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Sunday, September 07, 2003

ewwwwwwwwww, cs

my mom gave me the link to a cute page. Click on smarty pants.

At 10 PM I have officially given up on my cs program. I ahve been working on it since 1. I got to the point where in order to fix 2 things 5 other things got errors, plus I have some extra nulls. Don't bother trying to understand the program. I just hope I have enough of it done to at least get a B.

I feel extremely stressed out. I've got a job where I work almost 20 hours a week, plus my 17 credits, plus my 2 hours a week mentoring, plus SWE which I'm going to join, and HARO which will hopefully give me some info and I was going to be on softball but I decided not to and there was going to be something else but I have forgotten what. In short, the only free time I have to myself is some odd hours during the day. Here's the breakdown:
Sunday all day for homework
Monday I have 4-8 free for homework and then 10-bed free
Tuesday 3-bed so that means laundry day
Wednesday 4-8 and 10-bed
Thursday 4-bed so loads of homework getting done
Friday 4-6 8-bed
Saturday anytime before 6
So you see, considering how cs took my 9 hours to do, that means that I have lost at least 2 days working on cs homework, plus 3 hours for my 3 revisions papers I write a week, plus an hour reading revisions, plus an hour doing digital logic homework, plus at least 3 hours for dsp because it blows and is hard, plus an hour doing prelab for ee2303, plus an hour on stats homework plus 2 hours for mentoring... lets see how that adds up
19 hours work this week
+ 56 hours sleep (8 hours a night)
+4 hours revisions
+9 hours cs
+1 hour digital logic
+3 hours dsp
+1 hour prelab
+1 hour stats
+2 hours mentoring
=96 hours
Now for hours in class
7 hours monday
+3 hours tuesday
+7 hours wednesday
+2 hours thursday
+4 hours friday
=23 hours
96+23=119 hours a week busy, which is worse than a full time job
hours a week=168
168-119=49 hours of free time, roughly 29% of the available hours of the day I can use to relax. Only a little less than a third of the week is my own, which means basically only saturday and sunday. This blows.


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