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Saturday, September 06, 2003

I just spent over half an hour on one problem for digital logic. I had to prove that x+yz=(x+y)(x+z). I was doing way too complicated stuff (pardon my bad grammar). Michael was a EE for a couple years and so he was around and he figured it out in about 10 minutes. Yay for Michael! The worst part was that this was the first problem for this chapter. We figured out the proof is this:
(x+y)(x+z) = xx+xz+xy+yz = x+xz+xy+yz = x+xy+yz = x+yz
It's following the rules we learned, and it's much simpler than what I was attempting. I was using WAY too many rules. I broke my thumb nail, that one that was finally getting long. Now it's too short. I hate my nails. Mark, "the cute boy from work" just stopped by and grabbed a misaddressed mag that we couldn't forward and wants any info about getting a job at the front desk. He smelled strongly of smoke. Ewww.


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