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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

A funny conversation I came home to find my mom and John having on my screen name:
jtomasula: i didnt even know she played
luna_the_cat: She started guitar in January. Last week she had her first drum lesson too.
jtomasula: is she gonna be in a one man band like in mary popins?
luna_the_cat: She sure could except she can't play piano, bassoon, flute, oboe, guitar and drums all at once. It would be fun to watch her try.
jtomasula: hmmm
jtomasula: how nimble is she in the toes?
luna_the_cat: She always said she wished I didn't have her quit dance when she was younger. She probably would be nimbler.
jtomasula: shoot, so close
jtomasula: mabye she could practice with like a can opener or something
jtomasula: to regain the nimbility
luna_the_cat: Maybe she'll take some dance at MTU - hip hop, belly dancing. That would keep her warm during the winter weather.
jtomasula: belly dancing? the outfits arent the most insulated though, shed have to dance pretty fast
jtomasula: id probably pay to see Stephanie hip hop dance
luna_the_cat: This kind of talk will get me in trouble with her. I better cool it.
jtomasula: lol oh ok
luna_the_cat: This isn't fair I tried toget lodging for orientation two weeks ago with no luck except 70 miles away. Neal's parents called this week and found something 15 miles away.
jtomasula: ouch mabye there was a cancellation
jtomasula: but its far more likely to be the work of an elaborate conspiracy envolving the president, texas oil, and Grace foods
luna_the_cat: We always get bad luck. I'm still trying though.
jtomasula: what city is MTU in
luna_the_cat: Houghton. North of Wisconsin into Michigan and then partway up this penninsula.
jtomasula: has stephie made any referances to a houghton miflin?
luna_the_cat: Not that I know of.
jtomasula: oh ok, ill have to remind her
jtomasula: houghton mifflin apparently wrote most of the texts we used in high school
luna_the_cat: She got her meningitis vaccine shot today. Another way for parents to punish their kids. Get them shots.
jtomasula: lol yeah i was supposed to do that today
luna_the_cat: Anyone living in a dorm should get it. Good thging it's an arm shot too. Steph hates!!!!!! shots!!!!!!!!
jtomasula: yeah they're not too fun
jtomasula: what is meninigitis anyhoo
luna_the_cat: Are you all ready for college?
jtomasula: oh yes
jtomasula: cant wait
luna_the_cat: I can't either. With Steph leaving that means no piano lessons, no basoon lessons, no guitar lessons, no scholastic bowl to pick her up from. She freed up my schedule I might join a bowling league myself.
jtomasula: lol
jtomasula: you do have other children as i recall
luna_the_cat: Yea but Alli's violin teacher isn't teaching anymore, and Laura quit piano and clarinet. No one is doing any afterschool fall sport so I can go straight home after work
jtomasula: thats cool
luna_the_cat: But both Laura and Alli will be taking drum lessons and there would be lots of practicing and endless pounding...
luna_the_cat: By the way - Alli is here with me so you are actually get both of us. We get to take turns typing.
jtomasula: two kids on the drums? thats gonna be wild fun
jtomasula: lol ah i see
jtomasula: alli's the older right?
luna_the_cat: yep:))
jtomasula: whoo!
luna_the_cat: She starts driving next month. I can't deal with it. I'm a control freak when it comes to driving.
jtomasula: did you get through Stephie driving alright
luna_the_cat: first of all-she is not a control freak-she reads her books during red lights and second of all she is only worried cause i love those racing games at arcades and will spend lots of money to race all over the place and crash into people sending them flying of the course
jtomasula: right on! wait till you try it for real!
jtomasula: i mean, Drive responsibly young lady.
luna_the_cat: I didn't survive Steph's driving - I had her dad drive with her and when she does drive I'm a BAD back seat driver. Which drives her nuts so she won't drive with me in the car anymore. Of course I don't like it when her dad drives either. I want control!!!!!!!
jtomasula: lol
jtomasula: my ma's the same way, i cant even drive when we go places together
luna_the_cat: You have that in common. Steph can relate to that BIG TIME!!!!! I'm going to try and improve the 2nd time around and by the time I get to Laura I should be settled down by then.
jtomasula: lol thats good
jtomasula: do you grab molding?
luna_the_cat: Baby I have that foot to the floor and I've got that door handle clutched.
jtomasula: lol, sigh, moms
jtomasula: am i right Allison?
luna_the_cat: very true-the worst thing is that they can be absent minded at times- you want to know how many times she pulled up to the front of school and rolled down her window saying "Oh i'm sorry. I kinda forgot about you." It hurts i tell you.
luna_the_cat: now wait a minute it was only twice.
jtomasula: brb
jtomasula: im back
luna_the_cat: wait til you guys get to be our age with children mind you and at least three, 1 or 2 don't affect the brain cells.
jtomasula: lol oh ok
luna_the_cat: did you kow she has literately thr
luna_the_cat: oops
jtomasula: so you blame it all on Laura
luna_the_cat: let me finish
jtomasula: certainly
luna_the_cat: did you know that lately she has gotten very picky over this one couch and has thrown/dragged/yanked/tossed me off and onto the floor-that hurts even more then her forgeting about me
jtomasula: hey mabye someday she'll forget to throw you off, theirs that to look forward to
luna_the_cat: now wait a minute here- I had the couch 1st - reading my book there. Details - they always forget the details.
luna_the_cat: well-what about when i try to read my book and i get there first? she just sits on me
luna_the_cat: she is so cruel
luna_the_cat: that was a one timer too. She is such a couch potato I thought she was the couch. Ooops.
jtomasula: lol ouch
luna_the_cat: she is so mean.
jtomasula: you have more than one couch though dont you?
luna_the_cat: the other couch is where the dog is - amica- so if we don't want to have to get up and let her in or out we have to have the livungroom couch
jtomasula: ah i see, my parents just sit feet from the dogs door and yell for me to let him out
luna_the_cat: the same goes for the phone-when it rings she tries to get us to get it when the cordless is right next to her and we have to go charging to the phone like they do on sims
luna_the_cat: we parents have to make sure our kids get exercise.
jtomasula: lol
luna_the_cat: i get enough exercise by being forced to put away her things that are found downstairs when we try to clean
luna_the_cat: cleaning to them is about once a year.
luna_the_cat: that is not true- just before i came to chat with u i was working on my room-of course hoping steve will be coming over tommorrow
luna_the_cat: She has been trying to find her floor for over a year now. It appears for moments at a time.
jtomasula: sorry bout that, LAN got disconnected
luna_the_cat: it ok
jtomasula: hey i gotta go water my moms flowers for her real quick
luna_the_cat: k
luna_the_cat: have fun
luna_the_cat: dont get wet
jtomasula: lol it always is
jtomasula: ill try
luna_the_cat: steph will be home soon to relieve you from us
jtomasula: Peace, Love and God bless
jtomasula: lol ok
luna_the_cat: you can come over and water our plants too.
jtomasula: lol
jtomasula: man i hate gardening
luna_the_cat: I do too and every year her dad plants a garden and then he wonders why I don't water it. I didn't want it!!!!
jtomasula: lol
luna_the_cat: But the watering keeps amica busy-she loves water but then you cant let her into the house cause shes wet
jtomasula: ah i see
luna_the_cat: sorry im a slow typer
jtomasula: but shes small, so its not too bad to dry her is it?
luna_the_cat: yeah but she likes to try and eat the towels
jtomasula: nice
luna_the_cat: and she isnt fond of the blow dryer
jtomasula: i dont think i could even try that on Blackjack
luna_the_cat: hey-dont be surprised if i suddenly bolt-like when steph gets home-she isnt to fond of us using her stuff
luna_the_cat: wait she just pulled into the driveway
jtomasula: lol oh ok
luna_the_cat: my mom will tell her to talk to u k?
luna_the_cat: bye
jtomasula: oh ok
jtomasula: thanks
jtomasula: Peace, Love and God bless
luna_the_cat: Okkkk...... I just got home.
jtomasula: hi
luna_the_cat: What the heck has my family been doing?
luna_the_cat: I haven't even taken my shoes off yet!
jtomasula: seeing as ive been home all day, i know not
luna_the_cat: Well, right now then.
jtomasula: um i dont know
luna_the_cat: Ok, what's up with this conversation?
jtomasula: this conversation?
luna_the_cat: yes, this thing
jtomasula: youre asking me questions
jtomasula: im saying i dont know
luna_the_cat: Ye, I am
luna_the_cat: I'm Steph now, don't ya know?
jtomasula: yes i do
jtomasula: how was guitar lessons
luna_the_cat: It was fun.
jtomasula: i mean so what've you been doing
luna_the_cat: My mom says that talking to you was fun.
jtomasula: oh ok
luna_the_cat: I've done nothing much except having lessons and getting a shot
jtomasula: yeah, meningitis, she said you hate those
luna_the_cat: Yeah, I was a barve soul though
luna_the_cat: brave
luna_the_cat: My mom's making fun of my typoing
jtomasula: good girl
jtomasula: lol
luna_the_cat: Man, we're cracking up
jtomasula: typoing sounds chinese
luna_the_cat: It was supposed to be typing, but I made a typo
jtomasula: oh i thought it was like typ ing
luna_the_cat: Yeah, it was a funny typo
jtomasula: quite
jtomasula: is typo a verb?

Become a minister! A priest, pastor, reverand, even a monk for FREE!! This is so cool, especially the ministry in a box! is the place, and I find it highly amusing. It reminds me of my master plan in a way.

Song of the day ~ Loser by 3 Doors Down

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know you rock my world!

If you talk to some bats, people will think you're batty.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

I managed to get out of my bassoon homework! She forgot that she had told me to make a couple reeds, which I hadn't done. For the first time I turned off my alarm in my sleep! I guess I must have been REALLY tired. I saw Lilo and Stitch today, and it was funny. Hee hee, mosquiotoes being a protected species... ha.

In my dream I was talking to Kim and she said that she was going to Kabul to convince the Iranians (never mind that they don't live in Kabul) that they were being silly about being mad at us, and she was dragging Melissa with since she was smart. I thought about that for a while and I realized I had a very convincing argument that they could use, so I wanted to email it to them. However, I knew I was asleep so I tried to wake myself up but couldn't. I could hear my music playing (I had set my cd to play for 1 hour) and I knew that the song that was playing was the last one before the hour would end, so I told myself I'd wake up after the song. Then Allison came into my room and I woke up only halfway. She told me that dinner was ready and I told her I was asleep so I'd get it later. She left and then the cd turned off and I fully awoke. Then I realized that the freakiest thing had happened because I've been asleep every time the hour has ended with that cd before, so I had no idea how my body knew it was the last song. Then I went downstairs to write an email to Kim and Melissa, and then suddenly realized that they weren't going to Kabul and that my brilliant argument was really stupid. Anyway, my argument was that the Iranians are mad at Americans for being well off and the Americans are mad at the Iranians for stopping the oil from coming to us so since we had an actual reason to be mad, unlike the Iranians, the Iranians should stop being stupid. I had thought that if we told them this, it's convince them to stop all the fighting. Isn't that nuts?

I also had a dream that I was living with some monkeys and the monkeys had made a really soft blanket out of gorilla fur. The gorillas got mad so they chased us out of the rainforest into the deserts of... Minnesota (dun dun dun) where I turned into an Indian.

Song of the day ~ Frozen by Madonna

Monday, July 29, 2002

Ouchie, my sunburns hurt! Jessa had a birthday party today that was way fun. John saw my nose and he thought I was sick since it was red from my sunburn. Melissa had some scary foods at her house. I tried them without a second thought and my opinion varied. There was ham wrapped with cheese and cream cheese (ok), cheese cookies (icky), and fruit in a sour cream and brown sugar sauce (tasted like yogurt). I was way happy from yesterday so I had a lot of energy and kept smiling and giggling. That was all because of Neal!

Laura seems to think Neal and I are married. I had to point out that we aren't. I went fishing yesterday for the first time, and I caught 2 fish and almost a third. I even baited the hook myself, and attempted to get the fish off. Sarah's Princess of Spiders because she wasn't afraid of one that was on her. I got a really freaky sunburn. There's a white circle on each of my knees where I'm not burned. I got my first kiss! I'm so happy! It made me giggle so much that I couldn't talk to anyone.

Song of the day ~ All I've Got by Ixia

Sunday, July 28, 2002

I forgot to say that I slept for 12 hours Friday night, waking up at 2 PM. Apparently while I was sleeping it was cold and rainy, but when I woke up it was hot and humid.

Song of the day ~ Say Hi by WEAD

Saturday, July 27, 2002

I forgot to say that yesterday a guy honked at me on my way to work. That's another incident of me having It when I don't need it. Why couldn't I have this when I wanted it?

I am the Fly Queen. They keep landing on me, at home and at work and it's quite annoying. At least I'm not like Melissa, the Moth Queen, although I was a moth in another life...

Does anyone know the song that goes "Crimson and Clover/ over and over"? I can't think of who it's by! I thought it was by Jimmy Eat World, and Sarah agreed with me, but it's not on my CD. My other thought is that it's Steve, but Sarah has never heard that group so I don't know how she knows the song I'm talking about. Well, whatever band it is, the song steals lyrics from other songs.
"Crimson and clover" is from an oldies song, and it sounds nothing like the song I'm talking about
"Our house on the middle of our street" is from the song Our House.
"Don't, don't, don't let it start" is from a They Might Be Giants song on the Then: The Early Years cd
A Praise Chorus!!! That's the song!!! The lyrics aren't listed on the cd thing, then, that's all. Stupid cd, stealing lyrics. At least I know Sarah and I aren't nuts.

Kim's dad says that all English teachers are communists. That means his wife. I'm not mad at Kim anymore. Woo!

Song of the day ~ A Praise Chorus by Jimmy Eat World

Friday, July 26, 2002

Song of the day ~ Hardly Wait by Promize

Day 6 of the year 1 AF.

Well, on Sunday I'm not actually going to see a movie with Neal. Instead I'm going with his family to spend the day in Wisconsin with his mom's cousin. I guess otherwise he'd have no one to talk to. It'll be weird, but that means that I get to spend the whole day with Neal. WOO!

Last night I had the Down With The King party, but we played for like an hour because Kim got tired of it and monopolized the party so we didn't play anymore and we did whatever she wanted. That really got on my nerves. She's not invited to the next one, because I want to actually finish a game. I didn't get ANY sleep at all, but Neal's cute when he sleeps. After people started waking I got up and found that the 10 cups of pop I had drunk the night before (and had peed out in like 8 bathroom trips) finally sunk in and I was like totally wired. I couldn't sit still and I kept dancing and talking. I went outside to swing but I got bored in like 2 minutes. I thought about running around the block, but I went back inside instead and I kept giggling. Stupid caffeine not working when I want it to.

I officially hate flies. Kim has to eat her hat. She said she would if I killed a fly with my bare hands. It took me awhile since the flies wouldn't stop moving, but I finally did it. Shortly after 2 others decided to mate on our game board, and that was disturbing but they flew away before I could kill them. They're still flying around... Flies are the devil's gift to man, and I am their hunter.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Man, I just fell asleep. Anyway, my mom was asking me about suicide today. She wouldn't leave me alone, and it got me into a bad mood. She wanted to know if I was ever suicidal and what I did. I refused to tell her what I did except for the one time I tried to OD but pathetically at that. She kept asking me and I'd just respond in a cold, deadpan voice. I ignored all her comments and only answered questions. I didn't want to be telling my mom all this, and especially not when I'm finally over it. I feel like I regressed back and I need my Happy Factory to help me through it but he's not on. I hope he comes on soon. I need him ever so badly.

Yamil suggested to Neal that we double date with him and his girlfriend. I don't know them, so it'll be interesting. We're going to do it sometime after Sunday, because we want Sunday to be just us. I think that's so sweet!! I think I may easily fall in love with Neal. I think it's already starting.

Song of the day ~ Neptune by InMe

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I'm going to name my next band Energy Vampire.

I had a scary day today- Jessa is in the suicide ward of the hospital because she was thinking "bad thoughts" again. She hasn't done anything luckily. That's why I couldn't contact her the past 2 days. Melissa and I went with her parents to visit her. She was so bored. I'm so glad I visited, because it made her really happy. I hope she gets out soon because I want her to be at my dwtk party and meet Neal! It was scary when she called me to tell me where she was. I got terrified since my instincts had been correct. My insticts are normally pretty right on, but it just shakes me whenever something really freaky like that proves to be true.

I was eating a mango and it spilled on me and now I smell like baby.

This is day 3 of the year 1 AF, meaning after favorite (time).

Poem #7
The Addiction
I have a problem
I spend hours with chracters and dots
Dragons and bamboo.
Flowers are everywhere
With the wind blowing through.
Some say I'm high
Others say I'm mental
The truth is,
I'm a mhing head.

Song of the day ~ Tuesday by Promize

I forgot, when I called Jessa at 9 her mom answered. I asked, "Can I talk to Jessa?"
"No," she answered forcefully.
"Oh, well I've just been waiting for her to call me back for a couple days and she hasn't been home."
"She'll call you back."
"You're sure?"
"She'll call you back."
That was the conversation, and it scared the crap out of me because why aren't I allowed to talk to Jessa? She should be home, unless something happened to her that no one is telling me about. The other times I called I was told she wasn't home, but this time I was told I couldn't talk to her. I'm really really worried.

Monday, July 22, 2002

Well, I got to actually sleep last night because I didn't get a migraine! WOO!!!! I went to the ob gynie... ew... crazy things going inside me that aren't natural and don't belong there. At least I'm reproductively normal, and now I have birth control pills sooooooooooo if I ever decide to ignore my morals, I am protected with a 1% failure rate. However, I really hope I don't get the side effect where I lose my hair. I already don't have enough. I also had to get blood drawn there, and it was only a prick on the finger but I wouldn't stop bleeding! I had to changed bandaids because of that! Then I had my stress test where I had to go on a tredmill until I couldn't go on it any longer. It started out slow and flat, but then got faster and higher up so by the time it was at 8 minutes it was too fast to walk and jog but too slow to run at the angle it was at, and that's what killed me. I made it to 12 minutes but I felt like I was gonna puke so they stopped me. If there wasn't the hill and the ac hadn't conked out, I would have made it a bit farther. The good thing about this all- they reaffirmed that my heart is completely fixed so now I'm a normal person physically. It's official. Between the 2 doctors we went to visit my great-great aunt in the nursing home. I have decided that I don't want to be in that nursing home she's in. I also want Smoke on the Water played at my funeral. Anyway, I have a couple funny quotes that aren't that funny, but amusing to me. However, the visit really scared me because she kept yelling out in pain and I didn't want her to die in my presence. Oh, I forgot. When I was in Michigan in one of the rest area bathrooms there was a sign painted on the wall saying "PUSH TO FLUSH" and it reminded me of the "PUSH TO EAT" buttons that were white-outed everywhere by Michelle and Ron.

"Are you going to kill me?" ~Aunt Elsie to my mom

"Where's Clarence?" ~Aunt Elsie (Clarence was her husband)
"He died." ~My mom
"He didn't tell me!" ~Aunt Elsie

According to my dad, I'm an energy vampire. I suck people's heat and souls. That's why I get courage sometimes and why I am also a lizard and cold blooded. I think that's the best name for it. Energy vampire. Sweet! I wish I was a sleep vampire. Then I could steal other people's sleep and claim it as my own.

Neal's decided he's my Happy Factory. I like that name for him. That and Honey Dew. He called me Sweet Bee. AWWW!!!

Song of the day ~ In The End by Linkin Park, remixed by DJ Smurf

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Today I had to tell my family the news. I kept wimping out during lunch but finally afterwards I brought it up, saying "Aw man, it's almost 2:00 and my favorite time has passed!" Then of course they asked, "what's your favorite time?" and then I told them 1:11. They asked why and I told them, but my mom wasn't listening so Allison shouted out, "Hear that mom? Her wish came true!" Then my mom exclaimed, "WHAT? You told me you weren't going out!" Then I said, "We weren't at the time you asked!"

After that I told my friends and then I went to Kim's to swim. It was my first time swimming for a year, since I wasn't allowed to swim up to 6 weeks after my surgery. After we swam, Kevin and Kyle wrestled for some grapes and Kyle kicked Kevin in the crotch which had the effects of crippling him and Sarah shouted "Beware the grapes!" and he said, "I'm watching the OTHER grapes!" and then he got ice and Sarah said, "Steph should kiss you to make you better. She needs to practice for Neal." And I was like, WOAH!! Big implications there!

It's 1:11 and I am no longer alone!!! Finally, after several months of waiting, Neal has asked me out! And he waited for a perfect time, the time that you make a wish. Because, he wanted to make that wish come true at that time. HOW SWEET!!!! I'm going to melt! I'M NOT ALONE!!!!!

Song of the day ~ Logical by Supertramp, remixed by DJ Smurf

Saturday, July 20, 2002

This was written earlier today at John's request. He wanted 3 things in the poem- carrot oil, bikinis, and women. It was quite odd to put myself in a guy's shoes when writing this.

Poem #6
The Bikini Club
Here comes a bikini
Soaked in carrot oil
Almost good enough to eat
What's that coming down the beach?
Do I spy a woman?
Soaked in carrot oil
And wearing a bikini
Like chicken, it's
Finger lickin' good

I had a lot of fun in the 5 hours I spent with Neal. We went mini golfing (where I won!!!). Neal was having a lot of bad luck, but it was very fun. We blamed it on Prinke and her eeeeevil ways. She denies it, but I don't trust her. After that we went to Another Level where I got some neato progressive cds. Then we went to the mall and walked around and talked, then we went to Comp USA to look at computers since I'll need one in college. After that we went to his house and I showed him my pictures and we talked more. I had sooo much fun today, and we weren't really awkward with each other this time! That made me really happy. After that I went to James' birthday party, which was pretty fun. I have more Neal stuff, but I think I'd just bore you. Basically I still don't know what we are exactly.

Neal said something that almost made me cry. I was shocked, because it wasn't sad tears but happy tears that were going to come. Who knew? Then I said something that he said almost made him cry. I don't know how true it was, but it made me melt!

Song of the day ~ Naked Breasts by Southern Fried Swing

Friday, July 19, 2002

My new cousin is called Alexis, it's confirmed! WOO!!!

I was putting on nail polish today and it was so hot that it dried before I even could finish putting it on my nail so it was all yucky, and then I forgot I had it on so I itched my nose and ended up with a pink nose so I had to use nail polish remover to get it off and it burned!!!

I had Arby's today, but my mom brought home for me everything I don't eat. Where has she been these past 18 years? I like roast beef sandwiches and a lemonade, not chicken fingers. I order the same thing EVERY time.

I got a REALLY cute hair cut today, and I'm really excited about it.

I've noticed that the shower is the best place to blow your nose. It washes the snot away, and the steam helps your nose clear up so it's easier to come out.

Song of the day ~ 257 Weeks by Nine Days

Thursday, July 18, 2002

WOO!!! I have a new cousin!!! Reid and Tonia now have a 6 lbs baby girl named either Alexis or Alexia. It's hard to tell on the answering machine. I'm so excited because I guess i have a second cousin now and it's a girl. I have no other female cousins! AND they might teach her to call my aunt, which is exciting because it's like a sense of authority.

I enjoyed my tour of Michigan Tech and I'm very glad I'm going there because it's better than augustana because there are no hills (among other things). It's the right size, seems very up to date and seems like a very good school. I'm excited to be going there. My roommate from Augustana called me while I was gone, so now I have to call her and tell her I'm not going to be her roommate. I put it off, but I'll have to do it eventually.

Wednesday I accidentely set the alarm for pm, not am so I ended up having 15 minutes to get ready before we had to leave for Michigan Tech.

Song of the day ~ Queen of Earth by Weezer

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Neal missed me when I was gone!! And he says that with the way things are going there's no chance that he'd forget me anytime soon! And we're doing some major flirting involving very dirty things... Jessa says we're perfect for each other in that respect.

I'm going to be gone later today till Thursday because I'm visiting Michigan Tech to make sure I like the campus.

Song of the day ~ Crumble by Big Bad Zero

Monday, July 15, 2002

La la la, talking to Neal right now. I'm telling him everything that happened and all that. Everyone's online right now, which is unusual. I saw the Royal Tenebaums and it was pretty good. I like the choice of music, but the suicide part scared me and made me want to cry.

I didn't gain any weight while I was in Europe!!! WOO!! It's not like when I gained 10 pounds in a week in Canada.

Song of the week: anything by 311

I'm back from Europe! WOO!!! Neal's not online right now like he usually is! :( I'm so sad!!! Anyway, I was telling my parents about my 2 week trip and it took 2 hours so this will be VERY long.

"Is there anyone who needs to be aroused?" ~Mrs. Warrenburg trying to indicate sleeping students needed to be awoken.

"I have to pee like the monkeys in my pocket." ~Me

"I'm a big fan of sitting." ~Me
"I'm a big fan of shi- sitting too." ~Melissa
"That's appropriate considering the smell of the sewer." ~Me
"And the fact that I had to pee twice already." ~Melissa

"We're stopping for a bathroom only if it's an emergency. Unless you might have already... done it." ~Antonio

"I've never seen a palm tree before!" ~Becky, a Canadian
"We've been passing them for the past hour!" ~Sean, an American
"Why doesn't Canada have palm trees?" ~Becky
"It's too warm." ~Sean
"What kind of palm trees do you have?" ~Becky
"Illinois doesn't have palm trees." ~Sean
"Are they the same as these?" ~Becky
"No, the palm trees in California and Florida are different than these." ~Sean

"You're Spongebob-crappypants." ~Erin

"You're a mo." ~Erin

"Lauren's a po." ~Erin

"Me llamo espanol." ~Melissa I call myself Spanish

"Me llamo el pollo diablo." ~Me I call myself the demon chicken

"I'm laughing so hard my thumbs are weak." ~Melissa

I got into Michigan Tech and I'm definitely going there! I'm visiting on Tuesday. I have to send in a deposit and fill out a housing form.

7-1-02 Chicago/Detroit/overseas
Mrs. Warrenburg's neighbor Helen (who will forever be called The Neighbor) was half an hour late to the limo because at 1:00 (we were supposed to meet at 1:30) she decided to go to the cleaners and to go to the bank. Right from the start I wasn't a big fan of her. Then she left her ticket where she bought water and refused to check there when she realized it was gone. She claimed that the airline people had taken it and someone else had to go look. I realized then that she was just like my grandma, who I'm not a big fan of (Chicagoan sentence!).

7-2-02 London
I had absolutely no sleep on the 8 hour plane ride to London (after transferring to Detroit (or as Mrs. Warrenburg says it DE-troit, not de-TROIT)). I listened to Neal's CD 3 times. There was a flight attendant named B'Nard, not Barnard. I thought that was teh ghettoest spelling I've ever seen. The towels in London are cloth and reusable... very strange. And they have automatic toilets that actually work! At Burger King there were 2 levels, and a very flaming gay man (wearing a tight baby blue turtleneck and tight pants) came down the stairs and left the building. Then 5 minutes later he did it again, and I hadn't seen him come back up the stairs that I was watching like a hawk! Melissa pointed out that the English were staring at us like we were buffalo. Haven't they seen a human before? Erin declared that I laugh like a guinea pig. I've never heard one laugh, but I won't bother to question it because that's just too weird. Melissa swears to whatever monkey is in her head that she saw Neal. Of course there's no way that Neal would be in London. At dinner we had fish and chips (I hate fish... icky) and the bathroom was like a maze. It like at least 4 doors you have to go through, including stairs and hallways. Then the toilets had to be pumped. Melissa was defective at flushing. She'd pump for 5 minutes and nothing would happen, then I'd pump once and it'd flush. It'd take me less time to pump mine. I bought an Aphex Twin cd from Virgin Megastore. The weather was frickin cold and all I had were shorts, so I bought a pair of jeans on sale for approximately $40 US but it was the cheapest I could find. London is crazy expensive. It's funny how the sizes went. I tried on a small and it would almost be able to button, but a medium was so big that I can get it off without unbuttoning them. A belt is a must. The brand is O'Neill, which I find highly ironic and completely unintentional. Later that night I was rooming with Prinke and we turned on the heat and it smelled like burning dust. We joked about how it was a new perfume and succeeded in getting me giggleitis. We're not a good combination together because we talk too much. It took us way too long to get to bad, sometime after 1. The bedroom was so small- only 1 room and there were 2 narrow beds pushed together. My suitcase didn't fit between the bed and the wall it was so small. I took a picture of the room and the bathroom which had a peanut shaped tub and a curtain with the roman emperors on it. There were 2 incidents of guys checking me out. I've noticed that I have "It" now. Oh, and teh dude working at the hotel didn't speak English well, which is odd for being in London. We asked for toilet paper and got kleenex, and Sean asked for a gym and was told about the phones. We saw Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Leicester Square. Our tour guide was Antonio, who was WAY cool. He liked singing random songs. We were joined by about 20 Canadians from Winnepeg. They were very disrespectful of the tours and were very stupid. They give my friend Jen from Winnepeg a bad name.

7-3-02 London
We saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, saw where Princess Di was killed, drove by Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, stood outside the Tower of London, passed by Hyde Park, and visited St. Paul's Cathedral and Windsor Castle. That night we saw Fame and afterward walked through Soho (where all the prostitution is and where a guy tried to pick up Erin). I found out that London doesn't accept America travelers cheques, which was quite annoying since I had several. I learned several new words: whiffy=fishy, bad slumicking=slouching, lazing queues=lines. I saw an add for American English and thought of Liz. It rained again, and Melissa gave Neal the nickname Nealio. At dinner we had chicken and fries and I laughed so hard that water was dripping from my nose. Several toilets had no seats. At Fame they sold Ben and Jerry's, which I was surprised at. No one does that at American theaters. Lots of people talked through it and applauded, and at the end they made us dance... it was very strange. I had a candybar that was chocolate covered honeycomb and it was yummy. Some of the Canadians were insulting Americans and one was being very rude to me. I bought a game called Outrage! Steal the Crown Jewels! from the Tower of London. It's supposed to be magnetic but it's not. I'm really bad at it, and I don't like it but Erin and Prinke really do. There was 1 incident of a guy checking me out. I thought I heard Prinke talking in the shower, saying "Carmen," but she denies it. She did tell me she hears voices and that her mother lectures her often in her head. I decided that she talks to ghosts and they are the ones who lecture her. It was a very giggly time.

7-4-02 London/Paris
We took the chunnel to Paris and played Outrage the whole time. The game took 3 hours to play, which was really frustrating. Then we played Egyptian War. After we arrived in Paris we saw the Louvre and I was able to take a picture of the Mona Lisa and several other cool things, like Hermaphrodite (a statue that's half Hermes and half Aphrodite). I got very little sleep again, so I was running on about 8 hours of sleep. Eminem was in my head all day, which was frustrating. I'm actually starting to like him. We discussed French words and decided we were going to respond to anything asked of us with the characteristic French laugh because we don't know French. Mrs. Warrenburg was pickpocketed on the underground and lost over $200 since a group of 4 surrounded her. Then a child tried to pickpocket her at the hotel but there was nothing left to get. The Neighbor was an hour late at the Louvre because she decided that our meeting time was at 6:30, not 5:30 even though her group told her it was 5:30. We decided to leave her behind and Dr. Sienkewicz stayed behind to take her to the restaurant when she finally emerged. We had chicken and fries again. After dinner we went to the Eiffel Tower. There were phones there and I was tempted to call Neal from there and sayd "I'm on the Eiffel Tower on the 4th!" but I was too tired to move. Later I tried to call him at the hotel but I couldn't get connected. I took a picture of the hotel room again and the miniscule shower.

7-5-02 Paris/Versailles
We saw the Arc de Triumphe, Champs Elysees (don't ask me what it was), Champ de Mars (ditto), les Invalides (ditto twice), Ecole Militaire (ditto thrice), Conciergerie (ditto a fourth time), Ile de la Cite (ditto a fifth), and Notre Dame Cathedral. After all that we went to Versailles where I saw a room that was devoted only to pictures of Napoleon (my hero!!) and Erin fell down the stairs. She and Melissa bought me a Napoleon keychain and when I saw it I giggled and everyone laughed at me. Later that night we had a cruise on the Seine in a very nasty boat. It rained all day again and I got about 5 hours of sleep the previous night. Our hotel was in a very bad area that was really dirty. For dinner we had chicken and fries again, this time at the Hippopotamus Grill. The best part was when I bought my swatch and when we ate at a chocolaterie. I got a hot chocolate that was divine, and it was a nice place that was out of the rain.

7-6-02 Paris/Avignon/Nimes
We visited the palace of the popes at Avignon after riding the TGV, Europe's fastest train. Then we saw the amphitheater and an ancient Roman temple and well. I got about 5 hours of sleep the pervious night again, so I was running on really low sleep. The bread for breakfast was moldy, which was really nasty. I had French onion soup, only in France it's just called onion soup. France just calls French fries, fries, and French toast doesn't exist. Melissa kept cracking up at nothing, which was really funny to watch because she was laughing like a donkey crossed with a hyena. At the Roman Temple Erin, Tracy, and Melissa picked up a guy named Charlie who took a bike trek across France and comes from Virginia (the very town where Mark the train guy comes from!!!!). Prinke picked up a gypsy boy. I had gone to the room to sleep. The Neighbor was being really stupid. She wore really thin heels so she was complaining about her feet and how she had to pee. We stopped to let her go to the bathroom, and she decided to rest her feet first, even though she said she had to go really bad. The streets were really nasty with dog poo everywhere, but the town was much safer than Paris. I saw one guy taking his garbage out wearing nothing but a shirt... no boxers or anything... it was really disturbing because he was in his 40s.

7-7-02 Nimes/Uzes
We visited Pont du Gard, which is an ancient Roman aquaduct. The Neighbor was wearing a shirt that had a v-neck down to her chest Janet style, which is disturbing on a 61-year-old. I wouldn't even wear that, and I wear some kinky things sometimes! During lunch a moth kept flying around Melissa which was really funny because she's really ticklish and she kept laughing. For some reason moths are attracted to her, because she couldn't get rid of them and several other days she had the same problem. Once it was so bad that the moth was in her hair and another time it was on her shoe and wouldn't leave. I thought it was pretty funny, especially considering how I was a moth in another life. Dogs were everywhere. Apparently dogs don't need leashes in France, and they're allowed into buildings. At the aquaduct we wading in the river for a shortcut and it was so painful because the rocks kept moving under my bare feet. I hate wading because of the swimming fish, so I wasn't happy at all. There were several topless women there, and 1 naked boy. Frenchies have no modesty. Anyway, we climbed up a clif after the wading to reach the path but a French guard stopped us and started talking to us in French. I had to tell him we didn't speak French, and he told us it was too dangerous so we had to go back the way we came and we had only 15 minutes to do it. It had taken us 10 minutes to wade the river and about 10 more from the meeting spot, so we were very pressed for time. I waded with my shoes on this time to make it quicker, and then I practically ran to the meeting spot since I'm a freak about being on time. That's why I own so many watches (5 to be exact). At Uzes Antonio did a puppet show with Mrs. Warrenburg's puppets, and it was really funny. Later that night I went to an internet cafe and emailed Neal with some stuff. French keyboards are crazy because the keys are moved around and you have to push shift to get the numbers and there are more keys. After my half hour was up (only 1.5 euros!) I called Janet and talked to her, Sarah, and Jessa. Then I tried calling Neal but he wasn't home.

7-8-02 Nimes/Monte Carlo/Nice
We went to the Monaco casino and saw Prince Rainier's palace. Then we saw the promenade in Nice. I got to see the Mediterranean sea and the Alps and we went through lots of tunnels (WOO! I love tunnels!). Some of them even had phone booths! We discussed getting married in France, and we decided Neal was going to move there to get a French accent, then we'd get married (so we get lots of gifts according to tradition) amd then move back to the states. There are lots of stucco builldings, which I find awesome since I adore stucco and that's what I want my house to be made of. When we were in Monte Carlo we kept singing the Indiana Jones theme song since he went there in one of the computer games. Melissa took a picture of me and my head is pear shaped in it, so Erin, Prinke, and Melissa kept making fun of me about it.

7-9-02 Nice
We visited St Paul de Vence and then spent the whole afternoon sleeping since I got sick. Briana was sick with strept throat first, and then it was passed on to me and Erin. It was raining, too, which didn't help at all. The Neighbor had Antonio carry her bags, which she has done several times. It's so rude! She also stole Erin's umbrella without asking AND she keeps grabbing us and shoving us out of her way. I have no respect for her at all, and people are really starting to dislike her. I ordered a banana and nutella crepe, but was gyped out of the banana. THat made me mad. Antonio pronounces crepe like crap, which is very funny. Several of the Canadian girls have crushes on Antonio, and so does The Neighbor. She keeps flirting with him and it's so nasty! She also keeps disappearing and it's become a running joke. When Antonio comes to meet us we always have to say, "Guess who's missing." and he immediately knows it's The Neighbor and he groans. Before dinner I went into a department store that had a supermarket... that was so weird.

7-10-02 Nice/Pisa/Florence
We saw the Baptistry and the Leaning Tower at Pisa, and then saw the Gates of Paradise and Giotto's Bell in Florence. I was sick again. Today The Neighbor was wearing a shirt with a lower neckline than before! It was so incredibly nasty! We visited a perfumerie and we were stuck there for an extra hour because a girl had forgotten her passport at the last hotel and we had to wait for a taxi to bring it. I forgot to mention that the whole trip Erin was going on about how Ewan McGregor was going to meet her during the trip, and Melissa said the same for Tony Blair. They both are obsessed with those guys. Apparently Tony Blair has a villa in Tuscany, as does Elton John. In Florence we were riding the public buses and it was pretty crowded. It jerked and Melissa accidentely hit a man in the butt. She was going to apologize but he turned around and smiled at her. It was so funny! I kept bumping into a different guy in the butt, and he and his buddies kept talking and looking at me, as if I knew what they were saying. I noticed that France is not very wheelchair accessable, and that French babies cry differently than American ones. When we were walking around that night we saw a cool street performer who was painted silver and pretending to be a statue. We wanted to give him money but we were all nervous, so we were shoving the money at each other and trying to get someone to go up. We were afraid he was going to jump at us. Tracy asked The Neighbor if she'd do it, and she got all defensive and yelled at Tracy for disrespecting her and for being shy (she thinks people our age shouldn't be shy and that you can just magic away shyness, which isn't true since it's genetic) and she said we were lucky to have chaperones and that she had heard us talking about her (which is impossible since we never did it in her presence). At one of the Italian bathrooms the toilet flushed when I got in, when I sat, and when I got up, and it just kept flushing! It was the funniest thing! Also, Italians have a few vehicles that are 3 wheeled and are cleanup things. And all over Europe are tiny cars called Minis. They're so cute! One was painted with Blues Clues, and another had green 2s all over it. They're custom painted and they're so awesome!

7-11-02 Florence
We saw several Italian things that I don't recall. We did go to a leather workshop and I bought a keychain there for Neal and had his initials put on it. Later we went to Siena, where there were way too many hills. I'm still sick, and we decided that I suck souls since I suck the heat out of people like a lizard. The Neighbor told the tour guide in Siena that we were uneducated and that we didn't know what we were looking at and that we don't learn anything in school about history. We were so insulted because she had no right to say that, especially since she was the one who didn't know what all this stuff was that we were seeing. She had no reason to tell the tour guide lies like that. Then after the tour she ran into a shop without letting anyone know and we couldn't find her. We were already late, but we searched for her for an hour and then decided to go to the coach without her. When we got there we found her. She refused to apologize for leaving the group and blamed us for leaving her. We didn't have any free time to shop, she had just decided that she was going to shop on her own! She never listens to anything anyone says, and she's always running off. We were really mad at her. We called her Helen of Troy, who caused 1000 search parties (instead of causing the launching of 1000 ships and the Trojan war) and 1000 people running her clothing. It was pretty funny. At dinner we stole Sean's shoes (since he was always taking them off) and he didn't notice until we had to leave. It was really funny. On the bus ride to the hotel, 2 guys came up to the bus and were going to wash the windows when one of them saw me and stopped to lick his lips and make kissy faces and stuff. It was so disturbing! Erin said that he was professing love to me, and it was funny and scary at the same time. Oh, and I tried veal for the first time and didn't like it.

7-12-02 Florence/Rome
I'm still sick. We visited Assisi, which has several hills. Too many by my opinion. There were lots of teeny lizards and they were so adorable! I wanted to catch them! I found several bites from Florence and they itch and are hard bumps that look like pimples. Several of us have them, and we don't know if they're spider bites, bed bug bites (since the hotel wasn't great), Italian mosquitoes, or fly bites.

7-13-02 Rome
Sick again! We visited the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Trevi Fountain. A girl got groped on the bus, and she was very scared. As warned, Italians are very touchy. That's why we didn't go to the club. We were going to go in London, but Antonio said those were shady. We decided to go in Florence instead, but I was sick and I didn't want to be grabbed. I figure I'd be more comfortable doing it in a country where I speak the language, and where I'd be with people I know. 1 room on the ground floor had their window open during the night and 2 girls had their purses stolen, including credit cards, passports, and drivers licenses. I guess someone had come into their room while they were sleeping, which is really scary. They had to call the police and were almost unable to go home but luckily they had made copies of their passports. That night we went to a restaurant which served an authentic Roman banquet. It was awesome! I wanted to have the Roman wine but Mrs. Warrenburg wouldn't let me because it was a school trip (even though I was allowed to drink in Italy). I was really mad because it's not often that you get to have authentic Roman wine! The appetizer was melon with garum (fish sauce) and it was good. There was also octopus roasted with garum (yucky) and fig flavored ham on must bread (yummy). THe next course was mushroom and lentil soup (I don't like mushrooms so it was yucky), peas and leek soup (that was a bright green and pretty good), and rice and pork soup (I don't like pork, so it was ok.) All the soups were really thick. Next was Horace's grandma's lasagna (he's a poet). It was made with farina, ricotta cheese (icky poo), and several veggies I don't like. I wasn't a big fan of that. THen came beef with apple sauce (yum), pork with citron sauce (ick), fish with onion suace (I don't like fish so it was bad), fish with wine sauce (ick), goat with fig sauce (first time having goat, and it was ok), and squid balls (ick). Melissa adored the squid balls and she ate them so fast she didn't even remember eating them. There was also carrots and pickles and olive bread, both yucky. Desert was cake of the pharoah, which was really really good. It was the onyl thing I really liked. It was a cake with honey and poppy seeds and really awesome. I took pictures of all the foods, except the desert because I had forgotten. I also got pictures of all the hotels except the last one because I also forgot it. The water we drank came from a real working Roman aquaduct. I never drank so much water in my life as on this trip, because pop was 3.50 for a can! It was so darn expensive! Erin called my camera ghetto because I had it duct taped together and it sounded like it ate my film when you took a picture. We got pictures of the servers (dressed in Roman clothing) and and the napkins were attached to the tables and the spook had a point at the other end, which was the fork. On the way back to the hotel a really creepy guy walked with us who kept laughing and smiling back at us. He was eyeing our purses and stuff, so we tried to get away from him ASAP.

7-14-02 Rome/Detroit/Chicago
It was a 10 hour flight to Detroit, and very tiring. I started and finished one of my books, then had a 2 hour nap. At Detroit we went to the gate on our tickets (after customs and everything) and found that it was no longer 78, but 27 so we had 5 minutes to run 50 gates before they started boarding. Most of our group took the tram, but Melissa, Prinke and I ran because we wanted to stretch our legs after sitting for 10 hours. I was so tired because my carryon didn't have a strap and I had to carry it with both hands. We made it about 10-15 minutes later at the same time as everyone else, so it wasn't any slower. I had to pee like the dickens though, and I had a terrible crampy in my right leg where I had the wires inserted for my surgery. Technically I'm still not supposed to be doing strenuous activity, so that 50 gate run was a really bad idea. On the 22nd I have my appointment with the doctor to make sure I'm fine, and then I'm cool! Dr. Sienkewicz had his luggage stolen or something between Rome and Detroit, so now he's luggageless. The Canadians were joking about The Neighbor and they said we should have a shirt with a pun on her name, saying "I survived Hell-en." That was the cleverest thing I've ever heard, and so hilarious! Mrs. Warrenburg believes that The Neighbor has alzheimers, which would be why she was acting the way she did. It makes sense. Earlier The Neighbor had asked me what gate we had to go to and I told her 22 and that she needed her boarding pass and that it said it on there. Then she gave me a lecture about how she had asked a simple question and that the elderly need to be respected and blah blah blah. I told her that I had answered her, so it didn't matter. I don't care what she thinks, but she didn't deserve any respect from me when she was acting so childish. Mrs. Warrenburg said that she was never taking The Neighbor on another trip again. Most of the Canadians were continuing on for a 3rd week, but 6 of them returned with us. Apparently I look like I'm over 21 because the stewardess asked me if I wanted wine.

If you want to see group pictures, go to explorica and login under with the password as explorica. There you can see the pictures of our trip. It's about 10:35 in Italy, so I'm not tired and I've been up for 28 hours now.

Monday, July 01, 2002

Well, this is the last post from me for 2 whole weeks... Are you sad? I am. I'm gonna miss Neal. I already miss him! I had trouble sleeping this morning... which wasn't cool at all. Why are all my times for today at the wrong time???? I most definitely didn't post at 6 AM. I was sleeping.

Well, anyway... time for the Song of the Day ~ 300 Miles by Big Bad Zero
Song of the Next 2 Weeks (my prediction, I won't really know until the 2 weeks pass) ~ Amazed by The Offspring

While I'm gone there will be 2 birthdays- Happy Early Birthday to my Aunt Linda (the 4th) and Happy Early Birthday to Clif (the 5th)!