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Saturday, November 30, 2002

The party at Bee's house was ok. I got to finally meet some of Neal's friends. I like the ones I met and talked to. Shorty hugged me a couple times, which was weird. He was drunk later on. There was this one girl who was totally wasted and everyone wanted to get rid of her because she was really annoying. Neal only had 1 drink because he had to drive later. Before we knew this, he told me that I had to make sure he wouldn't drink too much. I had a cup of fruit punch that had a teeny bit of alcohol in it, and that was it. I went to the bathroom at least 4 times after that, so I'm pretty positive that little bit is out of my system.

Friday, November 29, 2002

My Thanksgiving was fun. However, Amica was crazy and aggressive all day. She bit me while Neal was over and talking to Aunt Holly so he didn't come to see what happened. Amica's ears were down so I thought it was safe. I was petting but this time kneeling so it was harder to get away and when she turned on me she scratched my hand and even bruised it. I screamed really loud and started crying again. I'm afraid of her. Since I'm allergic to dogs, it swelled and I developed welts. I'm glad she didn't break skin. Then my dad tried to calm her and she bit him, and now he has this dark line from her tooth. It looks like a giant blood blister and is nasty. Later Neal thought she was ok but I didn't and he went to pet her and she turned on him, too. It scared the crap out of me. Luckily he's ok. Dinner went fine and all that. We played Balderdash of course because Uncle Bruce and Uncle Carl were here. One of my favorites was Uncle Carl's definition for who William Haast was. We pronounced it as Haste.

William Haast: Drunk one night he fell into a trashcan and coined the phrase, "Haste makes waste."

I was cracking up at that one. I cracked up a lot during the game, and with the word Bufagin I immediately thought of an alternative way to pronounce it than Karyn was doing. My favorite word was molebut. I was laughing very hard at that one, and then Uncle Carl was next to me so he was laughing hard which made me laugh even harder. Amica is still aggressive. My mom and I want to get rid of her, but I think we're taking her to the vet today. My theory is that she has a brain tumor that is changing her personality. Aunt Holly says with confidence that she's just nervous around people, but she was like this before there were a lot of strange people over.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

I saw Erin Guimon at the movie theater! It was so weird! We talked for awhile, which was cool since I haven't seen her in like 5 years. She was telling me how she was just talking to her mom about me that day. It's odd how that works out. I had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I forgot to complain. The puzzle, supposedly 500 pieces, is really 513. Why do that? It doesn't make sense. Why would you lie about the number of pieces? So people think it's not as hard? Apparently Aunt Holly, Uncle Carl, and Erik are staying overnight. I had not been told, so that means when I come in from the movie I'm going to have to be quiet. Amica bit me again, supposedly to get my attention but I don't know. She has been REALLY aggressive, crazy aggressive. It's scary. I'm waiting for Melissa to get home so we can go to Harry Potter. Apparently her plane arrived at 7:30 and she wouldn't physically be home till 8:30, 8:45 or something. Sucky!!

Ugh, I've been so bored. I took a shower around 3. Then later I had to drop something off for my mom and on the way back I spotted 2 deer 10 feet from the road on County Farm. There's never deer there, and not that close, either. I thought that was so cool. Melissa gets back at 7:30 or so. Her and I are going to see Harry Potter today, along with Neal and Jessa. Craig can't come unless it's after 10 because he's working.

Jessa and I went to Elgin to visit, right? Well we saw Katie Grens there which was neat. Anyway, we were told to leave because they don't allow visitors. They said they haven't allowed visitors in years. This confused us because last year people visited all the time. So I basically woke up early and drove for like 45 minutes for nothing. That sucks. I'm mad too, because I wanted a popsicle from Mr. Towry. I don't understand how they had visitors last year, or how adults are allowed to visit. We're legally adults. They're discriminating against us! You need a visitors pass but they wouldn't give them to us. It's bogus.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

I had a point in updating this... but now I don't remember. Dang. I got Chinese today, yummy yummy yummy. Oh yeah! Apparently college made Craig talkative because my mom had someone she works with (who knows Craig) to deliver the giant crossword puzzle to him, and he spent a lot of time talking to her about how I weirded everyone out because I switched colleges and started dating Neal. I have no idea what possessed him to talk about me for such a long period. Who else have I weirded out?

Neal came over, and I had a lot of fun. That's all I'm saying about that one. I got my haircut today and I think it looks really cute. Uh, that's about it. Amica bit Neal. Yeah, nothing much else to say. The house across the street neer took down their Halloween decorations. They are even still lit up. Usually they hire Mexicans to do it, so I don't know why they didn't this year. It's odd.

Song of the day ~ Logical by Supertramp

Why do people say convo when it's conversation? Shouldn't it be conver or something? We don't say convosation. And what about no. for number? There's no o in number.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Ouchies!!! I rammed my knee into the corner of the wall so hard the white paint (that has been there for 17 years) rubbed off on my pants and now won't come off!!! My knee really hurts to bed and it has this big red scratch and bump and it hurts sooooooo much! It sucks! Jessa came over to keep me company and we played Skip-bo and attempted a puzzle that's really really hard. We got farther than I did the last time I tried it, which is good.

Amica just bit me!!! I was petting her and she wasn't doing anything and then she turned her head and bit me and growled! I screamed and ran away, gasping and crying. Now I have tears on the keyboard. I was getting lightheaded from the gasping because I was so afraid. She left only two small marks because I got away quickly enough, but it scare the shit out of me. Now I'm not entering that room again until she's in her cage. So much for thinking I was over my fear of dogs. That just proved I wasn't, because I was hyperventilating again just like when I thought this huge black lab was going to bite me when it was jumping on me. I'm not going to trust her for a long long long time now, and I'm going to be wary of all dogs from now on until I can get rid of my fear AGAIN. I'm not going to be comfortable around dogs for awhile either. My arm hurts. I'm glad she only scraped the skin and didn't break it.

Man, Neal has a dentist appointment today so he couldn't come. It would be the perfect day, too! Nobody will be home till 4, and then not home again till like 6 or 7 or even later!!! I'm so mad I didn't know that!! :( I've been sitting around all day because I have no car and thus can't go anywhere. It sucks.

It's 12:32 home time. Yesterday I had to lead the kyrie with my mom but she wasn't really singing so it was basically me leading. That was scary. Then Neal never called me by the time I felt he should, so I called him. I went out to eat to celebrate he and his dad's birthdays then went back to their house and hung. I wish I could have stayed longer. Then we went to see if Shorty was home but he wasn't. I've never met him. His mom hugged me twice though. That was odd. After I got home I went to Kim's. I was supposed to meet her, Dustin, and Jessa at the KFC/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell but it was closed and I didn't see them so I left. Apparently they were there but I called Kim's cell and she came home. Dustin had to leave so the remainder of us hung out till about midnight when I was getting REALLY tired. I'm too lazy to think of a song of the day, sorry.

Saturday, November 23, 2002

It's been my first full day home. Sure, it's only 6:40 PM but I'm really bored. I woke up at 7:30 but didn't get up till 9:30. Then I cleaned my room of my boxes and got rid of half my clothes till 12:30. Then I showered and took Alli and Laura to the mall. I bought new bras (yes... I grew, believe it or not). I succeeded in not going into Victoria's Secret (sorry Neal). Then I had Arby's again. Mmmmmm. Then I went to visit Karyn and get my charm bracelet fixed. On Thursday I need to have my pictures developed so I can give her the one of Neal and I to put in the locket on my bracelet. I know what I'm getting for Christmas from her and Eric. Laura and Alli are getting the same thing. I got home around 5 and cleaned a little more and then played Harvest Moon on the ps2. Amica, who apparently has been biting for the past month, has been really calm. She hasn't bit anyone, and she keeps sitting next to me on the couch and smelling my hair. I think she was biting because she missed me. When I came home today she did indeed pee, and unfortunetely I stepped in it because I didn't see it.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Woo! It's 11:03 central time back at home. I'm finally home! No one's online, though. My room is a complete mess of boxes because we got new carpet. Amica didn't bark or growl or bite me. She immediately jumped on me. She didn't even pee! I missed her a lot. It's weird being on this computer. The suppose quiet keyboard is really noisy. I got to see Erinn's room and that was really neat. I got to see Neal's cat, too. I am SO busy for the rest of the week. I have to do my engineering project sometime because no one has done it and it's due the Tuesday after we get back. I haven't had a song of the day yet, but I really haven't had time. I'm so excited to be home! Unfortunetely I have to unpack all my boxes in order to find clean pjs.

Song of the day ~ uh, I think the name is Godsend by DC Talk

Thursday, November 21, 2002

What a day-- at about 5:30 or so the power went out. My computer was making a crackling noise and some banging. Since this had woken me up, I wasn't sure what it was at first. Then I realized it was my computer and I figured that didn't sound right and thought I should ask Neal about it. My first thoughts were that it was my subwoofer or that our sockets had overloaded. When the power was completely off I waited till 6 for it to come back on. I know it was 6 because I went and got my watch and shined my flashlight on it. I went back to bed but I couldn't let myself sleep because I knew then I'd not wake up till 8 or 9 and I had an 8 AM class. I'm a light sleeper anyway, so any loud noise will wake me up and I can never sleep after that. I didn't think my alarm would go off with the pwer off anyway.

I waited till 6:45 to get up. I kept looking out the window every 15 minutes to see if there was power anywhere else. Only the Rosza center and Walker had any. I went to the bathroom and heard voices, so 15 minutes later I went again and went into the one with voices. At 7 my alarm went off. It wasn't the music I had set it to, but the beeping so I could have slept. This made me mad. I didn't know that alarm would still go off because the power always comes on before I need the alarm. Someone was taking a shower which was lit only by flashlights. I talked to Lizzie for a bit and she was going to go to her 8 AM class anyway. I went to my room to get my shower stuff. There were at least 10 of us up with 8 AM classes. I took the coldest shower because with the power off there's no heat for the water or rooms. I also took the shortest shower ever. I took more time getting ready to shower than I did in the shower. It was so cold I was gasping. I took about 2 minutes because I only washed my hair. I continued getting ready.

At around 7:40 a guy came by (there were a group of us in the hall) and told us classes were cancelled till 10. After that they'd decide what was to happen. This made me mad because I had only 4 hours of sleep for nothing (I fell asleep around 1:30). I gave up sleep for nothing. Well, I went back to my room, woke Erinn up, and ranted. Then I did my calc homework. She's lucky she had no classes today. Oh, and just before I went back to my room I talked to Tim. He had a 10 AM class but he ate early anyway. He's nuts. Anyway, today is my hell day. It was also going to be my last physics lab (8-10) but now I bet it's going to be rescheduled so I have one less Thursday to sleep in. I would have done so today if that hadn't meant I'd have to do a makeup lab by myself. So I ate animal crackers for breakfast and listened to my baby. Oh, and not only is it my hell today but it's also Neal and I's 4 month anniversary. Never try to put on eye makeup in the dark with only 2 hands, a flashlight in one of them. It doesn't work. Thus I didn't finish my eyes, but oh well.

Around 9 or so I played Skip-bo with Erinn, Stephanie, and Margo. That was a lot of fun. I also yoinked bagels from the cafe since it was free, and 2 cups of OJ and 2 bowls of OJ. The bowls were because it held more free drink. Since then I have peed at least 17 times. The day went on boring, as the people tried to figure out why the power was out. They told us at 7 we'd have to be in the cafeteria to sleep because the fire alarms weren't on and thus a safety hazard. More than half of the hall (which is the largest one too, about 2000 if my estimation is correct <5 floors, about 100 doors each, 2 sides, doubles...>) left to go home. Unfortunetely Neal, Erinn, and I couldn't because my parents had Alli's orchestra concert tonight and thus couldn't leave earlier. Classes were cancelled for all day today and all day tomorrow so I don't even have to skip like I was planning.

I did have an odd incident of walking on 5th with Erinn and 2 black guys saw us and were like, "Man, give us a piece of that ass!" and stuff like that. I told the main guy that I was already taken and he said, "We can work that out! Come on!" I thought that was funny. I spent the day visiting people like Dave and Andy and Neal. Marie left early (the bum!). I also played Uno with Neal and Erinn and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (I suck!) with Ken and Erinn.

So the whole story about why the power was out for over 12 hours (came on at 7):
Apparently the college doesn't have backup generators. Being a tech college, that makes no sense. Also, there is 1 main power line with lots of branches off of it. About 3 years ago I guess the main power thing broke so then they've been running on the backup since then and the main hasn't been fixed. The lines are over 50 years old, too. We have like the best technology here supposedly yet our electricty is all out of date. Crazy. Apparently this is the first time in 15 years that classes have been cancelled.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Wow, there was a crazy bus/semi/house accident on Liberty. Neal says that's RIGHT by his house, like a couple blocks away. At the daily herald there's an article about it. Jess says it was on cnn which is cool.

Hmmm, it's strange. Today in chem Tim and Dave were fighting over my attention. TIm was talking to me and got interrupted by some girls, so Dave started in and then Tim interrupted Dave which upset Dave. I must admit, Dave was more interesting and was rightfully mad. Tim didn't seem to care that he interrupted at all. I've never had that happen before... it was odd.

Hee hee, when my head is upside down even a little I laugh differently. I laugh deeply and like a clown. Neal was tickling me for like 10 minutes and I kept laughing because I sounded like a clown. Then I did the Dr. Evil laugh and then started up again because I kept thinking about it. I was laughing when he wasn't even touching me! I had a lot of fun last night, and now I also have a good picture of us together. ^_^ He had borrowed someone's digital camera, so we used it to take a picture of us, making sure he wasn't closing his eyes like last time.

Song of the day ~ Woohoo by Blur

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Hmmm... it's 8:45 and Neal's not here. He always comes to my room on Tuesdays at 8 so we can watch 8 Simple Rules together. He never showed up this time... He's not in his room and no one has seen him. It's highly suspicious... but I'm ok with it. Yeah, I'm having crazy thoughts like he's in Molly's room or something, but I'm ok with it. Maybe he went with Nick to get a new burner. I have no idea.

Woo! My second time through the chem exam I got a 96%! There were questions from chapter 17 though. Last time there was a question from chapter 23. We were told it was on chapters 4,8,9,10,11,18. We haven't covered 17 or 23. I hate that. Mathematica really sucks today. The lab instructor was yelling at my partner because he was too stubborn. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is frustrated by him.

Song of the day ~ Time's Scars from Chrono Cross

Monday, November 18, 2002

Neal's psychic... I was telling him about how Karyn and Eric may not have Thanksgiving at their house because of her dad... this is how the conversation went.
"So he might not be there because of--" ~Me
"The hospital?" ~Neal
"Yeah, how'd you know?!?! That's so weird!"
"Lucky guess."
"Well then guess why."
"Well, I suppose that might be what caused it. I don't know. Guess what organ."
"No, I can't. It was a lucky guess."
This went on for a while...
"Fine. The liver."
"Lucky guess."
"But out of ALL the organs you chose that one!"
"Seriously, it was a lucky guess!"
"Did you hear my conversation?" (I knew he hadn't).
"Well guess what's being done then."
After some begging...
"He's having part of it removed?"
"Well, yeah. He's having a transplant. I can't believe you knew all that!!! It's insane how you read my mind!"
Seriously, Neal has some real connection to my brain or something to know all that. That's not the first time it's happened, either. On another note, Erinn and I saw some guy in the laundry room with a shopping cart as his laundry basket. It was funny. We also finished watching Psychic Academy, a very strange anime serious with lots of groping and a guy with a metal plate protecting his family jewels. Very odd indeed.

Ugh... suck an elf. We got a 20% on our mousetrap car. It worked fine on carpet but once you get wood it spins out. We were allowed 3 tries, and the farthest it went was 9" with only 1 roll of pennies. That's not cool. It even broke, so we had to fix that too. Then I got my exam grade back and I got a 68%. I did fine on the drawing, but I bombed on the multiple choice. I knew it was bad, but I didn't realize it was that bad. I still thought that I had gotten most of the questions right. I'm hoping there was a mistake in my grading, I really really do. This was mostly stats, and I know my stats. I did well in stats. This makes my day suck.

I'm such a dork. I'm finishing Neal's clothes because he put it too much soap or the washer he picked was broken and so they weren't rinsed and done before his class. It's very embarassaing to be putting mens underwear into a dryer when there are like 10 people in there and I'm obviously not male.

My thumb isn't hurting as much, so I think I might have just bruised the bone. I finally got my philosophy paper back and I got an A! Even though I didn't know how to prove my beliefs, I must have done it! I personally think it's one of my better essays. I met a new guy today, Tim. I've sat in front of him in chem every day but we've never actually talked. We have for like 5 minutes or so because he knows Derek, but today Derek wasn't there so we chatted for like 10 minutes which was cool. He's a computer engineer like me. He said he can sniff them out. ^_^ Neal thinks he might have pink eye. He's hoping not. It's all red and itchy. I think he should see a doctor about it.

Song of the day ~ Philip Glass Orchestration by Aphex Twin

Sunday, November 17, 2002

I think I might have broken or sprained my thumb. When I was sitting on the ground to do my situps my thumb was bent funny and now it hurts. I don't have any place to go to have it checked on. The last time this happened I broke it.

Heh heh heh... around 12 midnight last night I was in Neal's room and I decided to take a nap. I ended up waking up at 2:30 or so... what a long nap. We decided that I should just continue sleeping so I had loads of fun sleeping in my clothes. I hate sleeping in my clothes. We had watched Any Given Sunday earlier and there was a part where some guy had his eyeball poked out and that was so nasty it made me feel sick. We saw Forbidden Hollywood, which was ok. I took my online chem exam yesterday and got a 76%. It was much harder than the last one, which questions on stuff we haven't even covered. I had 2 more chances left to get a better grade, but I don't have the time since it's 4 hours long. I might do it after dinner.

Song of the day ~ Walking on the Sun by Smash Mouth

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Ugh, I hate laundry days. I go down there and there are no open dryers so I'm waiting for one to open. A guy starts taking his out so I started taking my clothes out of the washer. Then some guy waltzes in, goes up to that guy, and asks to use that dryer. I got so mad because I had been waiting! I walked over to him and said, "Hey, I've been waiting longer than you for a dryer so I should get this one." He looked at me like I didn't matter and he wasn't going to change. He didn't care. What a jerk! I then saw some other guy taking out clothes so I said, "Fine, I'll use his." I go over and put my clothes in but then when I put my quarter in and started it and all, it wouldn't start! It had worked for the guy before me but it wouldn't work for me! I was mad, and had to wait for another dryer to open that actually worked. Grrrrr, I hate it when the guys here are jerks. It's always the guys. I've had this happen to me before.

Erinn and Neal got on my case last night because I took like 2 more naps while they only got 1. It was sweet though, getting 4 extra hours of sleep. I was still tired, and so I slept very nicely after seeing Reign of Fire with them (good movie, cheesy ending). Then of course I got the curse of me waking up at 9. I'm always up either at 8 or 9. I woke up earlier at 6 but went back to bed. So in the end I didn't get a full night's sleep but I'm not tired. I'm doing laundry now to keep me occupied because everyone else on the planet is sleeping.

Song of the day ~ Loveydoveytown by 19 Wheels

Friday, November 15, 2002

Man, last night Neal kept talking so much! I fell sleep in Matt's chair and then woke up and went to bed. Neal kept mumbling and at one point, "No, not that one! mumblemumble error mumblemumble cake!" I asked if he was wake and why he was talking about cake. He said he was away and corrected me, saying he was talking about error. Neal doesn't remember this conversation. I think he was dreaming about calc. Erinn developed her pictures and the one of Neal and I didn't come out great because Neal's eyes are closed. There's another that she took right after I tickled him and he looks so ecstatic in the picture. It took me awhile to remember why he was so happy. I forgot to say that in philosophy we were talking about Jeremy Bentham and how his body is preserved at teh college he founded. The head it all mummified and stuff, and the clothes are still on him. He's locked in a cabinet. They take him out for special occasions and banquets. He used to be taken out to attend board meetings because otherwise the college couldn't get money. The finally finished that practice in 1995. I think that's the oddest thing ever... he must have been ecentric. Yesterday night Josh spent the night in Marie's room. And I ALSO found a female who can do the ootz! John, Lauren, and I had this theory that only guys could do it because of their adam's apples. And Andre apparently has pink sheets with flowers... he likes the color pink. I think that's odd. In engineering we were typing up our homework and we put that E.T. wrote our calc book (Audrey and I couldn't stop laughing about it). Peter tried to convince us to put him as the publisher of my physics notebook because he wanted the last thing our teacher read to be Peter. I think it's great that I get to be in the references because of my physics notebook. Ugh, and in philosophy we used a decision matrix which I've used in engineering! NOOOOOO! I napped today from around 1:15 to 3:30. I am STILL tired! I decided to watch survivor so I had some coffee to keep me awake, but it's not working. Laurel (the crazy lady) stopped by to talk but I shooed her away because I wanted to sleep. I was a little rude about it, but she did wake me up. There was also a phone call too which woke me up.

Song of the day ~ Fish Heads by Dr. Demento

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Ewww... after engineering I saw a guy who had a deer skin on his bike. It still had the head and legs and everything! The tongue was licking the drive thing. It was so gross, because he sat on it too!

Song of the day ~ A Cynical Christmas by The Cynics

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Ha ha ha... Neal left his sweatshirt here. Now I can smell like him... if I was obsessive. There's like an inch and a half of snow on the ground at least! Hee hee, and it's still snowing! It looks so beautiful! There were a whole bunch of people playing in it and I got jealous. No one would play with me though. Tomorrow morning I'm going to run in it before my 8 AM physics class because it'll be all pretty and dark.

Woo! It's snowing! There's about between 1/4" and 1/2" of snow and it's still coming! It snowed earlier and stuck but then it melted even though it was bitter cold. Whenever it's snow it's not that cold, which is wonderful. I love this! I wrote another poem about it.

Hmmm, there are a couple guys walking around with bowling apparatus hanging from their necks. One guy has a bowling pin and the other has a bowling ball. I don't know why. It's quite odd.

I keep forgetting to say that last night I had the nastiest conversation ever. Apparently in Neal's hall in the men's bathroom late Monday night Cindy shaved John's (I don't know him luckily) balls while her boyfriend watched. It's like the whole talk of the hall, and how she left the hair there so some guys dumped it on John's pillow. Ugh, I can't imagine why she'd want to do that, why he'd want it, and why her boyfriend was ok with it. That's just NASTY!

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I recommend going to this site. It reminds me of all the ghetto notes we found at EHS.

Song of the day ~ Soot and Stars by the Smashing Pumpkins
It says Neal's name.

My computer has been running really hot lately. It got to 68 C today, which is really hot. We've determined it needs to be cleaned out because there's too much dust inside. Mathematica made me so mad (it would't evaluate something and I couldn't get it to work for like an hour) that I was gonna swear at it. Instead I turned my computer off and napped. It didn't help, because I was still frustrated. Then in engineering our project was taking forever and it's really confusing and hard so that made me frustrated. Today has been a bad day. Dinner sucked but there was bread pudding. YUM!

Ug, mathematica today sucks. We have to do 2 exercises instead of 1, and they are really hard. For some reason the stupid program wouldn't recognize that we had cleared the variables so we had to rename everything. The teacher was trying to help but he was telling us things that I knew wouldn't work (and was right about) and it was really, really frustrating and I started losing my temper and getting frustrated and was about to yell at him but I didn't because I knew that wouldn't be good. I was also frustrated at my partner for once again trying to teach me things I knew. Then after lunch (which sucked) half of my lights stopped flashing AGAIN so I tried to get them to flash but it didn't work so I put in a regular bulb and then every regular bulb (except 1) I put in on the other side was burned out, and these were the extra bulbs they gave me! I was so close to saying "fuck it." Instead I said "ffffffffffffffffffffffughhhhhhh!!!" I don't swear.

Song of the day ~ Broken by 19 Wheels

Monday, November 11, 2002

Hee hee, I just remembered how Derek was telling me about how he lived in the south most of his life. He doesn't have much of an accent (he says arnge [orange] and crown [crayon]) but he says that when he barbeques the accent comes back really bad. I thought that was really funny.

Calc was a waste to go to. I understand it all so I didn't learn anything. Chem was fun. First I bought 3 cookies from the bake sale (they had powdered sugar and water frosting, the best kind!!!) and then Dave gave me a cookie from the cafeteria. It made me feel sick though. Derek and I are big pigs. He was telling me about how he went drinking over the weekend and raided all the sororities and while the others were taking plaques and awards he was taking food from the fridge. Derek's feet are huge! They're like at least 2" larger than mine! It's insane. He said my hair looked nice, but then he said my shoes looked like Ronald McDonald shoes. I told him and Dave about how one day I am going to bowl in my shoes. We had a lot of fun talking about Dave hunting with tranquilizers and blow darts. I don't remember how we got on the topic. Then they were amazed with the nail polish I'm wearing (it changes from green to purple in certain lights) and my mood ring. We discussed the hotness of my room and swing dancing and lot of fun things. It was great.

Today is Neal's 19th birthday! Hooray for Neal! I gave him his present, which is a picture frame I decorated and a picture of me inside. It's an older one, where my hair is short. Neal says I look better now with my hair longer. I told him that we're going to get a professional one done so he has a current one of me and so I actually have a good picture of him (the bum, not getting a senior picture). I hope he likes the picture frame. He says it's by his computer. I'm going to have to go to his room sometime today to see it and the sign on his door that his hall put up.

Song of the day ~ Bodies by the Smashing Pumpkins

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Do I look like a hamster?

Yamil called me one.

Neal sleeps SO long! He went to bed frickin' late too. So I went to breakfast without him since I was starving. Breakfast was disappointing. There were eggs galore (ick) so I got some potatoes and chicken nuggets. The nuggets were freezing cold though, like ice. That was nasty so all I had for breakfast was potatoes and some rice candy I just ate now. I'm most disappointed.

Erinn finally woke up at noon, like predicted. She and Marie told me all about the concert and it sounded like fun but I also had fun here. I don't know if I would have been able to stay awake as long as they did, considering I was really tired by midnight.

Neal and I didn't go to the concert. Instead we played in a big game of Unreal Tournament 2003. That game is so much fun! When I was practicing (since it was the first time I've ever played) I was kickin' butt and going on rampages and such. The real thing with real people is different though. Neal and I are equally matched because we were really close on the same number of kills (I beat him once... ha!). However, we were playing against like 3 other people who were really awesome at the game. John kept killing me off before I had a chance to really do anything and that was crazy. He started feeling bad for me! I didn't care because it was my first time, but I was getting a little annoyed that he was everywhere I was. I hope we play again soon.

After the game Neal and I watched a movie and we would have hung out longer except I was tired so around midnight I fell alseep and who knows what he did. I haven't talked to him since. Erinn and them all came back from the concert at 4 AM. I know because I'm a light sleeper and the door woke me up. She's still sleeping now. If she wants to get a full nights sleep she needs to wake up at noon. I've been up since 8:30 myself, getting a little bit extra sleep.

Tomorrow is Neal's birthday! I just finished making a card for him. I'm all excited!

Song of the day ~ Tonight by The Benjamin Gate

Saturday, November 09, 2002

I'm looking through the yearbook right now and I'm mad! My name is not listed for being in either band! So not only does Mr. Leff owe me a tape of the concert or $5, but I don't exist either! For one of the pictures at the Senior Supper you can see Melissa and I in the background, and then there's the picture of Lindsay pretending to be Jessa and it's labeled at Jessa. I laughed at that. I don't know if I'm going to the concert anymore because Marie and Erinn want to get there 2 1/2 hours early so they can be in the front. Neal and I don't want to be there that early because we don't care about being in the front. It'd be ok if we ate at the restaurant (where it's being held) but since now it seems like we're NOT eating there, we're considering not going or at least trying to figure out what's going on.

Woo! I saw Signs again last night and it scared me more than the first time! That was a fun time with Erinn, Marie, and Josh. Yup, that's right. No Neal. Surprised? HA! You all don't know what goes on. Anyway, we're going to a concert in Marquette tonight so I'm excited. It should be loads of fun.

Song of the day ~ Romeo by Basement Jaxx

Friday, November 08, 2002

I skipped chem again today. I stay for 5 minutes listening to awesome music and talking to Derek and then I left because it's really pointless for me to be there. Counseling went ok today. I painted my nails, using Erinn's new nailpolish. It's awesome because it's purple and green at the same time. It changes in the light. Oh, and now I have my lights flashing! It's sweet! I'm watching Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams. It's all about weed and sooo weird. I've never seen one of their movies before. Chris Farley and the guy from Magnum P.I. is in it. I can't remember his name. I'm going to see Signs today with Erinn and Neal and probably Nick and Jill too. I love that movie. Derek's going to see 8 Miles. I wish I could see that.

Song of the day ~ Get Me Off by Basement Jaxx

Thursday, November 07, 2002

I'm not as sick as I was, which is good. I only took 2 DayQuil today, instead of 4. Have you ever had green apple pop? Erinn bought some ($1 each!!!) and it's odd tasting. It's not bad, but it's not really good either. On the cap there's a fortune and the label has a face on it. Every bottle has a different label and face. People can send in their pictures and they'll be put on the bottle!

"yuppwea" ~Neal
"yuppwea...?" ~Me
"yuppers." ~Neal

Well, today was hell. I couldn't sleep because I was so worried about how I appear to people. I also was too hot and had a stuffy nose. My classes went ok, but all day I have been thinking about dependency. I skipped both lunch and dinner but I'm eating pizza with Neal. It's going to be the first time I've seen him all day. People say we're together all the time, but it's not true. We're together on weekends and Tuesday nights. We watch Monster Garage together on Mondays but that's only about an hour when we're together. I really haven't seen much of Neal lately, so how does that make me dependent? How does that make me thinking we're the same person? I know Neal is not like me in some ways, because he most definitely is more relaxed than me. He doesn't worry. My engineering exam kicked my butt. The people who took it before us didn't even finish! I hear some people said it was easy, but I don't know if they had the same exam. There were some questions I spent soooooo much time on because I wasn't sure and I wasn't getting an answer listed. Plus the z-table on the exam was different from the ones I used in stats last year, like it had the area from the mean to the standard deviation, rather than the standard deviation to the far left. That confused me soooo much.

Song of the day ~ The Child Deirdre from A Celtic Tale

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

I feel popular today. We've had 5 phone calls all day and 4 of them were for me all because of the stupid engineering/physics problems we had.

I have an endoparasite.

So today I spent some time with Audrey working on the engineering problems we couldn't do because they were crazy physics. We finally figured them out, which is good because then Peter called twice asking me for help. Tomorrow is my hell day and on top of that I also have an engineering exam tomorrow. I hope I do well. I tried to study but it's on stuff like drawing which is hard to study. I took a nap hoping to make me better since I'm still sick but no. I still have the stuffy nose and keep sneezing like crazy.

I guess to some people it seems like I'm dependent on Neal and have like no other friends here. It's not true, but I don't know how to stop making it seem as such.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Ok, the weirdest thing I've seen today? A pair of whitie tighties hanging off of a doorknob. Dave called wondering if I had mathcad on cd but I told him Audrey has it right now. Then he asked if he could do it in my room but I told him Neal was over... so that wouldn't be good. I feel bad now though because afterwards Neal told me he had mathcad on cd too. Ugh, being sick is no good.

Song of the day ~ Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches

Steph definitely has a cold. She woke up with a headache and now she has a fever, stuffy nose, and sore throat. She took some DayQuil (which always makes her dizzy) and now she needs more. Right now she's trying to do her engineering but it's all physics and kinematics and she was never good at that stuff.

Song of the day ~ Hover by Trust Company

Monday, November 04, 2002

Woo! Not only did I get mail today, but it was TWO packages! One from my mom and one from Jessa! I got lots of yummy candy from my mom, along with my yearbook and badminton racket. There's a really good picture of Neal in the yearbook, and now I'm mad that he didn't order any senior pictures. It's so hard to get a picture of him. Believe it or not, but there are actually a lot of pictures of me not for clubs. Like 2 or something, which is amazing. In the package we got the cool peanuts that disolve in water and Erinn had a lot of fun with that and the bubble wrap. They sent me up some shampoo and conditioner, so now hopefully I won't be getting rashes anymore.

Jessa sent me some rice candy (YUMMY!) and some really neat bracelets and neato little saying things from Lemstone. I taped a few to my door. This made me so excited!!!!! Now I get to write a letter back! WOO!

Ahhh, today in Philosophy I've determined that not only am I a soft determinist, but I'm also an ethical hedonist like James Bentham and John Stuart Mill. You remember in econ and the Stormy Mind of John Stuart Mill? I did that one assignment we had on him, and now here I am agreeing with him. For some reason I'm a big fan of him. Also, in calc I was so tired that I was falling asleep. I've never done that before because usually I need to pay attention. However, today the teacher kept doing the problems wrong. In chem I had a long conversation with Derek and Dave about broken bones and other ucky things (Derek had his thumb split in 2) but after that I slept. I probably should have paid attention but everything the teacher says is in the notes which I own so it's really pointless. Lunch was really yummy.

I think I'm sick, because I woke up with the sorest throat and it still hurts a bit. Also, lately my nose has been stuffed so that sucked because it was really bad this morning. At first I thought it was because of the air freshener I bought that plugs into the wall. It could be, becuase after I plugged it in my nose started tingling and it's still like that. I've used the thing before and not had a problem, but those were different scents and sort of hidden in a corner of my room and didn't fill my whole room because of that.

Song of the day ~ Revelation Man by the Apologetix

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Well, the chem learning center got me a 14% on my online quic because the only questions I got wrong were the ones about batteries which we haven't talk about. Oh well, I still passed so I'm cool with it. I have 4 more tries, after all. My engineering meeting went well because we actually split up tasks and suck and DID things. Earlier today I went to the Motherlode with Neal and then to the mall where I bought him some lotion from Bath and Body Works. He got Pearberry (and early birthday present) and Vanilla Bean which smells SOOOO good. That one he can't get till the 11th with his other gift. I bought for myself some chapstick because I lost my other one and another spray, the vanilla bean. I now own at least 8 perfumes. I use about 6 of them regularly, or would if 2 of them weren't at home. Anyway, I didn't want to get out of bed today, even if I do breathe loudly when my allergies are bad. Apparently I kept Neal up, but serves him right since he kept me up the night before by stealing the blanket and giving me NO room. Last night he took advantage of my light sleeperness and woke me up everytime my breathing got bad. I still managed to sleep well though. Then Matt kept coming in during the morning and we were upset about that but whatcha gonna do?

Song of the day ~ Awesome God by Rich Mullins

Saturday, November 02, 2002

Yesterday I wnet for a 2 hour car ride with Neal after we visited the Motherlode and talked. Molly let him drive her car, which was so nice so we had to take advantage of it. We drove to breakers since I've never been there but it was closed so we drove to Baraga and then turned around. Erinn has 3 of her friends visiting so I'm spending the night in Neal's room so our room isn't crowded. I came in late last night after seeing Men In Black 2 in Fisher, and I was caught off guard because there were 6 people in my room. I had to change in the bathroom. Neal spoke in his sleep again. He said, "He's taking down the privacy curtain." meaning Matt, since he has one up. I looked over and saw clearly that it was not happening. I didn't sleep well last night, because I woke up at like every hour. Matt kept coming in and out too so Neal and I kept getting interrupted.

Today the same interruptions kept happening. We were going to go to the football game but then we decided against it because we were lazy and warm. We had a lot of fun instead, and are now closer than we ever were. Oh, and the bathroom today was CROWDED with like 15 people. I was lucky to get a shower, and my shower at that. I watched a movie with Neal- 7 Years in Tibet. It's good, but we were both getting tired. Dinner was yummy, even though I wasn't really hungry. I get to sleep in his room again tonight because Erinn's friends aren't leaving till tomorrow sometime.

Tomorrow I'm going to be so busy from 6 till midnight. I'm looking forward to most of the night.

Song of the day ~ Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne

Friday, November 01, 2002

Do I look like someone who needs to be converted? On my way back from the chemistry learning center some guy stopped me and started asking me questions and trying to get me to read the Book of Mormon. I seem to attract these people and I have no idea why. I'm mad that the only time I have to go to the chemistry learning center for help is when it's closed. Why must it be closed on Fridays? Now I have to wait till Tuesday.

It's snowing! The snow has stayed. It's only flurries, but I'm hoping they'll build up to lots of snow. I skipped chem today to talk to Neal. I also had a philosophy exam that I think I did ok on.

Song of the day ~ Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult