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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Nooooo! I've finished the 2nd book and I still have an hour and a half left at work! I'm going to be sooooo bored. Marie, Kim, Neal, someone... if you read this and I'm still at work, and you're bored, can you bring me the third book?

a nice Sunday drive

Man, I want a nap but I have to work in 15 minutes. Ugh. Marie, Erinn, Neal, and I took a drive up to copper harbor. We did the Brockway Mountain drive again which was cool, then stopped at a beach in copper harbor and played around. I went really close to some rocks and waited for the crashing waves to splash me. They kept splashing Neal but not I. Finally I got a good wave and my legs got wet. Neal is the rock skipping champion. He can skip them REALLY REALLY far, like at least 30 feet before the first skip, and then he got a skip after that that was about 20 feet. He also got one that was like 8 skips. It looked like the rock was surfing the water. I tried skipping and I'm getting better. There was a mountain bike thing going on in copper harbor so we didn't go in any shops or anything. We did stop for ice cream. I tried Marie's thimbleberry sundae and that was good. I got a hot apple pie sunday. It was vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, caramel, cinnamon apples, and pie crust on top. It was sooooooo good and I got to get rid of my pennies, too! ^_^ On the way back home we took cliff drive which wasn't much but we did get to see some really neat cliffs. I'm amazed that trees can grow on that stuff!

It was a good day for avoiding homework.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Hahahahaha, Eric came by again and once again, asked me, "Where do I know you from?" This time he remembered my name, then remembered I'm Erinn's friend (Look Erinn, I'm updating! Maybe you should start bugging Neal to update). At Office Max Neal and I saw our revisions teacher. We were looking for poster board for her class and she's like, "I wonder why you need poster board!" I'm surprised she recognized us. She probably reads body language really well, because she's really good at telling when people lie and she knows communicating with other than words really good or something. She'd kick at bs. There was a lot of cute underwear at Pennies but I'm cheap and didn't buy any. After I got in I saw my mom left another message. I had tried calling her earlier today but no one answered and I never got the machine. I talked to her for probably an hour or so, then ate the pizza we ordered (because dinner sucked). My knee really hurts right now but my pills are in my room and I can't go get them. Sam Goody had soooo much stuff on sale, like 9.99 and 15.99. They're really trying to lower cd prices and I think that's great. Makes me want to buy a cd (I did, but from Walmart cuz it was about a dollar cheaper).

does anyone else think having a guy play me and a girl be my love interest is wrong?

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Friday, August 29, 2003

Erinn's a bum for going to Sam Goody without Neal and I when we're going tomorrow anyway.

I wong an imaginary point in cs. I won an imaginary bonus at work for fixing the computer.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

It's raining, it's pouring, and I don't have to learn today! w00t!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I keep forgetting to say my dream I had last night. It was a nightmare. I touched one of my teeth with my tongue and the tooth fell out! I touched my other teeth and all in all I had 5 teeth fall out! I was soooooooo scared about it I was crying. THen I spit the teeth out and 2 of them had parts of my jaw attached! I started running around scared to death about my teeth.

Stuff happened at wind symphony. My heart started hurting really really bad at one point, but then it got better. My lips were so tired that when I was blowing not only was it coming out my mouth, it was coming out of my nose as well. In one song there's a trumpet-bassoon solo but I didn't know that so when the trumpet was playing I thought i was lost so I didn't play and I was supposed to. Whoops.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Ok, so my dsp teacher told us to go to the ee learning center to find out how to do complex numbers on our calculators because he won't show us. We have a quiz on it next week. THe learning center website says it's open Sun-Thurs 6-8 pm and Mon-Thurs 1-4 pm but I walked over there at 6 and they were locked. I went to the lab and tried to find info online, then at 6:30 tried again and still locked. I walked back to my room and called the office from the phone number on the website and left a message telling them that the learning center wasn't open was it was supposed to be and that if it wasn't going to be open in the next week, to call me so i can figure out where to go for this stupid complex number stuff.

One of Kim's pictures fell when she was putting her books away on a shelf and it was glass and it broke and shattered and one of the larger pieces cut me. What's funny is that it doesn't hurt. It didn't even start bleeding right away. When it did start, it bleed through 2 bandaids but now it's fine. It's on my elbow, on the inside. The bandaids gave me welts, and bandaids never used to do that. I think I've developed an allergy to something that is on sticky stuff that goes on skin.

Monday, August 25, 2003

wind symphony in 20 minutes. i'm freaking out.

In opposition to my sucky morning classes, revisions has an awesome class and teacher. She's really nice and really makes us think. Neal actually TALKS and DISCUSSES!!! I'm shocked, because I sit there. Mike and Andy were in that class too. Engineering stats I have an AWESOME feeling about. The teacher is VERY good. She explains things really well, and clearly too. Plus it's so far everything I already know so it's really easy. I forgot to bring my stats notes up though, so hopefully I won't need them.


So I was walking past Eric, who I've talked to a few times. He said hi, then after I was past him he asked, "Where do I know you from?" I explained to him that he has introduced himself to me twice already, and he always forgets Erinn's name and mine. He just talked to me like 4 days ago, geez. He has a terrible memory. Then I was riding up the elevator with my laundry and the guy in the elevator is in my cs class so we were discussing cs for a bit.

Oh, and I found Laura's bra somehow in my drawer. I don't know HOW that got there at all, because I didn't unpack it. I distinctly remember not unpacking it.

oh my gosh, my classes are so insane. For digital logic I sat with Dan from my lin ag/diff eq class last semester and luckily Tim was totally at the opposite of the room. THen when the class was over, Tim waited for me and was looking for me, the freak but then i basically ignored him and he got hte message because he went to a different stairwell than me. We had our next class together but I sat by Dan, Mike, and Andy for digital signal processing (dsp). This is like the hardest class. We're supposed to be able to do all these complex things on our calculators but NO ONE knows how and he won't tell us and we have a quiz on it next Wednesday. It's like turning 1 +3j into 3.16<36.9, with < meaning angle. THe calculator gives me an angle of 71.6 so I'm off and I don't know why. I'm going to have to go to the learning center. THen Dan and I walked to cs1122 and the lecture had already started and we were there 5 minutes early! That was insane, and apparently the 1090 students are in our class as well on Mondays and he was describing some crazy things for them involved .cshrc files or something. Then he was talking about the homework project already! AHHHHHH!!!!

Way too much band.

Way too much band.: "


What kind of band geek are you?

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Shirtless Steve from across the hall keeps staring at me. He stared at me last night, and he stared at Neal when he left. It's creepy, even though he seemed like such a nice guy.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

oh no

So at training was insanely boring. Then at work Michael came and thought that I had given out Travis' cell number. What happened was yesterday Matt and I were the only ones working. During my 1st shift I got a call from a guy saying he had someone who lost his key or id or something. I checked the lost and found and didn't see it and told the guy on the phone. He asked the kid who he gave it to and he said Travis. I was going to check for the phone number but the guy on the phone said, "I know who that is, never mind." So that was that. When I had come in for my second shift that day, Matt asked me if I had given out Travis' phone number and I told him I hadn't, and told him what happened. Apparently Travis had called the front desk and told Matt not to give out his cell and he was really mad. Because I was the only person working, he thought it was me because Matt hadn't. I didn't, so it must have been the guy on the phone. I don't know who that was though.


So I was awoken at 8:22 with loud music. The ROTC is doing something outside, and they keep playing music so loud it sounds like it's coming from my room. Then they were playing "Amazing Grace" with bagpipes. I had the weirdest dream, about Philip Pullman getting laryngitus and writing 2 books with his wife, Kathleen. They were called The Phryxiant and The ______. I don't remember the name of the second because I hadn't read it yet. They were huge bestsellers, and I was excited about them like I am about weezer. The first was about 5 horrible gods who were killed off in a fight against each other in the middle of the desert on another planet. I know this because earlier in the dream I was reliving the plot. There was Vulcan, Persephone, an H one that I thought was Norse, Vishnu, and another. Anyway, so they died and they like disintegrated except for one of their legs, which just petrified. 5 teens were walking through the same desert millions of years later and one of them touched one of the legs and turned into Vishnu. Then the rest of us touched the other legs and turned into each of the gods. That was basically the part of the book I had read. Anyway, so later in the dream I was on a flight to Denver that Ryan had arranged. Lauren and Mrs Warrenburg were there too. To entertain us they were asking us questions and The Phryxiant came up and I got so excited.

Friday, August 22, 2003

loft is up!

Wahoo! Our loft is finally up! I slept in Neal's room last night and his roommate never returned... He has barely seen him, and they're supposed "loft" going up today hasn't happened. Maybe tomorrow. Apparently last night I was so deeply asleep that Neal was able to get in and out of bed multiple times without disturbing me. I opened today and forgot to turn on the lights because to me, it was fine. I'm stingy on lights. It was a slow time, because the computer monitor is broken so I couldn't do anything I was supposed to. I colored instead. Then I worked again at 3, so I basically hardly helped with the loft. I feel bad, but I TOTALLY don't think like a mechanical engineer and had NO IDEA what they were talking about. Now Kim's unpacking.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Arg, this is stupid. I just posted but then accidentely pushed the wrong button and it said, "click ok to save this post" so I did but it didn't save it so I'm too lazy to write it again. Kim's not here yet. She said 2 or 3. We're gonna have to majorly redesign the loft because the room is different. We'll need more wood. I'm gonna have to move my computer. Sucky.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

It is soooooooooo hot. I'm sweating so much you can see it on my shirt, which is something that doesn't normally occur. Erinn's here! Yay! I helped her move in, then did mail, and now I'm back! It's a good thing it's only Erinn up today, because her room doesn't have any bed posts, just the mattresses. Quite bizarre. She's either going to sleep on her bouch or sleep in my room tonight. I think she's going to sleep in my room, which means that I'll have to kick Neal out. Sorry Neal, i know you miss me because you haven't seen me for a week. You'll have to cope.

There was an actual thunderstorm last night. There are never storms in Houghton. It's raining now, and earlier it was lightning. I have killed 2 spiders already in this room, and this morning I counted 5 spiders outside my window. I really am not comfortable with that. :(


Woah. The first time I put in a couple paragraphs of my novel and it said the writer was male, but then when I put the whole thing I've written in, it said female. This is a good site to use if I want to make sure my male characters sound male when they talk.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Ew, there are TWO big spiders living outside my window. And the creepy Jeff keeps coming around. At least RA Jeff isn't creepy. And Josh across the hall is nice. He came by asking if I had a foreign coin he could use for his scavenger hunt. Indeedy I did, my leftovers from Europe.

weezer, eh

using =w= titles...
1. Are you male or female?: she who is militant
2. Describe yourself: the world has turned and left me here
3. How do some people feel about you?: undone - the sweater song
4. How do you feel about yourself?: why bother?
5. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest? no other one
6. Where would you rather be?: island in the sun
7. Describe what you want to be: butterfly
8. Describe how you live: only in dreams
9. Describe how you love: prodigy lover
10. Share a few words of wisdom: smile

Man, there were sooooo many good choices!! THis was fun!

I ate lunch with all the non-freshman in my hall. Apparently they were in this hall last year so they all knew each other but it wasn't weird the whole time. I made them laugh so it was worthwhile.

the creepy guy stopped by again. he wanted me to go to lunch with him. it's barely 11, too soon. the hall is going to the illusionist tonight, so i'll probably go with them. at least i'll be meeting people from my hall, even if i'll be the only girl.

Man, I just got in trouble for my laziness. Usually after a shower I sit around before I get dressed because I'm so lazy. Today while I was doing so I got a knock on my door and it was 2 guys who said they had a new dresser for me. I thought they were just going to replace the drawer, not get me a new dresser. Anyway, they had to go get it so I got dressed then dumped everything out of my drawers. When they came back they asked me what happened to the drawer and I told them yesterday I came in my room and found it gone. I think there's a mix-up downstairs. Anyway, it was quite awkward to be standing in my bathrobe when I answered the door.

Monday, August 18, 2003

so I went to a game night tonight....

It was hosted by the Intervarsity Christian group, whatever they're called. Laurel was there. She already knows my room number, and I didn't even tell her. She's dropping by later this week. I had no idea this game night was hosted by them. Dang, I can't escape her.

This was hard.

Bill Gates
Circle I Limbo

The Pope
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

DMV Employees
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Parents who bring squalling brats to R-rated movies
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Bill Clinton
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Osama bin Laden
Circle VII Burning Sands

General asshats
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Saddam Hussein
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

Marquette was ok. The shops weren't much, but I saw in the window of Trillium Bridal the exact dress I want to wear when I get married. Sure, it's not a wedding dress but I'm not conventional. Preque Isle (or however it's spelled) was really neat, and if I had my bathing suit with me I would have wanted to sit in the water a bit in the one place my dad showed me that was right at the water. I saw no fish and no sand, it was flat rock, so I was ok with it. I also had a headache for like at least 2 hours. Before Marquette we had gone to the Iron Mining Museum and that was neat. Somehow the guy there knew I was a second year at mtu. When we were leaving he said something about enjoying college, and my mom said that I was a sophomore at mtu and he said, "Yeah, I had heard." I don't know HOW he had heard. That was weird. Then we were discussing my major. Drove back with a headache and behind really slow people, then had dinner with Robyn, Laura, Cindy, Eric, and Laura's friend from Marquette. Then went to my room for a nap but my RA came in and asked about my drawer, which was removed but a new one hasn't come. He said I was't the only one who had a drawer break. He also showed me his RA handbook which said only fish were allowed. :( I met another guy in our hall. His name is also Jeff, like the RA. He was nice but kind of odd and I didn't want to be around him too much but he wanted me to try some cookies his mom made so I went to his room to be nice and I was finally gone after half an hour. I don't know why he's so creepy. He's a 3rd year.

Sunday, August 17, 2003


I feel bad not being at my hall meeting, but it's for freshman and i'm the only one here who hasn't gone. Someone wiped the fake phone numbers off my door. Marie and I are talking about getting a pet for our rooms. Maybe a lizard or turtle, but not one that is store bought. I'm going to ask the front desk what pets are allowed. Heh heh, make them work.

more on the door

Now the door reads as follows:
Hey Sexy!
Call me :)
1-218 393-0674
Me too!

The 393-0674 number I think is fake, or at least it doesn't come up on stalkernet. The 3-7231 comes up as my RA... oh gee, that's weird.

when harry met sally
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Saturday, August 16, 2003

The guy from across the hall just introduced himself to me but I've already completely forgotten his name. ^_^;;; I am SO bad at names. I can recognize him fine, he checked in when I was working. I just don't recall his name. Poo.


Well, Neal had told me that Ryan lived in Calumet. I drove through Hancock and followed Ryan's directions, except that I skipped a step and went to 41 a different way and ended up completely missing the rest of the directions. After 30 minutes I stopped at a gas station in Calumet and asked for directions. THen I filled up and went back to Hancock, where his house is. Finally getting there at 8, I met his family (who are REALLY nice by the way) and had the dinner (which was really good) and met some of his friends (who were REALLY easy to get along with). I felt at home, it was so much fun. :)

Oh, and not only did someone write "Hey sexy" on my door, but someone also wrote "Call me 1-218 :)" on the door, though that's not a real number unless it's 3-1218 or something.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise
THis is the cutest dog EVER. We saw a puppy when we were at canyon falls today. Apparently Shorty has this kind, but his is ugly. I guess one of our neighbors do too, and it's ugly also. Maybe I don't want this dog.

I forgot to say that on Thursday we went to a slough and saw nothing but a deer leg. It still had the skin on the bone, but there was no blood.

I did this with my blogger name

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Well, I did my first job at the front desk checking people in. That part was easy, except that half my box was out of order. There were a couple hard questions, and one girl needed stamps and i had trouble using the cash register. I felt dumb, but it's a complicated register. Dave was one of the first to check in and he did it early in the morning so we weren't so busy. He didn't recognize me at first because my hair was up. He asked if I was still with my boyfriend and I said yes and he's like, "When are you ever going to let me date you?" Friendly joking around, don't get jealous, Neal. I wouldn't date him. He's a druggie. But anyway, I get along well with the people at the desk so it's all good. I talked to Ryan a bit too while his sister checked in. It's going to be crazy tonight. I hope I still have a parking space after I go to Ryan's. Since it'll be late I should. I think it's funny that our hall, which is co-ed, is all male except for the 4 of us (Marie, Erinn, Kim, and I). A lot of them are freshman because I checked some of them in.

Oh, and Wednesday when I drove into Houghton I was so excited that I immediately started smiling when I saw the Rozsa.

i'm back at tech

It's quite early because I can't sleep. I got about 6 1/2 hours of sleep last night. Anyway, let's start by day.

Drove up. My dad saw weird birds, and Laura saw the same birds. We were in different cars, and no one else saw them. THey say they looked like ostriches, but in a golf course? Odd... We saw deer multiple times. We had to stop the second time to let them cross. I was able to drive up the whole way, but around the 6-7 hour mark I started yawning, and a couple hours later my driving wasn't perfectly straight. My mom doesn't like being in the car when I'm driving. At the hotel I slept in my sleeping bag. My shoulders hurt from that.

We moved in. Found out that we might not be able to have lofts. Half the stuff in the room doesn't move. The bouch is really heavy, the desk is bolted to the wall, and there's no way I'm moving my dresser full of clothes at this point. The bathroom is ok. The shower curtain is really really too long. After setting most of the stuff and not having internet, we went to the Bishop Baraga shrine. Then we had dinner at a steak house. Then we went on a 2 1/2 hour boat ride with music that was WAY past my time. It wasn't that exciting at all. Neal called on the boat but my mom didn't tell me my phone was ringing. Since we're in roaming, it doesn't tell you if you have messages. Met my RA (who doesn't seem too nice) then talked to Neal for a long time on my cell since my cordless wasn't charging. Slept badly because it's so hot.

Set up my brita purifier but it took forever because I was doing it wrong and making a mess. Went to breakfast at Suomi Bakery, which had really good Finnish pancakes but nowhere to sit. There was a guy sitting at a table for 8 all by himself but it was HIS spot so our family of 5 had to squeeze in a table for 4. My phone still wasn't charged, so we went to the mall. Radioshack has gone out of business, so we bought the phone from office max. I went to Bath and Body Works to get some air freshener because the bathroom is stuffy. We also bought some of my books. Then we went to Calumet and visited a copper mining museum there. That was really interesting, and I got some cool pictures. I also got a copper candle holder, for thin candles. I have thin candles but nothing to put them in and this candle holder is REALLY awesome. I learned that back in the 1800s and 1900s female teachers weren't allowed to marry and male teachers weren't allowed to get shaved at the barber. We walked around Calumet a bit and I saw a sign that said "We're cheering for Stephanie!" I took a picture of it. We got some salt water taffy and fudge and hard candy. Yummy. Then we drive to Copper Harbor and took the Brockway Mountain Drive which was kind of cool. It takes you to the top of a really really tall hill and you can see everything. It was REALLY windy. Then in Copper Harbor we went in search of Agate beach. We followed a path for a really long time and stopped near the water to skip rocks. Then my parents and I went ahead to see if the beach was farther. We walked for 10 minutes then decided to turn around. On the way back we met a family who told us to watch for the bees nest. THe father had stepped in it and got stung. The nest was right on the path, which sucked. We were lucky none of us stepped in it before. I ran past the bees screaming and one kept following me so I kept screaming. Laura was lucky she didn't get stung because she's allergic. She did hurt her finger though. We're hoping it's not broken. I ran most of the way to the car. It turns out to get to the beach we had to take a different path, but that path was kind of overgrown now. We then drove me back to the dorm so I could get to my meeting. I found loft wood in my room and I was very confused. Called Kim and wasn't confused. Then I went to the meeting and found out lofts ARE ok but decks aren't, and a bunch of other stuff. After the meeting I helped Robyn figure out what cords went to her computer. I invited her to dinner with my family but she declined. I met up with my family (but first had a freshman ask me to take him out to dinner) and we tried to eat at the pizza place but it was crowded so we went to the Hunan Garden across the street. That was practically empty. There were only 2 servers, so it took forever for us to get stuff. They forgot Laura and Daddy's drinks and had Daddy's soup wrong. The food itself was really good though. I had vegetable lo-mein and it was MUCH better than Ye's lo-meins. Ye's still has the best fried rice though. I think the food got me a little sick though, most likely the egg drop soup, because during the meal I started feeling sick and now my stomach hates me, which is part of why I couldn't sleep last night. Anyway, I got back and Robyn called me and told me she had the new worm and needed me to take it off. I didn't have my internet set up yet, so we went to the EERC and downloaded all the good stuff and then went back to her room in the rain and fixed it. She bought a shower curtain but it is too big for the showers so she cut it in half and I am using the other half. I fixed my internet (I had something set up that was preventing me from going anywhere) and then talked to Neal and by the time I got to bed, it was 12:30. Not to mention the fact that when I tried opening my dresser drawer the whole piece of wood came off.

I work at the front desk 10-12. After that I'm meeting my family and we're going out to eat for lunch before they go to Ishpeming. I work again at 4:30 then end at 7, after which I'm going to Ryan's for spaghetti.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003


(*GASP*) ACTUAL JOURNAL: Congratulations! Your LJ
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So I'm going back to tech today. My family is staying till Monday I think, and then my friends start coming up on Wednesday. I'm going to be lonely. :(

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Today is the bowling championship. We're in first place right now, so we better not mess it up! The avon lady is coming to tell me about selling and stuff. I get 40% comission, so this will be fun. I need to pack today, since I'm leaving tomorow. I need to wash clothes, then wear clothes that I am not taking with. Otherwise I'd be taking dirty clothes up. We need to go to verizon and cancel our phone service as well. AND we need to send in the tuition bill. Only 4 more days.

Monday, August 11, 2003


I had the most horrible dream last night. There was a new kind of lettuce/wind element thing that would only eat something if it smelled. Me and a couple other people put it in a box of salad and put dressing on it so it'd smell. It began eating like crazy, but the lettuce was too big so I used my knife to cut it. Then the monster was almost done eating. Someone had put Amica in the box and I started cutting her legs with the knife. She looked like a teddy bear, with her hair wet and matted against her and her body shape was like a teddy. When I saw blood coming out of the circles around her leg where I was going to take off skin, I felt HORRIBLE. I woke up and I was unable to sleep for at least an horrible because of the horrible dream. It was so scary and I felt so bad that I had done something so horrible and terrible. It was like a nightmare.

Then later I had another dream where I almost died in a plane crash but I was saved by a vampire. He saved the whole plane, really. The weird thing was that we were the only ones left in the world and so had to survive on our own in a mall that had only 1 jewelry place and all my rings were broken. No one was able to fix them, too, which upset me.

Sunday, August 10, 2003


In addition to yesterday's post, listen to E.L.O.'s rendition of Concerto in A Minor. It's awesome. We got new cell phones today because we were paying $80 a month for 2 phones for only local and 200 min. Now we pay $120 or something for 4 phones and nationwide and more than double the minutes. I went to visit my grandma. Her retirement home is sooooooo nice. It's WAY catholic though, with mass every day and such.

New cell: 630-835-6124

Saturday, August 09, 2003

grieg's my hero

You know, Grieg's the kind of composer who's really good at moods. He has some really awesome piano pieces that are hard to play, but are still absolutely amazing. He LOVES octaves. He plays around with loud and soft and REALLY loud and REALLY soft. He's a master. If you ever listen to a song by Grieg, skip In The Hall of the Mountain King. It's too famous. Go for Piano Concerto in A Minor. I played an abridged version for my recital a few years ago. My abridged version was about 7 pages long. The real thing is over 20. I have the whole copy, but have yet tried to learn it all. This song plays with loud and soft wonderfully, and sweet and serious music. It's the best concerto I've ever heard. You're probably wondering why I've suddenly become so weird and commentative (is that a word?). Well, I have lots to say but the problem is how to say it. I can't without hurting some people, so I'm doing it by describing music that is my mood right now. The problem is that I have nothing to rely on except my music. My music is always going to be there. I can't even rely on a single person I know. I feel lost and absolutely terrified at the same time. Try Aase's Death. Another great Grieg. Woah, deja vu. This is familiar, but it shouldn't be. You know, lately I've been getting a lot of nightmares about drowning. I've had 3 in the past week. I also had one about ghosts and dying. It really sucks that there's nowhere to go around here when I can be alone.

Ancestry - Global Search Results

So I was playing around with because my mom said that the doctors or whoever think that the reason we have so many diseases on my mom's side of the family is because when her mom (mr grandma) married, it was probably a second intermarriage. This basically means that those 2 family lines had already intermarriaged once and were doing it a second time, even though it was probably long down the line. This makes me wonder about Neal, cuz the same thing could happen since Anderson is a Scandinavian last name and half my family is Scandinavian, plus Neal doesn't even know his ancestry. Dangerous, dangerous. I'm supposed to be getting GOOD blood, not possibly bad blood. However, I can't find any info without know the names of Neal's grandparents cuz most of the stuff requires fees and that's like $80 a year and expensive.

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Friday, August 08, 2003

spring cleaning

I needed a change of pace on my blog, so I changed the layout. I've also been going through my music, trying to figure out what songs I don't listen to and don't really like enough to keep. I've managed to free up about 3 gb, so now I'm at a little over 4 gb free. It's the perfect weather outside. It's partly cloudy, with a nice breeze, and in the lower 70s. It also rained a bit. I don't know what it is about this weather, but it also makes me mellow and want to listen to Weezer, Jars of Clay, and Natalie Imbruglia. The weather also makes me happy and I feel sexy, which is odd, since I'm wearing pants and more clothing than I would normally in the summer. Maybe it's because my fat is hidden. Whatever the reason is, I wish I could live in a place where the weather was like this all the time, preferrably in a cottage. The weather makes me inclined to write too, and this weather just feeds my creativity.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

I must be either attractive or a skank...

I was walking into the grocery store today to get my prescriptions and there were 3 guys walking out. They kept whispering about me and looking at me and as we passed one of them turned around and said, "Hey!" in a tone that said "you look cute" or something, not like a bad hey or anything. It was the equivalent of those guys that whistled at Melissa. Anyway, it made me get some confidence because I thought only Neal thought I was attractive.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Hazy Shade of Winter

Yesterday I bowled pretty well, well enough that we're still in first! The team we bowled against didn't show up at all, so it went quick. I bowl an 81, 120, and 111. 2 games over average! w00t! Mom, Alli, and Laura should be home at 3:30 but Alli doesn't want to work today so I gotta work. :p Gas is expensive too, and I need some but I refuse to pay over 1.60 so I have to conserve until it goes down. They went canoeing for 4 hours without sunscreen, the dumdums, and I mean that in the friendliest sense. ^_^ After bowling Neal and I went to Melissa's which was fun. Lots of fun quotes. Yeah, so I didn't type this in order at all, oh well. To explain the quotes:

Kim was telling John she knew a girl from Bangladesh who was easy and he could use as a call girl.

We were talking about going to a gentleman's club and we were discussing who'd be able to get in. We decided Sarah and Kim look old enough, and Melissa might except she'd be too nervous and that'd give her away, and I would if I dressed as a ho.

Then we were later saying Jessa hated Melissa and leaving notes everywhere that said, "Melissa, I hate you." We joked about her inserting one in some cheese, thus being called hate cheese.

"I know a little Bangal." ~Kim

"And I can dress up as a ho for fun!" ~Me

"It'll be hate cheese." ~Mel

Monday, August 04, 2003


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I don't think this sounds good :(
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Man, this doesn't seem right at all. I had so many different answers on this quiz. I also got virgo and libra. Poor Neal, no scorpio!

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You know, I never did list everyone who went camping. Here it goes: Me, Neal, Bee, Renee, Shorty, Mindy, Ariel, Ben, Fred, Megan, Rob, Nikki, Rob, Jessica, Brandon, Paul, Jesse, Adrian. Geez, lots of people, but it was fun.

you know what's funny? I always joke about being a moth in a past life.


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Man, in a round robin with Mel and Lauren I turned into a giant month. Last year after graduation I kicked butt at Neon Nightmare, where you're a moth. And I am sensitive to noise too.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

camping trip recap

Ok, so we all get to Bee's house around 8, but we don't leave till about 9 or 10. We stopped at McDonalds to eat (yuck) then were on our way. Everyone was driving like 70, 75 when the speed limit was 55 mph but I don't do that so I was way behind and they had to stop to wait for me, then told me that I won't get a ticket because there'll be a huge group of us going the same speed. Plus it didn't help that I was accelerating way slow because my whole suv was stuffed with everyone else's stuff. So anyway, I try to go faster and can kind of keep up. We stopped at one toll and it was packed horribly, and everyone got separated. It ended up being Neal and I in one car and then Jesse, Paul, and Adrian in another without anyone else from our group in sight. We called Shorty after awhile and he told us to all stop at a rest area. Even though everyone was gong 80 and I was going 75 (65 mph limit) we were only 5 minutes behind everyone else. So we start up again and make it there fine.

Putting the tent up took forever because Neal didn't know how and I had only done it once. I was getting quite frustrated. Then we all went swimming (well, I didn't cuz I hate swimming and Mindy didn't because she's sick and Brandon didn't but I don't know why). The rest of the group played football in the water and it was quite amusing, except that people kept getting hurt really bad and Shorty lost his car keys (and it wasn't even his car he was driving, and also his license is suspended and he has no insurance) so while he went looking with a lot of people, some of us (who left before we knew this) went to find showers. Found them but I didn't have anything with, so I waited for Brandon, Neal, and Jessica. When we got back to the campsite (which had nasty bathrooms, no sinks, and the only faucet said not to use for washing) Neal and I went back to take real showers while the rest got a fire going. We came back and had dinner (marinated chicken and hotdogs and stuff all cooked by Fred) then hung out late at night then went to sleep. Shorty still didn't find his keys.

I had the hardest time sleeping because my pad was NOT soft on my side so I did something to my muscle so now whenever I walk my hip hurts. Plus the bugs were sooo loud and I was alternate cold and hot. I woke up early and Neal couldn't sleep further so we drove to the showers so we could brush our teeth and use some real toilets. Drove back and had breakfast (cooked by Fred again, except for the bacon which was cooked by Nikki's Rob and was excellent). THen we played softball, except that Nikki and I were wearing pants and aren't sports people so we watched. Megan's Rob got pissy because he wanted alone time with Megan, so he packed up and was going to leave but Megan convinced him otherwise. After softball we split up to do whatever. Mindy, Neal, Adrian, Jesse, Paul, Ben, Fred, and I all went hiking. We explored the "Lost Shelter" which was really a picnic area then we went on the hiking trail and saw some deer. The deer at the park weren't scared of humans at all. Neal and I saw 11 one time, and they would be like a foot away from you and not be scared. It started raining near the end of the hike a little. We went to the cemetary to check out the old graves (from around the civil war) then went back to the campsite to have lunch while the others were horseback riding.

It was still raining some, and soon it started pouring so we hid out in our tents for a few hours playing bs or just napping. When it was so bad that the lightning and thunder were simultaneous, most of the group decided to play football in the rain in the middle of the field. I was upset that Neal wanted to, because it was extremely dangerous and I REALLY didn't want him to incase he got hurt and struck by lightning. He decided to stay back so I wouldn't cry. The Robs, Megan, Nikki, Brandon, and Jessica didn't play because they had common sense as well. Sarah's tent that we borrowed was leaking a bit which sucked. Dinner was a bust. I wanted to take a shower while the rain died down but Neal wanted to wait until after he fished, so around dinner he went with people to get ice and bait. I watched the most awesomest sunset because the water was purple and there was lightning and it was sooooooo beautiful. I also had good bonding time with both Robs, Megan, and Nikki. Shorty came back sometime during the evening with an extra key to his car, since he couldn't find his. He had driving all the way home and all the way back in Bee's car to get a key (took 8 hours). A ranger came by and gave Shorty his key, saying that they found it on the beach. Anyway, Neal went fishing with Megan's Rob for a bit then when it got dark he came back and we took showers. I was all mad at him because it was raining harder and all dark out and I didn't want to drive in this. I ended up having to wait in line for a shower too, since there were 4 people ahead of me, and hten I forgot my comb so I had to wait till we got to the tent.

I was very upset and pissy so I cried for a long time and Neal tried to make me feel better and convince me that I wasn't a jerk even though I am difficult at times. Finally we went to bed and skipped out on s'mores and stuff. We woke up at 6:30 to Jessica yelling at us to wake up so we could rent a boat at 7. I wasn't sure I wanted to go, but the thunderstorm (which had gone on all night ever since it started at 1:30) was gone and I was up so I went. At first we were going to rent fishing boats but we rented a pontoon boat at once. It was only supposed to hold 14 people but we had 15 since Jesse, Adrian, and Paul had to go home, so Bee drove to a different part of the lake and we picked him up. It took us forever to find him, and he said that while he was waiting for us he read that we could have fit 2 more people for only $5 more and we wouldn't have to be doing this. Then we went fishing and swimming. On the way back people were moving to one side to clean things up and the front of the boat dipped into the water and a whole bunch of shoes washed overboard. Both Robs jumped into the water to save them while we tried to right the boat. THen we continued on and it occured a second time. Megan's Rob was wearing his only dry shorts so he took them off and dove NUDE into the water to save the shoes. It was quite disturbing yet funny at the same time. We finally made it back to shore fine but while we were getting off one of the fishing hooks got stuck on my finger. It hurt SO BAD and it still hurts. It didn't bleed right away. So anyway, I went to get my car so we could put the fishing stuff in it. I got to the dock and was trying to turn around so they could load it easier when a van went completely around me and blocked the area I was backing up into! It was completely rude and so when he had to go back up to the road I didn't move my car so he had to keep going forward and back until he could squeeze by. It served him right for totally cutting me off and being a jerk.

We drove back to camp and started putting everything away. Soon everyone left except for Fred, Ben, Bee, Shorty, Mindy, Renee, Brandon, Jessica, Neal and I. We cooked EVERYTHING we had and had a feast since we were trying to get rid of the food. We were supposed to leave at 3 but we left at 5:30 instead because the feast took so long. Going home was good; I actually kept up. It rained several times though. I've never sped so much in my life! We drove to Bee's to drop stuff off, then I dropped Neal off, then came home, took a shower, and now I'm going to bed. Finally all the grime under my fingernails will be gone! Everyone was really really nice and friendly, and I'm glad we had such a good group go. It was way fun, despite the fact that the tent leaked and I was crabby half the time.