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Thursday, October 31, 2002

YAY! I convinced Neal to go outside with me. It was lightly snowing but apparently it had hailed too so all the snow was ice.

Scratch that, I'm not going out to play because it stopped snowing. It's no fun with it's not snowing. Erinn and Marie wouldn't play with me when it was because they had bible study to go to. :( Maybe it'll start snowing again and Neal will play, but I doubt it because he's a bum and only plays when it's a lot of snow.

It's snowing!!! Big flakes and actually sticking! We may get an inch in some places, if it weren't for the wind! At 8:30 I'm going to go for a walk in it because by then it should have accumulated and Neal should be coming back from cs by then. He's working on homework. I accidentely called Alli a ho.

"What'd you ho? Do, I mean! Do!" ~Me

It's cold... and I'm tired. My day of hell is almost over. I just spent 2 hours standing for chem lab and my feet hurt. Physics lab was ok for once... Ugh, I'm exhausted but I still have another class and then I have to study for my philosophy exam. I've eaten too much today and yesterday. You know, it's appropriate that Halloween is on a Thursday, since every Thursday is hell. It's cold out... but I want snow. Snow makes it warmer and it's pretty. I get extra credit if I dress up in my engineering class but I don't have a costume. This is the first year I won't have worn a costume to class... first year since kindergarten. I'm sad about that, but what am I supposed to do? At least I'm going to get candy.

Song of the day ~ My December by Linkin Park

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I got to spend some time with Neal! WOO!

"IF YOU COULD MEET ONE PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE: Janet, she walks with Jesus you know?" ~Kim, in a survey

I hope Neal doesn't think his classes are hopeless.

I haven't said anything in awhile. Let's see, Monday was BORING. Lately I've been feeling ill. I think I got it from Neal, and now Erinn feels that way so it's not cool. It's like puking ill, but I haven't puked yet. I can't get my flu shot till the middle of November, so I'm screwed till then. Things are going ok... yesterday I had PMS in a humongo way. I was crying forever over something that I shouldn't have really been upset about. Although there were things for me to be upset about, like the fact that Neal and I hardly talk anymore. And now that's going to happen less because he's been really busy lately. I saw him for like less than an hour total today. Yesterday I had a few hours with him but I was feeling sick so it wasn't fun. I can't see him at all tomorrow except for dinner, so that'll be 20 minutes. It makes me sad, because I can only talk to him over aim and lately he's been too busy to be on. And next week I'll see him even less because he has to focus on his homework and study a lot because his father gave him a lecture about his functions class. Neal doesn't have the commitment to study, which makes me feel sad and feel sorry for him. I have no problem doing homework and all, and I wish he had my work ethics. I always felt bad for him in physics last year, too.

Song of the day ~ P5hng Me A*wyby Linkin Park

Monday, October 28, 2002

I forgot a song of the day for Sunday! Sacrelige!!! So today, there are going to be 2.

Song of Sunday's day ~ Bad Acid Jesus by Adam Starr

Sunday, October 27, 2002

I registered all fine. My first 2 gym classes were closed so now I'm in beginning bowling, which is still good. I have only 1 class on Friday- WOO! At the end of the year I should have 50 credits... wow. At the end of the semester I'll already have 32.5.

Song of the day ~ Cosmic Castaway but I don't remember who it's by

I saw the Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and it was awesome. It was modern dance. Some of the pieces were erotic... and there were children there! The last 2 were awesome, and I wish I could have the music from it but they didn't say what it was. I saw someone wearing a Sobe shirt and I thought that was cool.

Ugh, last night I wasn't feeling well at all. I think it was what I ate. Anyway, today I forgot that the time changed so I woke up at 8:30. I had to go to the bathroom really bad though, so I would have gotten up anyway.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

I just went through the safehouse on 5th. I dont know why they're called safehouses when they're really haunted houses. Not every hall does one. Our hall did it for 5 year olds, so it's Spongebob Square Pants and not scary at all. I hear 2nd floor has an awesome one but you can only go through with a tour guide. I couldn't convince Erinn to go with me until Ken joined us and he wanted to go through. It was awesome. We were their practice run. Tim announced over some walkie talkies, "Hey, we're doing a practice run. Neal's girlfriend and some other people. Are you ready?" Great, I don't have a name but at least I'm known. Erinn and I are both big scardies when it comes to haunted houses, so we made Ken go in front in case anything jumped out. Nothing really did, but it was quite elaborate. They a really awesome glowing wizard fight with black lights and stuff. We also got to go in the guys bathroom where they had a torture chamber with other cool blacklight stuff. The coolest was going in the dragon's mouth, because we were stepping on mattresses to make it soft and somehow they got pulsing sides. I suppose they opened a couple doors and had something making pillow cases pulse, but it was awesome. At the end we had to give back the weapons they gave us to "fight the dragon."

Friday, October 25, 2002

Hee hee. Erinn and I turned on the tv and A Knight's Tale was on, but a little bit through so Erinn popped in her tape. About halfway through Marie and Josh came to visit so Erinn paused it and we talked to them for a long time. We talked so long that the pause stopped and it went to the tv. I told Josh and Marie that it was on tv too, and they knew what happened because the movie wasn't at the same place as where we paused. Erinn didn't realize this and for 5 minutes she was trying to stop the live tv. I just kept laughing and giggling at her. It took her 5 minutes to figure out what the rest of us knew, and it was so great. I was walking upstairs and on someone's dry erase board it said Fhqwhgads. That's an awesome song and so I wrote on the board, "Strong Bad rocks!" Tonight, or rather last night, Marie, Erinn, Josh, Neal, Tim, and I watched Meet the Parents. Tim left in the middle because he doesn't do well being up late and he ahd seen the end before. It was all for Erinn's sake, since she likes him. He laughs really loud, and he refused to watch anything illegal. He doesn't download music either. He's really clean cut religious.

Song of the day ~ Fhqwhgads

WOO! Today my counselor says I should be done with my sessions my the end of the semester! Today I was there for only 10 minutes, enough time to say I was doing well and to give me a different book to read. AND I passed some huskies on the way back to my room and I almost petted them! I was surprised! It was either because I was so happy, I'm ok with dogs now, or I miss Amica. I met Josh today and he's not what I expected but he's cool. I just wish he and Marie would actually start dating.

Song of the day ~ Golden Years by Marilyn Manson

Thursday, October 24, 2002

I got to see the northern lights! Since it's still early they weren't really bright, but they're supposed to get really good. I'm so excited!

I'm feeling sick today. I think it has to do with my mental feelings right now. I'm missing something.

Song of the day ~ The First Noel by Mannheim Steamroller
It has beautiful harmony

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I'm so excited for Erinn! Tim came into our room today and talked to her for like 5minutes. He asked me a few questions but he mumbled so I had to keep repeating the question for him. He totally has the hots for Erinn. When he was leaving I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie with us and he said yes! Erinn was mad that I was so blunt, but also excited that he said yes. Hee hee!

I just had the FUNNEST time ever. It's snowing today and it's actually sticking!!! There's not an inch yet, not even half an inch yet, but it's soooooo cool! I went out there twice, once just to eat the snow when it began (since it was snowing hard) and the second time to play. It blizzarded for awhile. It keeps going lots and little. But anyway, Erinn and I went out there and played for like half an hour by running and sliding on the snow. I fell down several times and got mud and grass and water all over my jeans so they're being washed right now. Neal was a bum and said it wouldn't be fun enough to play in. We had several people watching us but no one joined. :( I guess we're too dorky for them, but I've never had so much fun in snow before!!!!!! Erinn was throwing snowballs at me as I slid. I hope someone took pictures or video taped it and is going to make a movie about it like the flood one. Probably not, but still!!!!

"If you know the activity series you're like Super McGyver." ~My chem teacher

"If you stick this in this it's big fun." ~My chem teacher

Song of the day ~ Lullabye by Billy Joel

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

"The east wind is cruel, happiness is ephemeral. A bosom of tangled silk, many years of separation. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong." ~I don't know what the quote is from other than Lauren's profile, but I like it.

Ugh, if I have to listen to another Dashboard Confessional song, I'm going to go NUTS! I've been hearing it EVERY DAY for the past 2 weeks because Erinn is obsessed with them. It's really starting to grate on my nerves and I seriously now have to drown it out with my music on my mp3 player.

Showers are good places to cry. You are already wet, and no one can hear you over the shower.

This is a funny website about Illinois. Erinn says I say bag funny because I sound Chicagoan, so that got me interested in trying to figure out what a Chicago accent is. Like, I guess it's pronounced shih-CAW-goh (which I do) and not shih-KAAH-goh. I actually listened to a clip of someone saying Chicago who's not from Chicago and he said it the second way which sounded weird. I pronounce bag like baag so something while Erinn pronounces it like beg, only with a little a sound. Then there's that crazy th sound, the d. My dad has that, since he grew up in Chicago. Like dat instead of that, only not as prominate. I say birthday weird. I sort of drop the h, so it's like birtday or birday but not so noticeable. I guess that Chicago style. And we speak nasally?? I don't hear it. Hmmm, we say cop like cahhhp. I spose that's right. And pecan like pee-cahn. Yup.

Ah, the crazy lady game and and tried to get me to go to campus crusade. What they do just doesn't sound fun to me.

Song of the day ~ Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails

Monday, October 21, 2002

Melissa sent me this really odd website. Some of it is pretty funny. The snow has stopped and now I think it's raining. :( I'm doing better now. This morning I wasn't, but I had a nice talk so now I'm cool. I probably should be doing homework right now, but I don't feel like it at all. Erinn locked herself out of the room again, so she had to knock loudly to wake me up and let her in. This is the 3rd time, more than my 2... Oh well.

It's snowing right now, beautifully. It's dark so you can see the thick flakes falling down really well. Normally I'd be happy, but today I'm not because I'm preoccupied with other thoughts. It's not staying though, since it's only 35. Today is my and Neal's 3 month anniversary. I'm excited we've lasted this long, and then I think back at all the talks we've had and if those never occured I would be surprised we lasted this long, despite how we feel. Last night Erinn burned herself REALLY badly and now it's blisted. I hope it gets better.

Song of the day ~ The Way I Feel by 12 Stones

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Last night was the best night of my life. I had so much fun watching movies and just hanging with Neal. We didn't wake up till 11:30 this morning, but of course we went to bed at 2:30. Then we skipped brunch and walked over to the Motherlode. We ordered hot chocolate but we got mochas instead and tasted really nasty. I was glad I also got a scone that I could use to get rid of the taste. I've determined I don't like real coffee, only fake coffee.

Song of the day ~ Snowflakes by Pulsedriver

Saturday, October 19, 2002

I'm watching a real live caber toss!!!!! The hall below me is having Highland Games as their hall social, so they're all dressed up in kilts (men, that is!) and have blue painted faces like in Braveheart. It's so great!! This weekend has been the best so far. It's open house so there are high school students and parents everywhere but that means the food is good. Ahhhhhh, sweet Saturday where I got to sleep in late with Neal in my arms. We might go see a volleyball game later today, and visit The Motherlode (yummy hot chocolate) and maybe see Mr. Deeds. Nothing beats a caber toss though. I wish I had a video camera up here, or a digital camera.

Song of the day ~ Eye by Fanoe

Friday, October 18, 2002

Ugh, it's rainy right now. I'm watching Passions with Erinn, and it's SO funny. This one girl was having a "vision" and she looked constipated while in it there was fire and all. Then she said, "Oh Miguel, I saw the evil." It's such bad acting, but really funny. I had 15 extra minutes today before my first class so I did my hair all pretty. Neal says he likes it this way, but he hasn't seen it yet. He's been a bum with massive cs homework, but that's ok. We're going to have massive fun tonight. Erinn's going home this weekend. I passed Chris on the way to buy a book at the MUB and he was complainging about being cold and I was perfectly fine at like 44. It's so funny, because he was wearing more clothes than me. See, I had to go buy a stupid writing book for my engineering class. I didn't know the title and there were 2 there, so I bought both. I was hoping I wouldn't have to buy it at all, but then we got an assignment in it yesterday so I'm like, "DANG!" It's quite frustrating, but oh well. I get to go to Walmart again! WOO! No, just bored but I actually need stuff.

Song of the day ~ Moments of Love by Art of Noise

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Woo! I got a 90.7 on my engineering exam!!! AND it was snowing on and off today a whole bunch, really big flakes. It's too bad it's 40 and too warm for it to stick. It made me really happy and excited. Besides the negative linear relationship between my happiness and my weight, there's a positive linear relationship between my happiness and snowing. Neal starved me today. It's weird, I've been hungry like every 2 hours yet I didn't gain anything until dinner. Of course, at dinner I ate a lot because Neal was taking a nap so he made me wait 45 minutes and I practically died of hunger. I IMed him LOTS of times, and even had other people do the same so he got lots of noises except that he had his sound off! That bum! However, now I'm better but heavier. I think my scale is bogus, because earlier within 5 minutes I ranged from 126 to 133, so I took the middle value. It's crazy. My mathematica partner didn't believe me again today and I had to spend 10 minutes explaining the correct answer to him. Ugh. WOO! Survivor tonight! It looks like a good one. Man, Tim talked to me today but I still don't think he knows my name. It's funny though since Erinn has a HUGE crush on him, and she acts like I did with Neal. It's wonderful and fun to tease her about. Ahhhhh, despite it being Hell Day today has been good. I'm actually ok with my weight now... but it's still not my happy weight. At least I'm not freaking about it because I know I'm not fat and that it's because college meal plans force me to eat more than I would normally.

Woo! Even though I didn't finish most of my physics lab, I still got an 84! It's my lowest grade yet, but at least it's not really bad like I was envisioning. It was cool this morning. I was walking to physics in the dark at 8 AM and it was snowing and it looked awesome. Unfortunately it stopped now, and it's too warm for it to stick but it's still awesome. Man, I have a chem lab really soon... :( I hate chem lab, especially when we get hard labs that take longer.

Song of the day ~ Velouria by the Pixies

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Woo! I got approximately an 85% on my chem midterm! That's quite an accomplishment, considering I got a 2 on the AP test and thist is my 3rd time through and the other 2 times I was barely getting a B with smart people helping me. I'm actually UNDERSTANDING most of the stuff, shock shock!

"She was running like her balls were on fire." ~Marie, about Erinn

"I'm not quick to bond... I'll shake your hand!" ~Rivers Cuomo

"Hoowdy." ~Me
"Hoowdy to you too." ~Neal

My chem exam wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, although I spent 3 1/2 hours studying so that better pay off. I finished in an hour, but there were some things on it we never covered in class. They've been playing Another One Bites the Dust all day! I guess it's some ritual that people play it on their stereos all day whenever there's a chem exam. What a freaky ritual.

I'm skipping my dance class again today. It was 35 this morning but I wasn't cold on the way to my class, and I only had on a sweatshirt and long sleeves! I was proud of myself, but then it got warmer and then I got colder. Go figure. In my philosophy class the pipes for the heat kept making this dinging noises like every 2 seconds and it was so hard to concentrate. It snowed yesterday and today!! Unfortunately it didn't stay. I woke up early this morning and I swear I hear Erinn talking in her sleep. It was wierd... Apparently there's a bet... The Bet. Melissa's friend Pam made a bet with a guy named Colin that Melissa would do better on one of their papers and they ended up tying. Competition I see.

Song of the day ~ Jamie by Weezer

Monday, October 14, 2002

I skipped my dance class. We're allowed to miss 3 and still pass, and since I've missed none and there are only 2 days left of just review, I decided to not go. I did my laundry instead, but it sucked because there were no open washers so I went to go get something and I come back and there were 4 but some girl after me took them. Then she took like many dryers too, so it made it all longer. That was annoying.

Today in chem I fell asleep twice. The first time I had a dream that there was a girl with marker on her belly that said "Kevin." Dave in my dream said "Kevin!" like he was shocked it was her name. Then I woke up and I realized that he was trying to get attention of the guy in front of us, Kevin.

The second time I fell asleep I was dreaming of going to the Motherlode and I was walking down some stairs that don't exist and I tripped. I did the jerky thing that you do when I woke up, and it made a loud noise and I was embarrassed I fell but then I realized that it was just a dream. Dave, who was sitting next to me, laughed and me and every time I was going to sleep after then he kept poking me.

Acid-base reactions are boring.

Song of the day ~ Overkill by The Benjamin Gate

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Steph's in anguish again. Her next physics lab they're going on to the next lab, but her group didn't even finish the last one. They didn't even come close. And so that means her grade is going to drop and she's not happy about that at all. She doesn't understand how everyone else almost finished. She always somehow gets stuck in a slow group, but why? She's not slowing them down. Not only that, but she hasn't lost any weight yet but it's been several hours since she last ate. How did she gain so much, when she ate the same amount she would if she was at home (and not gain as much)? It's perplexing, and not fun at all. She's really sad now.

Arg, Steph is in anguish. She's torn between doing her best and doing whatever she can to get a 4.0 gpa or doing well enough to pass in the classes she doesn't care about and won't need. It's chem that's the problem... She's getting (and talking in 3rd person) an 85% but she feels that she can do better and that it's not high enough to get a near a 4.0 gpa and she feels terrible. On the other hand, she never will use chemistry again so why should she bother trying to be perfect and get an A? She already has a B (which may change after the midterm) but she still is upset. Not to mention the fact that she gained 2.5 pounds today after eating lunch and nothing else.

Well, I haven't updated in quite awhile. My family arrived Friday and it was sooooooo warm and actually sunny for once! We went to the casino in Baraga and I succeeded in gambling away $11.50 at slots and buying a deck of cards. Neal won $10 his first try and kept winning a lot but he played until he had no more money left. Erinn was winning and losing, but she also gambled away all her money. Neal is one lucky guy though. The most I ever won was $5, and that was with Erinn's quarter. Other than that the most was $2.25. I came SO close to winning like 2500 in quarters, but the 3 wilds I got (this happened twice) weren't on the pay line. NOOOO! Ultimate laughter against me! Neal should have won $50 because he got 3 wilds in a row and you could win that if they were in any position, but the machine didn't pay out which was quite mean of it. After that we hung out and watched America's Funniest Home Videos in my family's hotel room and I kept cracking up. Oh, and there was a stray dog that kept following us. I spent the night in Neal's room.

Yesterday we had brunch with my family and then went to the Quincy Mine Tour. That was really neat, but it was about 50 out so it was quite chilly, especially in the mine. I bought 2 pairs of earrings at the gift shop: lizard ones (of COURSE I had to buy them) and pink and black loop ones. Then we hung out and ate dinner at a restaurant that was The Berry Farm or something. The food there was really good, and they had Blue Moon ice cream which made it even better. After dinner we saw the Shangri-La acrobats and that was just amazing. Neal had his mouth open in awe quite a lot, and that was funny to see, but it was just an awesome show. People shouldn't bend like that. After the show I watched a movie with Neal and slept in his room.

Today we took a drive in the snow. Yes, snow. It's about 36 out, and snowing. At first the snow looked like dippin' dots. I'm serious! It was shaped JUST like that! It's snowing pretty hard, but at one point there was a white out and an inch on the ground. Now it's all melted, but still snowing. It puts me in such a good mood. I LOVE it! Erinn opened the window and yelled out it, "I hate snow!!!!" and the guys out there looked at her funny. After the drive we went to the mall where we bought gumballs. I got Wet Pineapple (what's with the wet???) and Strawberry Banana. I wanted to her Gourmet Cantelope (what makes it gourmet???) but it wouldn't give me a gumball because it was mean. Then we ate at the Ming Garden, but the food is not the best Chinese I've had. Ye's is still the best, and rocks all other booties.

I got my charm bracelet!!! They put one of the charms on backwards though. I also got a t-shirt and sweatshirt and pants al advertising Michigan Tech. I have lots of food and candy that my family was nice enough to bring. Oh, and on Friday I FINALLY received the cds I ordered, so I had to call my bank and tell them to take the credit off and cancel it. I didn't think I'd get the product after waiting a month and a half.

Song of the day ~ Let It Snow

Friday, October 11, 2002

Woo! Today at counseling we basically said that currently I have no problems. WOO!

I was just dreaming about something and in it I told myself, "But I don't have any music!" and then my alarm which plays music came on and woke me up. Wanna know something else weird? Everytime I finish my shower, I finish at the same EXACTT time, 8:09 AM. Oh, and I have officially tried to follow John's Guide to Losing Weight for 1 day now, and I have lost 1 pound since yesterday, and I'm not even starving myself! Oh, and Neal has the largest collection of black movies I've ever seen.

Song of the day ~ Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

Thursday, October 10, 2002

My engineering midterm was really easy. Woo! I saw in front of Peter and next to Chris. Peter has Marie's calculator, so I better get that back soon. No class on Monday! Woo! I have succeeded on my plan so far today! YES! Mike says he always wins at poker, so hopefully if I find him tomorrow, he's going to teach Erinn and I how to win before we go to the casino. Neal forgot he was talking to me again, but I think it's all ok now since it was only for 20 minutes, not hours like before. Now his pizza came but he's not there and neither Matt or I know where he is. Matt used his screen name and somehow magically knew which one was mine and asked me if Neal was here. I wish I knew where he is.

Liz says I never IM her. It's not MY fault she's never online when I'm around. That's her timing problem, not mine. Besides Liz, if you want more info on the Steph-Neal (spell it right!) relationship, then just ask me!!! Do you know who else has bad timing? John. He ALWAYS ims me right before I have to leave for a class.

In my chem lab we had to test out reversing a reaction to see if we could get the same amount back, and at the end right before I had to measure it my partner knocked it all out on accident, so I couldn't recover it and had like hardly any left. HOWEVER, I still somehow ended up with 87% of it, which makes no sense at all but it's cool since I got a good result anyway. I have MAJOR goggle face.

Song of the day ~ Somebody Else's Song by Lifehouse

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Man, I went to the cafe with Marie and Erinn and ended up buying food when I wasn't hungry! What a mistake!! However, I did laugh a lot (I was cracking up at the mention of me laughing) so maybe that helped burn calories. I met Ken, who is a cool oboe player. Man, it was an awesome time even though I forgot my away message.

This entry is devoted to quotes!!!

"I don't want to die for democracy... I'll just move." ~Lauren

"God is not a source of bad, he is the solution to bad." ~John

"Your drink is contaminated." ~Neal

"o focures" ~Lauren
"What?" ~Me
"Of course" ~Lauren

"You're bustin' out." ~Neal (side note: anything that involves Neal saying bustin' is just great)

"I have a fetish for you peeing on the bed." ~Neal

So I put up some purple icicle lights I bought at Shop Ko and they rock everyone's butt. They were for halloween. There were neon green and orange there too, but those were all out when I bought the purple but that's ok. There were also ones that were 2 tone, but those were for outside. Man, our room rocks booty. I can't wait till I get to put them up in my room.

Social Dance class today was fun. We did the Virginia Reel, The Alligator, and the tango. NEVER EVER do the Virginia Reel in socks on a slippery floor, especially when you don't know what you're doing. Everyone was slipping. My partner had very strong arms so when we were the lead couple and we were sliding and then had to change directions, he pulled me so hard that I couldn't keep up because I was sliding so I ended up completely falling and then it was so slippery I couldn't get up. We were then behind on the beat a lot and since our line had an extra couple we already had to go faster, so that made it harder and I got so confused when we got to the reel that I was going backwards and every whichway. It was bad, but fun. Oh, and parts of the song were from The Pirates of Penzance! I forget which song now, but I was tempted to sing along! The Alligator was pretty stupid. Only drunks should do that at weddings. It was especially bad when we were the lead couple and we had to dance down the middle in modern style because that's the exact kind of dancing I can't do. Oh, and we were taught "rock and roll" dancing, but it was really just early 90s to Janet Jackson and that's not going to help me! My quest to learn how to dance at like, dances, has failed but I do know some other neat dances!

Man, I've been really bad about writing in here. I started to yesterday but I got distracted. Sunday I was sad that I didn't get to hang with Neal after we shopped, but he came over for half an hour so I felt better. I finally finished his birthday present. Now I just have to wrap it and make a card. I was getting into a big argument with my mom but we worked it out. It was a combination of me in pms mode and her having a bad day. Of course, not all my problems are solved but I'm feeling a lot better. I have a schedule all set out for my losing weight. I just have to try to stick with it, which will be hard. I have an advisor meeting today, and I bet I'm not going to learn anything. Tomorrow I have my engineering exam, which is going to suck because we all know Thursday is my Hell day. Next week I have my chem exam, and that's going to suck too. Oh! I get to go casinoing Friday! The one in Baraga is an Indian one, so being 18 I can gamble! Neal, Erinn and I are going with my family, probably my dad. Marie can't go because she's going to be with her parents all weekend. I'm so excited!

Song of the day ~ Sick Cycle Carousel by Lifehouse

Sunday, October 06, 2002

I was melting some starburst to make hard candy in the microwave and my bowl broke! It sucks, because I know the bowl is microwave safe. Also, I shut the microwave door on my finger and it pinched the skin, so now my finger really hurts and has a mark. Someone's been reading my juno email, because some of the messages I saved aren't there anymore.

Let's see... I didn't really have an argument with Neal, but it was something. Last night we were talking online and then he got distracted and forgot about me, so I was feeling ignored and wondering what the heck was up. I've been quite tolerant, but that I didn't like.

Song of the day ~ Creep by Radiohead

Saturday, October 05, 2002

Let's see, today I went to the homecoming football game. It was freakin' cold out! They lost miserably, and we left after the 3rd quarter. My toes were so numb that I felt like each foot had only 2 toes, because they were all frozen together. I've been really tired today, too, for some reason. I tried watching Pearl Harbor with Neal, but we both were falling asleep before we were even through an hour of it. I forgot a song of the day for yesterday, oh well.

Song of the day ~ I Love You by the Dandy Warhols

Thursday, October 03, 2002

I did 200 situps yesterday...well reaqlly 170 today and 30 yesterday since it's after midnight. I'm pretty tired now, but the tea I had gave me energy. It was nasty though and gave me a headache. I normally don't drink tea because I hate it, but I needed something with caffeine and Marie said it had some in it.

Today hasn't been a good day... stupid PMS or something. I really need to stop this crying.

Today Neal randomly came online and then went offline. I knew it was him, because it played the "meat" quote which alerts me when he's online. The funny part was that he was in the room with me, so he didn't do it. I cracked up laughing for 5 minutes, really really bad. It made it worse that Neal had a funny look on his face. He thought I was laughing at him, and I tried to explain, but I wasn't helping any but it was so darn funny! It turns out his computer restarted for no reason, but it was still pretty hilarious. I swear, I have "busted out the laughs" for at least 3 days in a row now. It's awesome!

Song of the day ~ Sleep by the Dandy Warhols

I ran into someone today because I wasn't looking and it was pretty funny because she wasn't either and I just came out of nowhere. Calc sucks, and so does eating alone. I had coffee today, even though I hate coffee. It was french vanilla and I added too much water, but it was good. I think I don't like plain coffee, or something that's strongly coffee flavored. I had some because I was so frickin' tired and I couldn't keep my eyes open, and now I have to pee like crazy. Also, it's not good to chug coffee.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I caused trouble today. I asked for a hotdog when there weren't any at lunch today since it's not officially hotdog day. They were making some however, so I didn't care. The guy was all growling at me because I was holding up the line and causing trouble, but that's his fault. He wasn't prepared and the other choices sucked. My blister is gone which is weird but I'm not complaining. I'm supposed to tango today! WOO! And much to my delight, I have more friends than I thought which is cool. Now I have to do stupid engineering homework which I don't understand since I have to graph on logarithmic paper. Grr...

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

I had WAY too much to eat today. Or rather, yesterday. I have a blister right between my big toe and the 2nd toe on my left foot, where the flip flop goes when I go to the shower so it really really hurts. I should probably be going to bed since I have 2 calc II quizes and get my philosophy exam back. Oh well.

Song of the day ~ Inchworm sung by Danny Kaye (I don't know who it's originally by)

Let's see, today I was a big dork and helped Neal edit and write his paper, then I helped him with his other homework. I willingly did this!! I'm going downtown with Erinn and Marie today to get electrical tape. Yeah, not too exciting. My life has been pretty boring, but I'm accumulating a list of songs for the next few days.

Song of the day ~ Happiness Is by The Verve Pipe