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Monday, June 30, 2003

I got to work overtime today! :) Amber called like a minute after I had woken up, so I quickly showered and got there in half an hour, worked for 4, then came home and watched Waiting For Guffman with Melissa (which is an odd but funny movie).

Apparently Janet's boat thing was just supposed to be her and Allison but then John was walking his dog with Janet so he went and then Jessa called Janet so she invited Jessa. Her parents didn't want to make it a big thing. At least I feel better about that. At Lauren's house I had a good conversation with Lauren and Mel, then Kim came and we played cards then when Jessa came we played Apples to Apples, a really fun game that I suck at. Then we played Loser for Kim's benefit and talked until 1:30 when I left.

Sunday, June 29, 2003


It seems the circle of leaving me out of things has come around again, this time leaving more people out. I've become accustomed to being left out of most of the parties at Kim's house (and those hurt because Sarah and Melissa, who were on the same bus as me, would go to Kim's but they never invited me so I was on the bus alone). This time Janet invited Jessa and John to her boat and didn't invite anyone else. I can understand taking 1 person, but if you invite more than one it's expected to invite all of us (especially since we've been asking when the next boat party is occuring).

I'm going to Dustin's house tonight though, since we can't have cake with Jessa since she's not home. I've never been to Dustin's, and I don't know him well. This will be interesting.

Happy Birthday Jessa!

When I left work today some guy who was on break yelled out to me, "See ya later!!!!!" I hardly ever talk to him, so I was surprised. Melissa called while I was at work and said to call before 6. I called as soon as I got the message at 5:30 but she wasn't home, but was at Jessa's house decorating her room. She was supposed to be home at 6:30 and call me back, but she hasn't. I guess they were going to have a party for Jessa but I don't know anything about it. I thought Jessa was in Minnesota, which confuses me further.

I'm going through some spiritual turmoil right now, and it's been going on for about 4 years now. It really got worse last year, but there's really no one to talk to about it except Lauren, my mom, and Kathy Mikel because they understand and I already discussed it some with Kathy and my mom. I'd call Lauren, but I bet she's not home.

I'm in a lot of pain. The stupid electrodes for the heart thing are giving me a rash and welts and it hurts soooooooo badly right now. THere's no time it doesn't hurt, and I really wish I could rip them off right now.

i suck at remembering

So at 8:30 this morning I realized I had forgotten to take my birth control pill yesterday. Since I don't have a set routine every day, I can't remember to take it. It's most horrible. I took to today, but I hope nothing bad comes of it and my bad memory.

Last night I called Neal and he came over. We played a couple games of cards with my mom (they killed me the first game but I killed them the second) and then we hung out in my room awhile and talked.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

My feet really hurt after wearing my sandals all day and standing. THey have a heel so the pressure of my weight is not where my feet are used to it being, it hurts. Nikki's grad party was fun, I'm glad I went. Work was ok, nothing special. One guy came for his food like 20 minutes after we said it'd be done so it was cold. I hope he doesn't complain. We don't know if we're working July 4th or not. I thought we would but Alli doesn't think so. We should have asked. I don't want to go anywhere today, but I wish Neal would come over and hang out. Maybe I'll call him.

lan party

I was invited to a lan party last night, but Neal would be the only person there I'd know. I was pretty nervous, but I dragged my computer there and everything, even though my car was making funny noises. We get there and we see about 5 cop cars right by James' house (not Sitz, someother James) and cops were walking around with flashlights looking for something. It was pretty scary and it did not make me feel safe at all. I decided I didn't want to stay at the lan party, especially when I didn't know anyone, so I left at 10:45ish. It looked fun, but I don't think it looked fun enough that I'd want to drag my whole computer there. I'd rather play at college where I don't have to move my computer.

Friday, June 27, 2003


Work wasn't that bad, because it was employee appreciation day! I got kripsy kreme donuts, cookies, and pizza! I had hawaiian pizza which had bbq sauce instead of tomato sauce. It was really good. THen I got to go home an hour early! Yay! One of Neal's friends has invited me to a lan party tonight, but I don't know if I can go yet, since my parent's aren't home.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mom!

i hate work

So last night Neal came over and about 5 minutes before he arrived Kim called saying we were going to Lauren's house, except that Lauren wasn't answering. I told her me might go. We ended up watching Pleasantville and by the time that was done it was pretty late and we weren't inclined to go to Lauren's when we both had to get up early.

Today I work 9-4 then go home for half an hour for lunch (since I don't get a lunch at work today) then I work 5-8 by myself (since Sarah and John are in Vermont) then I go home and eat dinner. My family is going someplace because my dad took a day off but I have to miss it. This does not please me. Next week I work July 4th 7-12, then work 5-8, then my family is having a bbq and with the fireworks I'm going to be up late. Then I have to get up at 5:30 to work 7-12 again on Saturday. I'm going to see if someone will take my hours because getting up at 5:30 2 days in a row, especially on a holiday, just sucks.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

a butt load of quizes

I think we were all expecting this...

[take the test] - [by]

Ignoring the fact that I would never say this to someone, I am actually quite blunt. Painfully so.

My pickup line is:
Hi, I find you very attractive.

Want my number?
what's your pickup line?
| hey, baby.


Which Rocky character are you?

Cool, I have an accent.

Which HP Kid Are You?

This is just plain weird.
You're Queen Beryl! You rule your domain with an
iron (and spikey!) hand. You have a thing for
college boys in tuxedos and masks, and you like
putting people to sleep...ETERNALLY!!

Which Dark Kingdom / Negaverse villain are you?
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In other news, Finding Nemo is a really good movie.


Coloring was fun today! I got a good start on one of my fuzzy posters. My arm was COVERED in color though, and I messed up my pattern. :( It's called "knot" so it's really hard to figure out what to color and keep the pattern. It's one of those things where it's possible to color with only 3 colors but I had to use 5 because I didn't plan well.

Lauren called about us going to baker's square for pie and then going to see finding nemo. As soon as we hung up I realized that I had forgotten the time already, so had to call back.

Apparently yesterday afternoon when I was napping my mom came in and said my name but I didn't wake up. Normally I sleep really lightly and will wake up at every noise, so to have me sleeping so deeply was a shock.


Alli and I went to Michael's to get some things for my mom, so I HAD to go to the craft section. I've been feeling so crafty lately or something. Anyway, I saw the fuzzy posters and I got SO excited! I was going to buy one but then Alli pointed out some others that were harder to color and more complicated. Man, I bought 2 of them and I can't wait to color them. My mom also made a 7-layer salad so I got to eat that was well and I was really excited.

heh heh, now my favorite people make sense

So last night I bowled a 129, 91, and 70-something. I suck. It was fun though, and we went out to eat at Colonial afterwards. Neal and I shared cheese sticks and an ice cream thing with gummy worms in it. Not much has occured....... except that my country went from a democratic socialist country to a corrupt dictatorship. This is because I eliminated voting, hahaha. Is it any wonder that I like who I like? Ho Chi Minh, Napoleon, Charlemagne, I just like dictators. Mussolini is kind of cool too. Find me a dictator and I'll find him cool in some bizarre way.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003


I took a nap at around 3:30 I think, and I just got up. Anyway, I had teh weirdest dream. I was in the book I'm reading, but at one part I was watching a movie that then was a documentary on Kublai Khan, who I guess was supposed to be the next chapter in a movie about Gulliver Travels. At one point I was actually sleeping in my dream. I was on a black rock with my butt in the air and my face against the rock. Katie from work was there talking to someone about me, and we were by a waterfall. THen I stretched out so my whole body was in contact with the obsidian rock. My tiredness had something to do about being a mage. A lot of it had characters from the book I'm reading and at one point I was thinking about shay'a'chern people (the book's term for homosexuals) and the threesomes you can have. I think Katie was talking about that in the dream.

Needless to say, now I want to read my book.

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
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Monday, June 23, 2003


I was almost late to work because I left a little latter because I've been early the past week. Then just as luck would have it, I got stuck behind a garbage truck on a road with no passing and one lane. Then of course I got stuck at all the lights I don't normally get stuck at. Then at work it was pretty busy but I never got lunch. I worked 8 hours so I'm supposed to get a half hour lunch, but they never gave it to me so I came home starving. I bought these pizaa rolls from family foods but they were sooooooooo gross. There was like no cheese in them, they were hard, and just plain gross.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

bindis and husbands

So I'm at work at at 7 pm I realize, "CRAP! I haven't taken my birth control pill today!" That's 7 hours late, and really NOT GOOD. You're supposed to take them at the same time each day or they'll mess your system up. I played Mhing after church with Liz, Alli, and my mom. I won 8 games, and was being silly so I stuck the chips on my head. Liz started it with one, which we called a bindi. I said I thought bindis were worn by those that are married, so since I had 8 chips on my head (one for each win) I had 8 husbands. Oh gee, it was way fun. I like being silly.

"I like pungs. They rock my world." ~Alli, during Mhing

quick update

Ok, a quick update before I go to church. Yesterday I went to work, then to Neal's house (it was our 11 month) and he made me a pizza because I hadn't had anything to eat all day. This was at 3, 3:30. Awwww. Then I got to see his baby pictures, which made me really excited. After that I went to work again, stopping at Dairy Queen beforehand. Then after work I came home and talked to Liz and Alli. Liz spent the night and then we're meeting her mom at Fox Valley mall today. Anyway, last night we decided we were going to that fortune teller on 59 I've always wanted to go to so we drove there but it was closed. Every time I've passed it it's open, and Liz said it's always open at like 10 pm so we didn't know why it was closed at 8:45. :( This made us sad, but I was a little relieved since my dad told me all these stories, like to not end up owing a whole bunch and to not give them my credit card, etc. We came back home and sat around until I was very tired and went to bed. It figures I woke up at 6 am again, for no good reason. Now we go to church and then the mall and then I go to work.

I still haven't found my battery cover.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

After work I went and met people at Baker's Square. 4 out of our 10 didn't eat a meal like the rest of us, and Lauren had specifically said we were eating dinner. Oh well. I had the last piece of chocolate peanut butter pie, and it was really good. Then Neal and I went to my house and I gave him the cupcakes I saved. We called Shorty to see if Bee's barbeque was still going on and it was, so Neal drove me over there and were were there for about an hour talking to people and smelling the beer (ewwww, beer). It was really cold, because I was in shorts and a t-shirt and it was like 60. THen we came back to my house and amazingly enough Amica didn't bark at us. She wanted to be petted instead, so we went to pet her and then she winked at us. Yes, she winked. We both saw it clearly. I didn't even know dogs could wink. What secret was she letting us in on? Or is it our secret she won't share (like she could)? I went to my room to go to bed, and when I was taking my monitor off from my clothes the battery fell out, which meant the back fell off AGAIN. I did a thorough search of my room and couldn't find it. This morning my mom searched also and couldn't find it. I know I had it before we went to Bee's after we stopped at my house because I went to the bathroom and the battery would have fallen out because I had to take it off. That means it's either in Neal's car, Bee's house, or somewhere in our house from when we returned. The wierd thing is that my shirt was over it the whole time so you'd think it'd be hard to fall.

I'm going to Neal's house after work today and then going back to work at my other job. I'm a little sunburned from when I was in the sun yesterday, just enough that I might tan. Liz is spending the night tonight but I find that impractical because I'm going to bed early since I've been up since 6 am and worked 2 jobs and so will be tired. Plus I have to get up at 8 tomorrow morning. Liz's mom arranged this, because Liz wants to see us but there are much better times than this weekend. I'm seeing her July 9th after all, for the opening of Pirates of the Carribean.

Friday, June 20, 2003

man, i was tired

So after I made some cupcakes (which taste really good, by the way) I went upstairs, was really tired, so I decided to nap. That was at 6:30. I woke up at 7:30, when I had to leave to get to Janet's. I called her and told her I was really tired so I wasn't going. I thought that I'd be fine later on. So anyway, I went back to sleep. At 8 my dad came in and asked if I was going and I said no. Then I went to sleep again and woke up at 10 to Alli being loud, so I closed my door. I was still in my clothes, so I took my jeans off but was too tired to do anything else. I went back to sleep (and every time I did it was amazingly easy, usually it takes me an hour to fall asleep) and woke up at 5 to see the sunrise. THen I slept again and woke up at 7, giving me a total of 12 1/2 hours of sleep. No one is up now. I can't believe I slept so long. When I woke up at 5 I was shocked to see what time it was. I was expecting to wake up around 2 and then not be tired, but I was waaaaaaaaay wrong. I even had my shades and everything open so the sun got in my eyes. I'm going downstairs now to eat some of my cupcakes and watch The Road To Perdition.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Work was pretty busy today, and I had one guy yell at me because we don't have a special department available that answers pool chemical questions. It's not my fault, but I tried to help him and I was taught everything that everyone else knows, so transferring him to someone else isn't going to help. Arg, and he thought I called him silly when I said that having a separate department was silly when that person would only get a couple phone calls. I work 29 hours next week, which I'm looking forward too since I've hardly had any hours.

I went to the doctor to get the one heart monitor taken off. Now I wait for the other to come in the mail. My license plates finally came! I had a banana pudding blizzard at Dairy Queen. It was a different Dairy Queen than we normally go to, but they were still owned by Indians. They messed up our order. :( When I got home I took a shower and tried to clean all the adhesive off my chest. The lady told me to use nail polish remover, so I rubbed it on and it BURNED SO MUCH. I was doubled over in pain, so I stopped and now I have a sticky chest. Not only that, but Fedex was dropping off the new heart recorder and I was in the shower at the time and my family wasn't home so they didn't deliver it. My mom was mad at me, but it wasn't my fault. When I was in my room I had my window open and no music on and I kept looking out my window and I never saw or heard them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I'm a geek

So I saw this test on Josh's profile. I answered truthfully, geez, am I a geek. I'm 46.54832% - Super Geek. Sure, it's less than 50%, but on the scale there are only 3 above me. I bet my Star Trek watching got me in trouble, and my habit of doing homework when I don't need to. Oh well, I'm proud to be a geek.

it happened again. In The Swim called because they're busy and I can make time and a half, but Neal's coming over when he's off work and I'm going over to Janet's so I'm missing out for the 3rd time. This SUCKS.

the doctor

Dr. Dubrow called today and I told him about my heart thing. He told me to come in and get a holter monitor, an ekg done, and an event monitor. I'm wearing the holter one right now. It records for 24 hours straight then I return it. Tomorrow I'll receive the event monitor, which only records when I push the button. I had the ekg done and it looked fine, because of course now my heart doesn't want to act up. I'm sooooooo hot and I really don't want these monitors. I can't go swimming or anything, which sucks now that it's like 85 or something. I got some Ye's and when I left it was raining but it was perfectly sunny and really humid. I saw Dr Lane going from. He's my dentist. I'm going to Janet's today, but we're probably going to just sit around again, like usual.

I keep forgetting to say that on Monday I saw Melissa's dad on his motorcycle and Chris (Alli's friend) walking home from summer school. I need a nap. Sarah and Kim never called me about DeKalb, as I suspected. Sarah asked who wanted to come, but then yesterday Kim said she, Sarah, and Dustin was going, so I said I had wanted to go and that they should call me but they never did. This is why I always feel ditched.

Neal got a 163 in bowling, his new high. I bowled sucky, getting above 100 only once. That game I got 9s in almost every frame, and got a strike and a spare. One guy had 9 straight frames of strikes but got a spare on the 10th, then another strike. His overall series score was 802 and the highest in the league. Neal and I went to Janet's afterwards, but not much was happening. Kim gave me a ride home which was nice, and I got to talk to her which was good because I don't often get to do that, especially when Sarah's not around for them to be mean.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

i'm soooo tired

So my little heart with its "game" last night lasted till at least 4:30 am. I finally fell asleep sometime after 1, then woke up at 4:30 time it STILL happening, and an hour later when I woke up again it only happened once... but it's really scary, so we made an appointment with my doctor and he's going to call me today or tomorrow. Work was boring but busy since less of us were working. Alice was there, and I got a phone call from a lady saying she didn't get the $10 off she should have, so I pulled up the account and Alice had taken this call. The lady said she gave her source code and that Alice had repeated it back, but on the order it said "unknown" so I don't know what Alice was doing. I couldn't change the code, so I cancelled the order and reordered it all with the correct source code the lady got her $10 off. Since she had just placed the order like 5 minutes ago, it wasn't a problem. After work I renewed my birth control, then got the cotton candy blizzard at Dairy Queen. I got a medium which was a mistake only because there was waaaaaaaaaaay too much sugar in it. It was really good, but after a few bites the sugar was enough. You know how when cotton candy gets wet it gets kind of crunchy? It was like that mixed in with vanilla ice cream. Bowling tonight! Yeah!

Monday, June 16, 2003


So I went to Melissa's today and we had much fun. When Kim came (I haven't seen her in forever!) we were talking and then out of the blue she asked me when I got cleavage (O.O this is the 2nd time I've been asked that!). THen for the rest of the night she called me "Breasty." I'm not THAT big. I keep forgetting a story I need to put in here. I always remember in the car, but then promptly forget.

I'm a little worried about my heart. All day today I've been getting mini episodes, but they really started getting frequent around 10 pm. I'm getting 1 at least every minute, and it feels like my heart is not skipping a beat, but doubling up for a second. It's not long enough to record if I had a heart monitor on, but it's preventing me from falling asleep. I don't know what to do about it. My mom would say to get the surgery again, but I DON'T want that because that was terrifying.

i've updated a lot today

I recently watched Real Women Have Curves, which I downloaded. It is really good, and now one of my favorite movies. I'm running out of room on my hard drive. I have 7 gb left, but i can't figure out where it went because I was at 12 last I checked. I guess i have way too much music and should probably burn some of my full cds or something. Either that or get another hard drive. At least I'm not to 1 gb yet. Then I'll get worried. My computer is really hot right now, but I put a fan in my window to blow some air on it. I went outside to play catch with Laura (we didn't have a bat so we couldn't actually play baseball) and I taught her how to throw a little better (because it was going to my feet). Anyway, I threw one at her and she missed it and it hit her leg. We heard this loud noise, like it hit wood or something. A minute later she got this huge purple bruise. ^_^;; I guess I throw too hard. We went in after that. At least I didn't throw it in her eye, like she did to Alli a few years ago. After we came in we folded clothes, I told my mom she had a migraine and told her some tips to make it better (since we're hosting LBW at 7:30 and people are over) and then when I was putting my clothes away I saw that one of my dresses had some weird sticky stuff on it, so I had to put it in the wash again.

Lauren's mom called to talk to my mom. After the conversation my mom told me that she had asked if Neal and I were in it for the long term and what my mom thought about that. My mom said that we were, and that she liked Neal but his parents were odd. I was surprised that Lauren's mom was asking about us. I know Lauren's a bit nosy (sorry Lauren, but it's true, and it's fine with me because I'm nosy too but I just don't voice my questions! I love you *mwah* ^_^) but I didn't know her mom was.


My cd burner appears to be not working. I keep getting a "medium error" and I don't know what to do about it. I got my ring! I got to talk to Karyn some too, because she was actually working today! :) I bought some shorts in a size bigger than normal because I had resigned myself to having gained weight and now being a 9, rather than a 7.


I have a few mosquito bites from yesterday. One on my elbow and one on the side of my hand. :( My flowers are up to 7!!! Yay! Yesterday Neal and I went miniature golfing and while last year I kicked his butt every time, yesterday he beat me 62-72 and par was 45, heh heh. Today I'm going to pick up my ring, so it better be ready. They said it would be ready last Friday, but they never called about it. THe last times they called and we weren't home they never left a message and then never called again. I'm not impressed about that, because how am I supposed to know when something's ready?

Yesterday my computer booted up, then restarted on its own, 3 times in a row. Something is definitely wrong, so I'm supposed to contact cyber power about that.

Sunday, June 15, 2003


So we went to a forest preserve we've never been before and found that the paths were terrible so we couldn't really walk anywhere. I had to use the port-o-potty (ewwwwwwwww). We then went to Wayne Woods where I haven't been in forever. It was all changed from the last time I was there. It's sooooooooooo hot, I'm gonna die. Ugh. Neal's coming over!!

My parents are planning on going vacation just the 2 of them and leaving us girls alone. :) Fun!

My nation!

i'm fat and wish I had a proper face to show so on here :p

After church (where Pastor's sermon made no sense I concluded he needs to learn how to write an essay) we went out to eat at Edwardo's. The food there was really good and I ate waaaaaaaaay too much starch than I need. It looks like all the weight I lost I've gained back (and it's true!). THen we went to Blockbuster and rented Road to Perdition, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Tuck Everlasting, and Maid in Manhattan. We would have gotten more but my mom decided we could get them when we return these. Then we got ice cream and now we're going to go for a walk so hopefully I'll work off some of my starchy fat. Hopefully Neal will come by when we're done to visit.

I forgot to mention that Burrell bought our old crap computer, the packard bell, for music purposes. We told him that the sound card doesn't work but he didn't care. You can't buy a new one because it's too old.

THe extra memory in my computer is causing it to run 7 degrees hotter, which is bad because that means it'll be REALLY hot when I go back to tech. I'm going to make Neal take it out, and then I'll return it. Hopefully they'll let me.

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday I forgot to tell a work story. There was this one guy who called and placed an order. Afterwards he said he wanted to take $10 off an order he made 2 weeks ago that he already received and payed for on his credit card. See, we have catalogues that have special codes on them, like one for free handling, one for $10 off, etc. We ask for the catalogue code upon ordering. Why would this guy expect us to suddenly take $10 off a past order? He could take $10 off the order he made yesterday and he would have payed the same amount in the end. I think he was being stupid. It's as if someone had called into Ye's and told us they had a coupon for $5 off and they wanted to use it on some food they ordered a few days ago. We would do that, and no place would. Well, this guy said we were bullshit and that he wouldn't order from us anymore so in an attempt to keep a customer I told him he could ask customer care and see if they'd allow it. I bet they didn't.

Yesterday I had 4 flowers in bloom. Today I have 6!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2003

i bet you don't even know we're a democracy

So I got this neomail from some girl:
Subject: i feel srry 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ur shop doesnt have very much stuff in it so i bought everything hopefully ul us ethe money 2 buy somethin useful

It annoyed me because the items in my shop are things I got for free and am just trying to get rid of, and she had the audacity to feel sorry for me because I wasn't rich like her. It made me quite mad, so I replied to her with this:
I would rather you don't feel sorry for me, because the items in my shop are things i want to get rid of and I really have no care for profit. I play neopets for fun, not for capitalistic monopolies that would require me to have 100 items in my shop. Not everyone plays the game like you do, so please don't ask me to buy what you consider as "more useful items." There are plenty of other capitalists out there who can satisfy you.

Looking at her spelling, I doubt she even knows what a capitalist is.

In other news, Dairy Queen now has cotton candy blizzards but this was unbeknownst to be until after I purchased my reeses peanut butter cup blizzard. It looks like tomorrow I'm getting more ice cream. Also, I saw the beginning of Darkness Falls and this looks like one movie that I can't see at night or I'll get nightmares.

living up to my title

So today I woke up at 5:30 and then couldn't sleep. I went to work and all was fine until coming home I found out that I didn't have my mom's cell phone like I thought I did, so I coudln't call home or anything. I come home and find they went to a movie. THen I was hungry so I warmed up some chinese which I proceeded to spill on my sheets and my favorite stuffed bear so now I have stains all over my favorite sheets, Travis is wet, plus I tripped going up the stairs and almost fell all the way down. Then i realized I forgot to take my birth control pill so it was 3 hours late. THen while swallowing I spilled water all over myself.

Friday, June 13, 2003


So before I went to bed I had a stroke of genius. I'll ask Josh if I can return it, since he works at best buy! He didn't say, but he got the program working! He told me to run it for compatibility with windows 98. It says it's made for xp, but running it as if it's 98 seems to work because now it doesn't freeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!


So because my computer restarts on its own, we thought I have a memory problem. We bought new memory but it turns out that the error message I was getting with the old memory I get with the new so I don't really have a memory problem at all. Now I have 1024 ram in my computer and I don't need that much at all, so I've wasted like $80 (40 with rebate). On top of that, we can't get my midi program to work so I need to return that, except that Best Buy won't accept returns on opened computer software so I wasted another $40 on a program that won't work on my computer but will work on everyone elses. This sucks and now I don't have much money.


So Melissa, Lauren, and I went to the thrift store. I found only 1 thing I liked, and unfortuntely it didn't have a price tag so they wouldn't sell it to me. :( It was a really cute jean skirt from the gap. Afterwards we went to Oberweis where I got a really yummy "Apple Cin" which was apple strudel ice cream with whipped cream and caramel. Mmmm, it was a good lunch. :) Then we hung out while Mel filled out an application for the place, then I took Lauren home cuz we both have to go to work eventually.

Neal didn't get Neo. Dang. Lauren wants to go out to eat at Baker's Square next Friday at 8:15. That should be fun. :)

Neal better take this

You are Neo
You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You
display a perfect fusion of heroism and

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

If Neal isn't Neo, then something's messed up. Come on! Neo Anderson, Neal Anderson... The connection's there!

This sounds like me, too.

yay for Alli!

She went to the orthopedic guy today about her broken foot, and she is finally allowed to walk on it a teeeeeeeeeeeny bit. Only around the house, and she must use crutches at the same time. She can only wear Reebok or Nike shoes because of the arch support they have and because they're good supporting shoes all-around, but I'm happy for her! :)

I tired that Nair stuff today, the stuff where you put it on hair then wait several minutes then wipe it off. It actually works, except that now my skin burns. Owww.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

ugh, Neal's parents piss me off. His dad expects Neal to know answers to all his questions about dsl when obviously Neal won't know what his dad wants to know. It's stupid. Not only that, but the use him to do their work for them. Then they don't let him do anything unless they know in advance like a day or something, yet they are hypocrites and don't let him know anything in advance. Neal doesn't even defend himself, either! He doesn't do anything to stand up to them, and they treat him like he's 12 or something and he's 19! He needs a spine, or needs to move out, or something. If he doesn't do something, I will because I'm soooo tempted to call them up and yell at them. I'd do it, too.

party time!

At Laura's party we played 2 games of laser tag. The first time was everyone against everyone and I was in 4th most of the time but then game in 5th. Melissa was 3rd, after being 2nd most of the time. It was out of 10 people, so that was pretty good considering that this was the 2nd time I've ever played. The 2nd game we were in teams, 5-6. I was on the smaller team with my dad, Pam, Sean, and Melissa. Our team lost because the other team had good people and I came in 10 out of 11 and Melissa was 8th. I ate soooooo much today. I played skiball with my tokens and I got 80 tickets. I usually got like 4 tickets, but one game I got over 500,000 so I got the jackpot and that was 35 tickets at the time. Melissa won the jackpot later on but she only got 18 because it hadn't gotten as high. She's really good, because she got several 100,000s. Afterwards we came back to my house. People drive insanely. We played cards and looked at pictures. Tomorrow we plan on going to the thrift store, then I go to work, then Neal is coming over to help fix my computer.

My new baby!!!!!

I woke up this morning at 9 and went downstairs to find Crazy Karen in our living room!!! I haven't seen her in the longest time, and she's like an aunt to me. She and her family used to live across the street and she'd come over all the time. They moved away several years ago and this is the 2nd time she's visited. She's really fun to be with. After she left I took a shower and stuff and then called Melissa to see if she'd want to come to Laura's b-day party since some people couldn't make it. Then I went to the nursery with my dad and Laura (he took a day off) and it was so cool! I'm gonna start designing my dream house and then go there again to write down all the flowers I want in my garden. I saw lots of cool ones, but I fell in love with the African Daisy. Daisies are my favorite. I convinced my dad to get me the Orange Symphony kind, and a pot and stuff. They have orange petals and a purple inside. My dad watered them too much though, because it says moist soil not wet, but he like made it really wet. I hope they survive, and I hope there's enough light in my room for them. It's my baby. When I was at the nursey I sat down unfortunetely in a puddle so then I spent the rest of the time trying to hide my wet butt. Not fun.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

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I forgot to mention that I woke up at 7:30 this morning. Ugh, why can't I sleep?


I just enabled titles, so let's see if this works. Supposedly I can enter somewhere (haven't figured out where yet) an email address where all my latest entries are set, so like I can create a yahoogroup and then have my posts sent there so people know exactly when I update. I made Laura's 2nd birthday cake and it didn't rise much again, so I think it's just the pan.

It's cold, it feels like fall. It feels like a lovely Illinois October, and I swear I can smell smoke. Mmmmmm.

I'm stealing part of Derek's story, but only because it's awesome.
The Lunchbreak
So there i was sitting in my cubicle at 11:55 thinking to myself just 5 min till lunch . So i head over to chris's cube to ask a question...But he wasnt there. I knew something was wrong so i used my xray vision to scan the area, i looked left and saw nothing i looked right and saw ninjas and i looked left and saw nothing until it clicked that i saw ninjas, so i looked right again and they were almost upon me so i took MCGuyver out of my pocket and with my heat vision lit him aflame. Its common knowlege that the only thing more terrifying to ninjas than mcguyver is a flaming mcguyver, whilst i was going karate kid style on the ninjas, i look over to mcguyver and out of my paper clip, rubberfinger, and stack of credit disclosures, he had made a airplane big enough for 2, so we jetted up out of there and started to plan the rescue. NEXT THE RESCUE. Part 1 of 4

Blogger has a new interface for when I update, and it's a little confusing. So anyway, I had some texas toast today and it was gooooooood. Cakewalk told me I have irq conflcits so that's what's causing the midi program not to work. I have to contact the manufacturer about changing the numbers so they don't conflict, though. Nick is helping me fix my computer, because it reboots on me often and today it randomly logged me off my computer. I met him yesterday when i was downloading from him, and he's really cool and has LOTS of computer knowledge. Apparently my disk has errors, which is no surprise, and the rebooting started about when i started getting errors. Hopefully it'll get fixed.

It figures, the midi program works on Neal's computer. The thing I forgot yesterday was that at work a woman was looking at the same person's information as I had just got off the phone with. She was looking at the address, what she ordered, and was going to write something down but then a phone call stopped her. She really had no right to take a look at that stuff, because it was my call and not hers. She must have been watching me while I was on the phone so she could get the zip code and such. I wasn't sure if I should tell a supervisor about it or not. I didn't, because I didn't want to see nosy or bitchy even though it just doesn't seem right. Aunt Linda called this morning and I talked to her for over an hour. Apparently Eric wants us to meet his new "friend" Breanna, which I'm not too happy about because it just cements the fact that he and Karen are divorcing. I don't know if I'm going to handle this well.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

In bowling I got an 83, 122, and 93 I think. My average only went up 1 point. Part of this week's suckiness was that I feel really sick right now, and my stomach is not liking me. I feel incredible thirsty but I'd had a lot to drink today. I woke up at 3:30 this morning then couldn't sleep. Luckily I was up, or I'd have missed work since I had set my alarm for pm and not am. I forget what else I have to say, Neal better remind me.

Today at work Erin told me to call her when I needed an advisor instead of going to her row. Earlier, a couple weeks ago, she told me NOT to call her! She says she's tired of getting in trouble and it's not my fault, but I'm sooo confused when she keeps changing her mind and then she's never around and I'm afraid to call and have her yell at me again. I got gas today and even though the needle was lower than when I got it last week, I filled up with less gas. Go figure. Additionally, apparently I still had lik 7 gallons left yet was at almost an eighth of a tank. I don't get it. I was emailed 3 different solutions to my midi program freezing, and none of the work. This blows. I tried installing it on the computer downstairs but it wouldn't install because it said the installation file was corrupt.

Monday, June 09, 2003

I think I'm having a bad week. At work today I was getting a bunch of hard phone calls, one by this guy who was an engineer and asking all these really hard techincal questions we didn't know. Then not only that, but my computer froze in the middle of a call and then the guy I was talking to got disconnected. I'm also bloated. I weigh the same as yesterday, but am an inch bigger in the waist. I know, because I measured because I'm trying to get my waist smaller so I can actually look good in the bikini I bought. I'm trying to clean out my system today but it must not be working. I got sent home a little early, and I was able to grab a sub form so I'm working 7-12 tomorrow morning which means I have to get up at 5:30 (ick). I have to take Alli to guitar but she doesn't know what time that's at. Oh, and my computer supposedly hacked itself today. Additionally, Alli got a terrible bloody nose, it was everywhere.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

The previous story gets even better. When we got to the theater the lines for Finding Nemo were horrendus so we ended up sitting in a closed mall for 45 minutes until Bruce Almighty started. That was a pretty full theater too. Remind me to never see a movie on a Sunday, even at Charlestown which is always empty. I don't think today was my day. Anyway, Bruce Almighty is the only Jim Carrey movie I like. It was actually better than I thought it would be. I have like 4 blisters on one foot because of my new shoes. :(

Man, Neal has bad timing. Yesterday was bad timing with the whole movie/Janet's dealy. In The Swim just called. They called earlier to say that I didn't have to work because I was scheduled 6-10 and they are only open til 8 today. Then they just called again saying it was busy and I could come in an hour earlier and get paid time and a half. Think of that- 13.50+18 would be nice. The only problem is that Neal had already left to come to my house for the movie so I can't work. Man, this sucks.

I installed the midi program I bought, and it doesn't work. My system fits the requirements but whenever I try to stop a file that's playing, it freezes. THis is what my old program did but since it was like 5 years old I figured it didn't like xp. This program is supposed, so I'm pissed off. I emailed tech support and told them I needed an answer within 30 days because that's how long I have to return it. Man, this sucks.

Yesterday I went to the mall with Laura. I bought some shoes I had seen earlier but didn't buy. This time they were 50% off so I think my $20 was well spent. Then Laura borrowed money and bought a book. We got frozen custard, which I've never had before. Oh, and we had gone to Best Buy and I bought a new midi program. I took a look at the mp3 players since mine is messed up. When we got home I found out Neal called, so I called him back then went to his house. It was only for a couple hours because I had to go to work, and we spent part of the time cooking beef stroganoff with hamburger helper. I went to work, then got home and found out Melissa and Janet had both called. I called Melissa, told her Janet was having a thing at her house (which I knew because Sarah called work and told me to bring a game and I had no idea what she was talking about) and told her I'd pick her up and we'd surprise Janet. Then I called Janet and told her I was coming and she said I could bring Neal. I called Neal's house to tell him, but I found out from his dad that we were going to see a movie. We had talked about it earlier, but I hadn't heard anything so I thought it wasn't happening. Anyway, as I was talking to his dad Neal showed up, so I told him about our change of plans and we went in 2 cars (since it would be pointless for him to drive Mel and I home). I had great fun talking to Mel because I haven't seen her in forever and she's one of my best friends. The whole half hour to Janet's house we kept cracking up, especially when we thought we lost Neal. Janet's house was fun playing Loser, a game I bought, and since John was there he kept the fun going with his jokes after everyone got tired. We tend to fizzle out otherwise. Around 12:30 Janet decided to make cookies but I needed to leave so like practically everyone was leaving when Mel decided that instead of staying later and getting a ride home with John she was going to come home with me. I didn't say bye to Neal, but apparently he was motioning me to come to his car so he could kiss me goodnight but in Janet's pitch black neighborhood I couldn't see.

Today I didn't sing in the choir again because I wanted sleep and I'm tired of Burrell, but I woke up at 7 so I ended up not getting extra sleep. After church people were bringing things for the church garage sale and I got to babysit the cutest little girl. She had just learned to walk and she was sooooooo adorable. She kept wanting to shake everyone's hand. I got home and Neal went online, and we talked and then I asked him if we were going to see a movie today since we didn't yesterday and he said today we would. he changed his mind, which upset me because of pms and because he's always changing his mind, so I went out to eat with my family and the Heide's even though I wasn't hungry and I don't particularly enjoy spending time with the Heide's because the conversation always turns to church and religious matters. Plus they use "that" all the time instead of "because" and it's a pet peeve of mine. After we ate my family wanted to go shop but I just wanted to go home because I went shopping yesterday and because of my pms and headache. I got home, tried calling Neal, found it busy, then tried again around 3. We talked about things and he said he wanted some time to himself, which is why he didn't want to go out today (even though yesterday he said he would) so I was upset, and he felt bad because I had been looking forward to it and he had changed his mind (which he promised he'd try not to do) and then work called and said that I was scheduled for 6-10 but they were only open till 8 so I didn't need to come in for 2 hours. I told Neal, and he said that we could see a movie then tonight so I think we're seeing Finding Nemo at 5. I'm not quite sure, but I'll know what time when Neal shows up. THen my parents came home and I spent like 15 minutes trying to find medicine for my headache and pms.

It's been raining for a long time today. It's kind of cool. My dad got this really neat book about the extinctions of the past. I'm a big fan of natural history, and I know a whole bunch about the permian extinction and all the different epochs and like what order they come in and stuff. I have a encyclopedia of extince animals which I read for pleasure, and I've read some of my natural history childcraft books like at least 6 times through each. I've researched the stuff on the internet just for fun since I'm such a huge dork. That's why I LOVE the field museum because it's all about natural history.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

I saw an animal on the way home from Janet's house. It was in a field and all I saw were the eyes reflected in my headlights. It was kind of cool. So anyway, I went to Janet's house after work and watched the last half of Meet Joe Black. Then we watched tv while she and Jessa made cookies for John. I forgot to mention last Sunday that the little girl sitting a couple seats away from me kept calling me a mermaid, and her mom said, "Not everyone with long hair is a mermaid."

Friday, June 06, 2003

Laura and I went bike riding today but then it started to rain on us so we had to come in. The vet called and they said that we owe $101. Apparently we were supposed to pay that yesterday but the lady at the desk never said anything when we left so I assumed we didn't have anything to pay. My mom didn't tell me I had to pay, and I certainly don't carry around $101 for a copay. I told her to bill us because I am certainly not paying for it. I'll let my parents deal with it since they failed to tell me anything. I feel like I'm a terrible criminal because of this, because I walked out without paying. I feel like I'm a thief. I bet Marie felt like this when she didn't have enough money for her copay, but at least they TOLD her she had a copay.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

So I was going through the caller id trying to find Janet's phone number because I couldn't remember the last 4 digits and I saw that J B Robinsons called Friday and no one told me. I called them back today and they said to replace the stone it'll be $40, which is a lot more than the stone is supposedly worth (ring and necklace, total of 10 stones, for 167 is about $17 each) but at least it'll be fixed.

Ok, I learned a lot at the doctor:
1) My allergy med, zyrtec, can cause depression
2) my auto-immune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and rayneauds can cause depresssion
3) my knuckles are inflamed and larger than they should be
She as really nice, and luckily she was in our health plan so that's excellent since she's 20 minutes away instead of an hour. Unfortunetely I had the hardest time filling out the forms because I had no idea when I had my last shot and all that. I learned more about my problems than from my other joint doctor, which is why she sucked. Anyway, to keep myself from getting worse I'm supposed to get some cardiovascular exercise and keep my weight down (so all you people who thought I was obsessing about gaining weight, look! I have a medical reason to obsess!). She gave me a prescription for some medication for my joints, too.

The sent me home an hour early from work today. I only have to work 18 hours next week. I checked to see if there were any sub forms but there weren't. I asked Amber, who schedules people, what the deal was since I went from 36 hours to 18, and she said that it's really slow, slower than it was last year. At least it's not me, I'm very glad to hear that. Sheryl was joking with me today because I got this one trouble phone call and she said I'm always causing trouble. ^_^ At least I'm liked at work. I have to take Amica to the vet today, and I'm taking my mom's van so my car doesn't get hair everywhere. I think the appointment's at 1:45... it better be. Then I come home, then deposit my paycheck and go to my doctor's appointment.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I got a certificate of merit in the mail today from tech because of my excellence in diff eq. That's the second one I've gotten, and they said that I should consider being a math major. HA! And have to take calc 3? I've avoiding that like the plague. I went on a walk with Amica and my dad, and then we're going to target.

my mom called so i had to go answer it. she wanted me to go looking for her paper she crumpled for by the time i found it i called her back and she said it was too late, she was making the paper again. all that work for nothing, then i come back to my computer and everyone i was talking to went offline so i couldn't say goodbye to them.

i have nailpolish on my keys. i'm hungry.

my archives are working funny... for some reason i have 2 archives for the month of may, and an archive for the month of june and one for the first week.

there's a dead bird outside my window.

Yesterday bowling was fun. My mom dropped her ball which cracked me up. My new average from last week was 95. I bowled a 106, 119, and a 73. I seem to always have a low game. Last week I had the highest scoring handicap game since I had improved so much, heh heh. My mom and dad got the highest scoring adult games, which I thought was surprising. Today I've done absolutely NOTHING. I went to bed at 11, got up at 9:30 after the strangest dream ever. THen I went downstairs and played playstation until 4, which is when I got stuck and decided to take a shower and brush my teeth. My only meal of the day was 2 pieces of cake and some pudding. See, yesterday I baked Laura a birthday cake and made some pudding. The cake didn't rise though, even though I followed the directions exactly. It was a banana cake and really yummy. So now I don't know what I'm going to do today... play more playstation perhaps? It's actually warm out... maybe I should call one of my friends. Oh, and we got 6 calls in a row from the same person. As soon as I hung up they'd call again. Whenever I answered I heard people talking in the background but no one responded to me. I had Alli pick one up and it was the same. We don't know who it was.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I don't have to work tomorrow, and it makes me wonder why they keep cutting my hours. I was going to be working 8 hours, so now I think I'm only working like 20 hours this week. I'm not bad, because all the times I've been monitored I've done well, and it's been pretty busy (or so it feels to me). I wish I knew why, because I feel like I'm a bad worker or something but I don't think I am. Grrr.

Monday, June 02, 2003

I just remembered, I had a nightmare this morning around 5ish. There was a tornado while I was at work and we had to all go to the bathroom and when it was done everything was torn up. I got home and everything was a mess. there were pine trees toppled over, huge ones, bigger than i've ever seen before. I started taking pictures of the damage. but the scariest part was during the tornado, when I was suddenly in a different building with all these glass windows the the tornado was going through the building and I was in the eye of it.

I still haven't gotten a call back about my ring, and it was supposed to be 3 days since Thursday. I didn't have guitar today because Luis got a new student and he tried calling us but our phone wasn't working. We were home, but it never rang, which is odd. So Alli and I sat around for half an hour, then she had her lesson, then I got gas and we went home. Even at $1.52 (it was on the way, otherwise I would have gone to the gas war corner where it's 1.44) it was only $20. I was surprised, so I have a small tank because only about 12 gallons were filled and I was a little below a quarter of a tank. I had been at 1/8, but it somehow raised. I apparently can go a week without needing to fill up.

Work was pretty busy today. I worked 9 hours, and so was supposed to get an hour lunch but they never told me when to take it so around 1:15 I said something. Sheryl told me that she was sorry, and I could take it now but for half an hour because it was busy. That was fine with me, because I don't need an hour lunch. I only took a 15 minute lunch anyway, since I eat quick. I lost .45 to the vending machine so now they owe me that, too. I got one guy who was asking how a solar blanket works and when I told him he said that wasn't true and asked for a supervisor and then the supervisor told him the same thing.

Neal and I probably had the shortest break that ever existed, since it ended Saturday night. He came over Sunday and we talked and then watched a movie. I saw Nicole Neuman at church today, so I asked her about Don. Apparently he's living in New York with his girlfriend and is going to be a mechanic. Her family recently moved from Texas to Rolling Meadows in January. Work was slow, and I'm tired so I don't want to work today. :(