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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Geez, my insurance for my blazer is more than my family's insurance for our van and car. It's over $900, probably because it's red. Grrr, and I don't have that much money, and I doubt I can get that much in 6 months. For now my dad's going to pay for it, but still, that's insane.

It's Laura's birthday today! Happy 13th, Laura!

I miss Neal.

My mom changed her mind and let me go hand out with my friends, but then she stayed up until I got home so I felt really bad worrying her. I told her I wouldn't go if she was worried but she told me to go. Janet told this really funny story about some kid who spent 10 minutes telling her and Richie about the tornados in a monotone voice, then concluded he was the weather spokesperson for the neighborhood and better than the weather channel and a whole bunch of abreviations of organizations. You'd have to ask Janet for the whole story.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Lauren called me while I was at work, but I didn't know until about 5 minutes ago because no one told me. I called her house and her mom said they went to Oberwise but may not still be there. John had just called also. My parents won't let me go though, because of the weather, so I don't get to hang out with my friends.

I was crying on the way home from work today. Why? Because tornado sirens (2 of them!) started going off and it was raining so hard my wipers were on full blast. I had to use my 4-wheel drive because when I tried to turn right onto Army Trail I wasn't moving and my wheels were sqealing. This is SCARY. I have a phobia of tornados. I was shaking and I ran into the house. The sky is SO dark right now that it looks navy blue, and it's almost black. The leaves of the trees blend in with the sky. I've never seen it so dark when it's not night time. There's a tornado where Liz is right now. I hope she's ok. I was hoping Neal would call to make sure I'm ok, since he knows I'm afraid of tornados, but he didn't. I guess he doesn't care. The sirens are off now and everything seems ok, except for the sky. Right before I left work there was this HUGE clap of thunder that made me jump and yell, "OH GOD!" I was shaking and jumping and all jittery at home. It was SCARY driving home. I'm so freaked out, but there's no one to help me feel better.

magicalstephie got their Neopet at

I drove to the forest preserve and walked for about an hour. I was looking for a good place to sit where I wouldn't disturb the fisherman. I saw a blue heron, and watched that for about 15 or so. Then it started raining pretty hard so I started heading back. One fisherman started talking to me and asking me all these questions, and he told me to come some morning and fish with him. He scared me because I don't know him, he's a stranger just randomly talking to me a lot. Then I called my mom at work and told her I didn't have to work today and that I could pick up Alli from finals, so I have to do that at 1. I really need some time alone, but I don't know where to go because everything's wet. I can't stay at home though, but where to go? I think I've figured things out, but I won't tell Neal until I am positive, which will be in several days. I need to buy a new mp3 player, because mine is all messed up. It mixes up songs, so that if you play one song another will start playing. It permanently messes with the files, too. Sometimes they won't play at all. I hate to get rid of this 300+ player, but I don't know how to fix it. I need to get something smaller, and less expensive since I don't have that much cash yet.

Derek's planning on visiting me next week! Yay! Sheryl called from work and said it was slow so I don't have to come in, which is good. After I get dressed I'm going to spend the day at the forest preserve walking and thinking. I think I'm slowly working things out, but I can't decide until I see Neal's actions.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Today's just been crap. My nausea from last night carried over into today, and all day my knee has really been bothering me. I don't have anymore of my joint medicine left though. Last night I decided that Neal and I should take a break, but today I kept wondering if that was the right decision to make. They let me out of work early so I went home, called Neal, and told him I wanted to talk to him in person. I drove over and we drove down to fox valley mall so I could get my ring fixed.

Ok, side story: So Pennies said they'd only repair it for free within 60 days of the purchase, which was the beginning on May so we'd have to pay for this. That sucked, since we had been at college and I hadn't had the receipt with me at the time. We ended up going to J. B. Robinsons in hope that Karyn was there (she wasn't) and I gave it to them so they could have an estimate.

Back to the real story: So after walking around and me buying some stuff, we went to my house to talk. I told Neal my thoughts, and we decided that going on a break and not talking or seeing each other for awhile would be best since I don't really know how I feel anymore. Neal doesn't talk to me anymore, which was the main reason I am starting to wonder about my feelings. He's still going to do bowling with us, and we're still going out, but it's going to be different. It already is. I need some time to figure things out. I didn't tell my mom the whole truth, but I'm sure she'll read this and learn it anyway.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that I saw a dead deer on the side of the road, really close and big.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Ok, so here's my day so far. I drove to work in Paul and had a jolly ol' time. I talked to Alice some because she was working at the same time. She was listening to me take one of the phone calls and she says I'm really good. ^_^ Sheryl called me over and yesterday she had listened in to 3 of my calls (they do this to make sure you're being courteous and doing everything correctly) and then she told me about it and I had to sign forms saying that we talked about it. I did very well. I only got 3 points off on one of them for not asking for an email address. If I get 5 points off which is like not asking for chlorine or something, it's REALLY bad. And if you don't ask if they want to add chlorine to your order, you have to talk to the guy in charge and explain why you didn't offer it. I got this one lady who I was on the phone with for 20 minutes explaining why she needed to use chlorine in her pool. She has chlorinated water but she doesn't use ANY chemicals to sanitize the pool and no matter how much I explained it she didn't understand and refused to get anything even though it's basically required for a pool. Around 3:00 a guy asked if it was raining here and I said no because it wasn't (it was raining where he was in New York) but then about 45 minutes later we had a brownout and my monitor turned off and so did my phone. THen they turned back on and we heard thunder and it started it rain. Driving home all the lights in West Chicago were out so we had to treat them like a 4-way stop sign. Anyway, the other cars decided that I couldn't go when I was supposed to so I had to wait extra long because they kept going. Then at 64 so many people almost got hit because while some people were going straight the cars that were supposed to stop decided to turn and that was just plain stupid. It took me twice as long to get home. When I got home Laura said she heard tornado sirens, and my window had been open so my room was wet. Then I realized that I had forgotten to take my birth control pill that I was supposed to take at 12, and it was practically 5. That's really bad.

Ok, so Monday night Lauren, Jessa, and Neal came over. We watched The Good Girl but it wasn't that good and then we played cards. Yesterday at work apparently I know what I'm doing because I was switched places with another girl because she lies to the customers and needs to be close to an advisor and watched. My car is so cool, and I named him Paul since Lauren insisted that I name him. I forgot to say that I witnessed an accident Monday coming back from CarMax. We heard a screech and then a pop, and I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a car sideways on the side of the road and a sign like a speed limit sign had collapsed the side of the car. I have no idea how the driver lost control because it was perfectly dry and sunny out. Yesterday was bowling again and I did much better than last week. My average last week was 83, which gave me a handicap of 127 because they compute it weird. Anyway, I was the second highest handicap person. This week I bowled a 120, a 73, and a 129. The 129 is my highest EVER! I'm so excited. My dad got 6 strikes in a row! That was really awesome. Afterwards Neal and I started watching a movie and then I got tired so sent him home. THen I was sleeping all nice when I was woken up to "MEAT!" because I had forgotten to turn down the volume on my computer so it was REALLY loud and I was upset that Neal woke me up from a nice sleep. :(

Monday, May 26, 2003

We spent about 4 hours or more at CarMax shopping for a used car for me. We ended up getting a chevy blazer, 2 doors (would have preferred 4), red (would have preferred a different color). I wasn't expecting to get something that big, but I am more comfortable in it than the cars my dad was choosing, and it has 4-wheel drive which will be especially usefull.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

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Friday, May 23, 2003

Ugh, I've had a headache since 9:30 this morning. I took sinus medication because I thought it was a sinus headache, but it didn't go away. Later I took tylenol and that helped, so it was finally gone by 3:30. I hate this, it makes me cry because it's so painful and annoying.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Laura and I went bike riding to get in shape and lose weight, since I ate 2 dinners today, plus lunch, plus breakfast, plus a huge bowl of ice cream and possibly more ice cream later tonight. It was for close to an hour, and we went all around and went some places I've never ridden my bike before. Not being in shape, I'm really tired. Plus my allergies are killing me. We saw the ice cream man and I got all excited. *pants* Time to nap.

Work wasn't so bad today. I didn't ask nearly as many questions. I was ready to leave by 11 but I couldn't of course. I got my first paycheck though! $113.34! I also found out my schedule for next week. I'm working 37 hours! I was expecting more like 20, so I don't know how much I'm going to like 37. That's almost full time! I also can't go to our annual memorial day/sunday get together with the Spragues because I have to work. :( I was supposed to work at Ye's today but the girl who doesn't normally work on Thursdays showed up today, so I was sent home. It's just as well, because I didn't feel like working. I also somehow knew that wasn't going to happen. I could feel it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I went to Neal's house for awhile today. We watched tv then hung out. After that we went to eat at My Siam and then went to my house and he helped me relearn how to throw a baseball, then we went to see the Matrix Reloaded and then finally came back to my house for awhile more. During the course of the day, several funny things happened. We were on my family's hammock for awhile and Amica was outside with us. The baseball was between my legs and Amica kept trying to get on the hammock to get it. She REALLY wanted the ball. She kept putting her face by Neal's and we were joking about how she wanted to kiss him and how she was jealous because I got to kiss Neal and she didn't. He didn't like that and kept turning away. After we put the ball away and layed on the hammock some more Amica finally made it up and was standing with her hind paws by Neal's leg and her front paws on my leg. When she was getting off she put her front paws right on Neal's crotch and he recoiled and I just kept laughing at him. Then later after the movie he found her hair in his mouth and I said it was because she was his secret lover. She really does love Neal.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Today the Adult-Youth league started. Since Alli cna't bowl I'm taking her place and pretending I'm a youth. My bowling skills I magically acquired left. I bowled an 80, a 71, then a 99 (more like my others). My mom was supposed to cancel it, but apparently they didn't cancel when she called.

Song of the day ~ Winter by Tori Amos

I slept badly again. At most I got about 4 hours of sleep. Up since 5, have I been. I had my first day of work at In The Swim all by myself. Alice was working there too but I didn't see her until we were both leaving. It wasn't too bad. I felt bad asking all these questions, especially since my advisor was hardly in my row so I had to keep calling another advisor and my advisor would answer that phone and se yelled at me the second time I did it. She said, "Stop calling here!" and I'm like, "Well, you aren't around and I'm just going down the list of numbers to call. I don't know who's here today or not." Then when she came I asked her who I should call and she listed the number I had just called that she yelled at me on, so now I'm all confused. I got this one guy who was incredibly rude. He had a hole in his winter cover and he wanted to know if there were any repair kits or if he could send it to us to repair. I wasn't sure, so I asked my advisor and she said we wouldn't repair it but if it was under warranty he could send it and we'd give him a new one. I told him this, and he asked me how long warranty was and I told him I didn't know until I knew what type of cover he had, so I asked him and he got so mad at me and said I wasn't helping and refused to tell me what type of cover he had. I explained to him that I couldn't tell him his answer unless he gave me information, and he said, "I'm not the one supposed to be answering questions here, you are." I said I could transfer him to customer service but he refused that too. THen I asked him what his customer id number was so I could look it up myself, but he refused to tell me that or who he was! He kept yelling at me and asking for a supervisor, and when I said I'd get one he said "NOW you're being helpful." She talked to him and told him exactly what I said and he was perfectly fine to her. She then after the call made a note about how rude he was and how he refused to give me any information that would enable me to help him. People can be such jerks.

Monday, May 19, 2003

I slept horribly last night, mostly due to all the bad thoughts going through my head. I went to bed at 11 but didn't fall asleep until 2:30ish, and then slept terribly until 5:30ish, when I went to the bathroom. I slept a bit better after that, but I had a terrible headache from sinuses again so I took some medicine but it didn't help. Finally dragging my butt out of bed at 10, I went downstairs to eat and Amica almost attacked me for some reason, and then she wanted me to pet her. She's so confusing. After watching a bit of The Price is Right I went upstairs and took a shower. My headache comes and goes, appearing whenever I make a sudden movement. In addition to that my heart has been very weird today ever since 7ish. It feels like it's racing, but not quite fast enough for an episode and too fast for it to be like I was running. It's ok now when I'm sitting, but as soon as I start moving around it starts feeling weird.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

My mom foolishly gave me the task to putting some clothes in the dryer while the rest of the family is off at a bookstore (I didn't go because I have at least 20 books I haven't read yet). I shrink clothes that have already been shrunk, so I have refused to do the task. I did fold the clothes that were already in there. They weren't all the way dry, but of course I'm not going to dry them more and then shrink them. While I was attempting to fold a tableclothe I was backing up so it could lay out flat and I backed into a box of shoes my mom had placed in the middle of the floor, thus I fell over them and fell on my butt, scraping myself in the process and now I have a puncture in my foot from the plastic box. While I was falling I also hit the table and the couch, along with a chair and several cardboard boxes of garbage from Alli (who does nothing but sit and eat).

As soon as I woke up this morning I had a headache, but me hating taking pills of course ignored it. It got really bad at church so I took some tylenol but that didn't help and it was getting worse so I had to live through it. When I got home my mom advised me to take some sinus medicine since the headache was in the sinus area and it IS spring afterall. I did, then went up to my room and had to immediately close the shades. Sitting up made my headache worse, and the pain was extremely intense, so intense I was squinting in an effort to alleviate it. My mom froze a face mask for me and that and the medicine really helped. I was planning on job shadowing at 1 but with the headache I couldn't so I went at 2 instead because the headache was gone by 1:30. Luckily I managed to nap with the headache. It was really slow at the shadowing, and hopefully I'm mostly ready for Tuesday. I'll probably be asking a lot of questions though. On the way there I got stuck behind an suv that slowed down to 10 mph when going over some train tracks, and that is absolutely insane in a 40 mph speed limit. Also, some guy called us to help him with our website. He wanted to order off the website, so he called us (who take orders over the phone) and he didn't want to do it over the phone. Does that make any sense?

Saturday, May 17, 2003

I'm finally done working for today. I now work Thursdays at Ye's in addition to Fridays and Saturdays, so I need to fill out a new form for days I'm available for In The Swim. Job shadowing was kind of hard because there's so much to remember, and sometimes people are plan stupid. I'm going to have to make a cheat sheet for me. I job shadow tomorrow too, to complete my 5 hours. There's a guy there who looks soooooo familiar, and I knew what his voice sounded like (Southern accent) before I heard him talk, so I KNOW I've talked to him before but I can't figure out where. He didn't seem to recognize me either, when I told him he was familiar. I wish I could remember, because it's driving me insane. Jackie thought he was familiar too, but he used to live out of state and he's a year older than us so we really shouldn't know him. If he's there tomorrow I'm going to ask him what college he goes too, etc. Jackie's still going out with Dan Thorn, and I'm amazed he remembers me because he was like in my class in 2nd grade and we didn't talk to each other and while he was at the same school as me for several years after that, we were never in a class together again. I'm generally not very memorable, which is disappointing, but also surprising when I find out someone remembers me.

I leave to job shadow at 12:30. I come home around 4:30. In the 20 minutes I have to relax I'm supposed to go to the mall for the sole purpose of buying Alli cookies from Mrs. Fields. Apparently Alli's happiness is more important than me relaxing before I have to work again at 5 all by myself (since Sarah and John most likely won't be there, so I'll be doing the job of 2). Alli is getting so spoiled. After work I'm home around 8:10ish and then I'll probably end up going to sleep since that's the only time I have for myself.

Yesterday was so busy. I went to training, then after training I went to pick up my mom and then we went to pick up Alli and then we had to take Alli to get her hair done then we went home. I was home for half an hour or so and then I had to go back to work, where after that my mom took Alli to get her eyebrows waxed. Work was pretty busy too, lots of deliveries. Sarah got to make lots of extra money to help out with all the deliveries. A girl came in with 2 guys (they were about our age) and of the guys told Sarah that she was very pretty and that he had to say it because she was. Dustin called Sarah just to tell her he loved her (Awwww). I came home and was eating dinner when Neal showed up. I wasn't expecting him at all. He said he wanted to surprise me at work but his dad woudln't let him leave early enough. My mom had ordered a pizza and she ordered 20 breadsticks instead of 10 so now we have MANY breadsticks. Neal and I were in my room watching a movie and we paused it halfway through to get Neal some food and my mom was giving me this look. Apparently she heard the bed moving and some "suspicious noises" but my bed wasn't moving and all we were doing was watching a movie (Spirited Away, a pretty good movie). I wish she'd stop imagining things. This morning I was getting my clothes that she had washed and she ended up drying some shirts that can't be dryed or they'll shrink (and they've already shrunk once and if they shrink more I can't wear them and they're pretty new). She blamed it on me because I didn't wash my clothes myself, but how could I when I've been extremely busy in the past few days? I haven't had time! Last night I went to bed and sent Neal home right after the movie finished because I had no time to myself all day and I was tired. I had woken up at 6 for some odd reason, then to be busy until 11 is just not fun at all.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

The training went ok. I saw that Jackie Nash works there, because I saw her time card. I don't know how much I'm going to like it. I know I'll be able to do the job, but I don't know if I'll enjoy it. It's $9 and hour though, and if I'm on time 8 days in a month I get a $100 bonus. I have training again tomorrow, and then I work twice next week 8-2. I came home crabby though. Alli had to get her cast off and now she is wearing some kind of boot. Yesterday someone had bumped into her foot and then it was numb the rest of yesterday and today. There's a lunar eclipse tonight! I'm excited to watch that. The cubs beat the brewers after 17 innings. That's crazy. That's the 2nd longest game in national league history, and the brewers set the record for the most strike-outs (24).

Today is my first day of work and the first of 2 days of training. I barely had any time to get ready though because my mom, who said she'd be home at 7:15, got home at 7:30, so I was 15 minutes behind schedule which forced me to take a quick 5 minute shower. Ugh.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I got a job! I called the place where Alice works and they hired me! I start training tomorrow. The manager wanted to interview me today but since I don't have a car and my mom's at work there's no way I could get there. I'm going to work mornings starting at 8 and I should be done by the time my mom is off with work. I get paid $9 an hour. This is my first job where I have to wear "business atire" so that means I have to go buy some things that aren't jeans.

I got 12 1/2 hours of sleep last night, which was really really good. Then when I was blow drying my hair I noticed that with the hair cut I got yesterday that the underside of my hair shows a lot more and my hair stylest didn't highlight that part so there's a very noticeable hair color difference which I think looks terrible. Also, the hair cute desn't look good unless I style it like it was yesterday but I can't reproduce it myself. Because of this, you're going to see me wearing a whole bunch of hats and/or ponytails because I really don't like my hair right now, and that has never happened before. Why does it always rain on the days that I'm planning on jogging or biking? It's like a conspiracy. I got an AB in engineering, which was surprising because I thought I was doing well. I got an A in diff eq, which means I actually got an A on the final. I also got an A in cs, which means I did good on the final since I was at a 90% before. Phyiscs AB, as I knew, world cultures A of course. Ugh, I'm nauseous again and it's not because of lack of food because I ate!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Man, I need sleep. My haircut looks really cute. I also bought a new dress instead of get applications for jobs, because I didn't have time. Neal and I hung out for awhile at his house then went to see X2. We were going to go out to eat but he wasn't that hungry and his car wouldn't shift again. His parents don't think it's consistent enough, but it's occured every time I've been in the car and that's consistent enough for me. Tomorrow I'll have to REALLY go job hunting.

One of Alli's toes shifted next to another one and so in the healing process they might fuse together. If that starts to happen then she definately has to get pins to keep them apart. Also, they think she tore a ligament or 2 so after the bones heal she might have to get surgery to repair the ligament.

It's funny, Amica absolutely adores me today. I took her outside, and she kept jumping on me and wanting me to pet her really badly. This is the first time she's been like since to me since I got home. It was funny that yesterday she was attacking Jessa and Prinke, because she normally loves them. I've never seen her so fierce with them before.

I feel really nauseous today, and I only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep. Things are not going well at all.

Monday, May 12, 2003

I had a bad argument with Neal today, really bad. I don't know if I'll be ok. I've been crying for 2 hours.

I attempted to go jogging today but I failed because the winds were so strong and also blowing against me that I had to make twice the effort and thus got tired a lot quicker. Even walking back was hard. The winds keep blowing our siding and rattling it, making me think it's going to fall off. Last night I thought someone was trying break in because of the sound so I couldn't sleep very well. I kept thinking we had burglars. Tonight we're having a big get-together at my house with all the people that are currently home. So far it's me, Prinke, Janet, Sarah, 2 of Janet's friends, possibly Neal, and the rest I don't know about yet.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

The winds we had last night were up to 60 mph, which is like big tornado winds. Luckily we didn't have any tornados, but channel 5 news was out by my church filming the damage. It was on tv. I saw some trees that had been completely knocked down. The winds are still blowing strong. I had to get to church early today because my mom was donating blood but she ended up being rejected because she was bit by a dog in the past year. That means basically my whole family can never donate again. They tried to convince me to donate but I have a huge phobia of needles, and I've been bitten by Amica. Anyone who donates or attempts to donate gets to enter a contest to win a free car (a convertable) but it's like a 1 in 52,000 chance. Apparently everyone at church who was going to donate was rejected. One person had a runny nose, 3 went out of the country in the past year, 1 had her blood clog right before it was done so there wasn't any to test to see if it was good, and who knows what else occured. We didn't really do anything special for Mother's Day. We got Brown's Chicken but it wasn't as good as it normally is. The Survivor finale was good. I totally didn't expect Jenna to win, and Matt looked so different when he gained weight! Heidi's hair just looked plain disgusting. It was all cut different lengths and UGH. Neal and I argued again today, because we're both crabby with lack of sleep. He was up all night at a lan party and I was up half the night because of the tornado warnings. Besides, he doesn't have any backbone against his parents. He never sticks up for himself. He assumes they'll say no so he never asks to go anywhere, and he never expresses his opinions to them at all. He was going to watch survivor today but then didn't because they wanted to watch a movie, even though they could watch that movie any time. He didn't even tell them he was planning to watch survivor. He just gave up before he started, and that pisses me off.

"I love you with bunches of oats!" ~Me"

"eww, Neal's a weirdy peirdy!" ~Mel

"my world cultures paper is the equivilent of 50 lbs of bullshit tucked inside 209 words" ~Derek

Aw man, I've just been seriously terrified. We had tornado sirens going off in a tornado warning. Apparently a tornado was spotted in St Charles, about 7 miles south west of Bartlett moving north east which would put us in it's path. Luckily it missed us but it scared me sooooooooooo much, especially since my mom kept moving around. Then after we felt everything was safe and a half hour had passed, the sirens went off AGAIN. I ran downstairs because tornados scare the crap out of me. I kept shaking. Everything is fine, but now there's a warning for Elgin where Neal is and I'm worried about him. We had a small power outage. They sadi that the warning means funnels have been spotted but no real tornados. They (the tv) also said that the pressure was low, exactly like the pressure for tropical storms and that we've never seen that in this area before. Additionally, the wind speeds can be classified as a weaker hurricane (with the rain and everything). They say in an hour it'll all pass. I won't be able to sleep until then, because I'm freaked out. I've been freaked out for an hour. Neal's at a lan party so there are these computers everywhere during a storm and that's so dangerous. I hope he's ok. I hope our house still has its siding. My mom was smelling something burning earlier. I'm extremely jittery now. I bumbed in the rubber thing on the wall that stops the door from hitting the wall when you open it and the sound it made caused me to jump and my heart to beat rapidly.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Oh, and a note to everyone: apparently people have been thinking that when I say I slept with Neal it means we had sex. This is not the case. When I say we slept together, I mean we literally slept together in the same bed. We do this when Matt (Neal's roommate) was gone or when Erinn's mom came up and was using my bed so I had nowhere to sleep. I was shocked to find out that people have been misconstruing this, because I take things literally and it meant exactly what I said it meant. I know all my college friends understand what I mean because this happens all the time at college. In all seriousness, would I post something like that knowing that EVERYONE reads this? No! I don't say "Oh, I made out with Neal today" or "I went to the bathroom today and it was hard!" or anything else having to do closely with my personal life. If you're going to assume something major like us having sex, you should ask me personally about it to see if your assumption was correct.

WHOOHOO, another thunderstorm tonight!!!!! Neal came over and we installed my heatsink and had lunch with my family. THen we went to see Hot Mikado, a rendition of Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado. It was really funny. Afterwards we got dairy queen. Mmmmm. Now he's at a lan party and I'm tired but working on my novel. :)

Friday, May 09, 2003

There's an AWESOME thunderstorm going on right now! The rain is pouring so hard it sounds like hail, and the thunder is directly after the lightning so it's right above us. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sitting hear staring at it. The lightning is like a strobe light. I LOVE thundestorms!!!!!! When the lightning strikes I can see the individual droplets falling and it looks so cool! We've gotten so much rain here, the grass looks BRIGHT green, like jungle green/ rolling Irish meadows green. The force of the rain sounds like the siding is breaking off. I love summer thunderstorms! I sleep easy during them.

Man, my dad just scared me. He was at my door looking at me. He asked me if it was coming in and I said no (my window is WIDE open). He says it IS hailing, and raining at the same time. AWESOME. Wow, I can see the hail on the driveway!

Neal took the purity test and he's purer than me but he's done more! I don't understand...... Maybe my things were more unpure than his many. How odd.

Sarah was at work today! We talked a lot and tried some crosswords in my crossword book. She's done with school too! :)

I finally finished unpacking! Now to start unpacking all the boxes from when they got new carpet... ha ha, no. If I need something from the box then I'll unpack it. This way things will stay packed which is easy for when I move out in 3 years, ahaha.

for this the lower score is the more you are, so for example I am 3.5% "fucking sick"

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Never taken out of the packaging
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Gayness 98.2%
Repressed, are we?
Fucking Sick96.5%
Refreshingly normal
You are 77.24% pure
Average Score: 69.8%

The wierdest thing just happened. So I'm unpacking and suddenly I hear someone come online and I'm like, "what? I'm not online!" Now sometimes I hear the sound but it isn't real, but I looked anyway and lo-and-behold I'm somehow online and I didn't do anything!!!!! The internet was not working like 10 minutes ago (I checked) but now it is! What the hey? So it's like 80 degrees now, actually it says 69 but I don't believe it because it's sooooooooo humid.

The wireless internet in my room still isn't working. It at least knows it's connected now, because before it wouldn't. I can't log into the network though, which is a problem so I currently don't have internet in my room. I went jogging yesterday. I walked once around the block then got maybe a little less than a third of the way round jogging before I started walking again. I need to do this gradually. I'm going bike riding today, because I'm going to alternate jogging and bike riding. Anyway, when I was walking home after the jog I saw a car pull out of my driveway and stop in the street. The car door opened and it was Nikki! I haven't seen her in forever!! We talked a bit, then she had to go pick up her sisters from the orthodontist and that was why she was out of school. That was really neat. THen I went home and took my shower. I went downstairs in my bathrobe to ask Alli a question and the doorbell rang. It was about 12:30. I was surprised, so I answered it and Neal was standing there while I was in my bathrobe! O.O I invited him inside and he caused Amica to pee while I got dressed upstairs. Then I had to clean up Amica (who by the way didn't remember me and kept growling at me) then we went to my room to try to fix my computer. Neal decided to surprise me and stop by since he was looking for a mother's day/ birthday present for his mom. Anyway, so we made a little progress with the wireless, then he went to go shopping. Before he left I had found that Amica peed a big one on the couch so I had to clean that up. He also said both his parents wanted me to come to dinner with them tonight in celebration of their mom's b-day and mother's day. I thought that was odd because I'm not really a part of their family but I guess they like me. Well later that night Neal picked me up and we went to Lonestar. I ordered steak and ordered it medium-well but got something rare because there was absolutely no brown except for the outside. I ate it anyway because I didn't want to be a pain and have them cook it longer, but I was baffled because Neal's medium was to me exactly what I wanted. The steak made me feel a little sick for awhile afterward, which is why I don't order them rare. The thing is that this isn't the first time this has happened. At the Mariott I ordered medium and it was pinker than I imagined a medium should be. From now on I'm always ordering well-done because there's no way I can go wrong then. After dinner we went to a fish store because one of Neal's newts died (Bonnie, his favorite) and then we hung out at his house till 10. At 10 we went to Shorty's house and talked to Shorty for half an hour. Then he took me home and we tried to work on my computer for like 5 minutes but then he went home. It was raining on the way to my house and we had a really cool storm. The lightning was so awesome and REALY bright. It looked like day when it lightninged. Is that a word? Flashed I guess I should say. So that's yesterday. Tongiht or tomorrow I'll write about today.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I saw about 15 deer on the way home, and 1 dead bobcat. I've never seen a bobcat before, let alone one that's dead. My parents got wireless internet, and have had it for a month but wouldn't tell me. The unfortunate thing is that it's not working in my room so I spent an hour and a half trying to get it to work and in the process all my electronic sticky notes disappeared and the program thought I had just installed it. I am not impressed.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Instead of studying for physics I began the long process of packing. I have no idea how I'm going to fit all this stuff in my room, since I have boxes everywhere from when we redid the carpet. That means that I'm going to have to actually unpack EVERYTHING, and put everything away, which I'm not inclined to do at all. *sigh*

World cultures......... geez, some of those questions!!!!! "What country did NATO bomb in 1999?" then you have to pick from 4 that were just numbered. i had no idea NATO even bombed someone in 1999. I had 5 d's in a row, then later 3 d's, 3 c's, and 2 d's again. I had sooooooooo many d's and c's that it just didn't seem right. I compared my answers to Erinn and Derek to see the shape and mine didn't match at all. It SUCKED. At least I'm getting like a 95 or something in the class, and it'll be curved of course. Time to study for physics some more so it can blow my butt and rape me analy. Oh, and one of the TAs was propping open the door with his sandal. It was funny.

My cs test wasn't that bad. I think I did pretty good on it, hopefully. I really need to do well to get an A in the class. I'm at a 90.8 right now, right on the border.

"What's this test one?" ~Me, about my world cultures test in 40 minutes

Monday, May 05, 2003

Today is indeed a terrible day for me. I opened a new creme soda again, this time after a nap so I was still out of it. Anyway, I opened it quickly instead of letting the carbination go so it wouldn't explode. It exploded EVERYWHERE: on my lcd monitor, my keyboard, my pictures, myself (even the back of my neck), clothes I wasn't even wearing, my physics book, my cd player, my speakers, just about everything you can think of. This did NOT make my day, and I spent and hour and a half with Neal cleaning everything, including my keyboard (taking all the keys off) so that nothing is sticky. This is terrible. I hope tomorrow is a lot better.

GAH! I couldn't sleep till 1, woke up at 6 and couldn't sleep. then after my training I walked to the mub with a gigantic amount of books in my bag. they don't open till 10 and it was almost 9!!!!!!!!! i was so mad, because I had to walk back and my shoulders hurt and my feet have blisters and are killing me. i'm gonna have to wear socks for like an hour just to sell back my books. and i'm exhausted too, but this is basically the only day I have time to sell them back. grrrrrrrrrrr. i met Molly along the way and for once she actually said hi and talked to me! i thought she didn't remember me, it was odd. we weighed my backpack and it's 20 pounds. then I was opening a new creme soda and it sprayed all over my jewelry and my desk. today is a horrible day for me. i need about 3 bandaids for my feet. anyway, so I go to sell back my books at 10 and it turns out they are selling at a place different from where I saw the sign that said it opened at 10. so they really opened at 8:30 and i made an extra trip for nothing. i got 142 dollars. then at lunch i see signs that say they are buying books back at 10 in all the dorms.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

My mom just called. Alli broke her foot - 3 bones. Apparently it might be so bad that she might require pins and thus surgery, so if that happens then only my dad will be picking me up.

Last night was the last time I get to sleep with Neal for like 4 months. We got to spend 5 nights together since Matt was home for a funeral, so that was really neat. It's so warm today! Erinn and I studied outside, then walked to Jim's. I bought some pop, pretzels, and candy to snack on. In half an hour is our hall birthday party, and later tonight is some ice cream sundaes. Mmmmm.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

So lately I've been searching live journal to find people from mtu and I found one guy who's in my diff eq class. Anyway, today Erinn and I were discussing whether flag and plague rhyme (and thus got me saying them wrong) and we polled some people in the hall and one of the guys was the guy in my diff eq class with the journal, so I commented on it saying "yay! flag and plague don't rhyme!" and he responded "how does everyone know my journal?.......:-p." Oh yah, since blogger is being stupid with my archives and everything I'm thinking about changing to live journal.

Friday, May 02, 2003

Man, this stuff is SO true, it's scary.

Borderline:Very High
Avoidant:Very High
Dependent:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Geez, I'm such a bad person!

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:

Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Moderate
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

I got another bloody nose today, this time during the movie in world cultures. It was really bad, so I had to leave and go to the bathroom. Luckily the women's bathroom is right outside the room. I don't understand why I've been getting so many bloody noses lately. It started about 3 weeks ago and I get one at least 3 times a week. I thought it was getting better because I hadn't gotten one in several days (since Saturday) but then I got one today.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Ugh, I got a 67 on my cs program that I spent HOURS on, like my whole weekend and last week on. The buttons that were working before suddenly stopped working, or they only work for a certain number. I don't know, but it sucks. Then I got 10 points off my lab because of a stupid error. Today's lab quiz seemed really easy. Ryan thought it was hard and stayed the whole time, but I was like the second one done. I hope that doesn't mean I did something wrong.

I saw 2 funny things: 2 guys racing each other up the stairs, and a group of frat guys carrying a keg down the stairs. It was covered in a blanket and they were yelling "fill in the gaps!!!!" to avoid letting people know it was a keg.

I got a 111 in bowling today! I've really improved from my average of 74. Our team won the overall tournament so we won keychains (advertised on, of course). We also got stress balls and crunch bars. My diff eq exam went ok. I was so covered in lead from my pencil that I had to wash it off. It was over my whole hand. Yeah... so I get to go home soon!!!!!!!!!!