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Monday, April 29, 2002

I have had homework everyday since teh 19th, and I've been up to midnight everyday because of it. Hopefully I'll be able to update more soon.

"So often we get caught up in the literature and mythology that we forget the rub-a-dub-dub." ~John

"Steph, either there's someone who laughs like you or there's an evil monster in your house." ~Kim

Poem #4
Snatches of a Note
I almost cried
My feelings at all
Wants to be my friend
I feel like I
Was trying to nicely
Too. I feel like no one really
At all because I’m left out of
Can’t be me anymore, and that hurts,
Tell me I’m mean.

Had a piano recital yesterday. I did the best I've ever played on my duet with Melissa, but on my solo piece I forgot the ending, which sucked because I had nothing to jump to. I ended up just playing random notes that sounded bad.

I went to the zoo Saturday and had way fun.

I found out I have a combination of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. I have rupus! I also have a flexible flat-foot, which means that when there's no pressure on my foot I have an arch and when I put weight on it the arch disappears. Take the weight off and poof I have an arch!

Thursday, April 18, 2002

I never said anything about the day that some girl threw a carton of chocolate milk at me. It was weird. And this morning some guys were making fun of Kyle, Kim, John and who knows who else. Also, this afternoon some girl randomly came up to John, Lauren, and I and said, "Hi smart people" then left.

I'm been very busy lately, and yesterday I got into a HUGE fight with my mom. and it left me very depressed and not very sane... so bad things happened.

"The only redeeming quality of bus exhaust is that it's warm." ~Melissa

"I can't be a pea dropper if I'm dropping peas." ~Melissa

"Am I all the men?" ~Me

"After Pizza Hut we're going to have to perform a goodness of fit test on my jeans." ~Jess

Poem #3
The World in my Pocket
In my pocket,
In a bag,
I own the world.
Red, yellow, white, black.
All sorts of colors.
All sorts of flavors.
Sweet, sour, bitter.
I own

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Yesterday Annie and I were really really crazy. It was so warm that I was being way happy. That was good, since lately I've been WAY depressed.

I've decided to turn "Heart Disease" into a song for the new musical I'm going to write and film during the summer. It'll be about a really intellegent girl who had a deadly heart disease that prevented her from being all that she could be. Hopefully it'll be really cool.

Poem #2:
The Humid Human
Thick and heavy.
Moisture hangs.
Molecules stationary.
Surrounding everything
Chills go down my arms.
It is humid,
And I am human.
Two entities
Enveloping the world,
Suffocating nature.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

If someone with psychosis is psycho, why don't we call someone with neurosis a neuro or someone with tuberculosis (Sarah) a tuberculo?

I have decided to form a band called The Body Functions. All of our songs with be about the body. Our first single is entitled "Heart Disease."

I wrote a poem at the request of John. He want it to have 3 things in it: robots, bra bombs, and the handsomest man in the world.

Explosion by "Archibald Quinn" <---my pen name
dedicated to the memory of John Tomasula. He will forever be missed.
A man,
the handsomest in the world,
opens a door.
He is a robot.
He reaches in
and plants a bomb.
He runs.
Bras are everywhere.

Monday, April 08, 2002

I went to St. Louis over the weekend and it was way fun. It brough back many memories.

Yeah... uh, according to Kyle I'm "Swaver than Elvis." Way to not spell suave right.

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

These are symptoms of lupus, most of which I have... kinda scary
joint pain, sometimes accompanied by swelling, redness and stiffness yes- pain and swelling and redness
weakness or fatigue accidentely slept at work, slept 17 hours between Sunday and Monday
a red rash, often in a butterfly shape over the nose and cheeks I'm always red in that area
a red scaly rash on the face, scalp, ears, arms and chest
forgetfulness, confusion, headaches and/or seizures I have been forgetting more than usual, and having more headaches
excessive reaction to sunlight I get hive-like rashes in the sun
persistent flu-like symptoms I feel like I've been sick for over a month this year
hair loss
chest pains
sudden weight gain over the summer I gained 15 pounds (in a week)

Codding: vb, no definition

Lauren: That codding jerk [about John]
John: What did you call me?
Lauren: That codder.
John: I'm not a putty jerk.
Steph: What?
John: You called me a putty jerk.
Steph: Silly putty.
John: What?
Steph: Liquid flab.
John: I look like phlegm?
Steph: No, liquid flab!
John: I'm the palest person here if I look like phlegm.
Steph: Liquid flab!
John: Now I'm liquid phlegm?
Lauren: I think she said flab.
John: Now I'm liquid and fat?

Hm... I might have either Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus... I was taught that Lupus was deadly (in bio) but my mom says it's not... Either way, my joints hurt like a cod.

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

"You should use chapstick because your lips aren't chappy." ~Ok, so I'm not a genius!!! I can't even spell!

"Your arm is liquid flab!" ~Yeah, my sis has a very liquidy arm.

"I like the smell of chalk." ~Craig.... being Craig.

OK!!! I think it's about time I get left alone about Neal. We're not going out, I don't like him in any way other than a friend, and already people are planning the names our kids are gonna have!