I can't remember now. Amica's still here! Yay!! It's only a matter of time though, and my mom hasn't left her room it seems like. She was still in bed when I left this morning, which was unusual, and she's in bed now. She's acting like I did when we got Amica, and it makes me wonder if she's scared like I was.


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